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By "entering" u agree to sign up to 2 other websites.


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We could not just chat freely, we had to purchase a membership by upgrading. Once again this is all a deception using sham female profiles and then automated computer programs to send fictitious chat messages to members of the service.

Imagine if your occupation was to scam people by pretending that you are a member of a dating service? You sit behind a computer desk and chat with people sending them emails and chat requests trying to trick them into buying a membership to a dating site.

Surprisingly this is exactly what the staff from Wellhello. They hire people and pay them to pretend to be members of the dating service. This is an actual fact that we found while reading and sifting through the terms and conditions of the site. Once you create an account on Well Hello you agree to the terms and conditions of the site. One of these terms that you can't file a class action lawsuit against this website. They can create fake profiles, hire people to pretend to be interested in you and they can even send you sham email messages.

But, when you try to get legal recourse against these people in a class action lawsuit apparently since you agree to the terms and conditions you cannot file a class action lawsuit against them! We find that hilarious that a website can do everything in their power to deceive you but when you try to counter that by going after them legally you cannot file any form of class action lawsuit against them in the court of law.

If you want to cancel your paid trial or monthly subscription to this site you can use the various methods that we have listed below to do so.

Everything is in the terms and conditions of the site, so really there's not too much more to say. The site admits to everything we have alleged and for that reason Wellhello is a fraud. If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. Well hello is a fucking rip off do not I repeat do not put your card in this acct do not give them no credit card information.

Not just watching poem but trying to hook up with women behind your girls Orr wives backs. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is a tip for all dating site users: When signing up and creating a profile on an online dating service, try to search the internet first for reviews such as this one. It may save you from a lot of headaches later on. So, what did we discover on WellHello. Smoochy Brands Ltd is the company behind WellHello.

This is a signal that the person you see on the photos is most likely not the one behind the profile. Next in line are the fraudulent emails.

Basically, the email and chat messages you receive are automatically sent to all free members on the site. If you do respond, you are basically communicating with computer software. As you can read from the excerpt, not only do they generate computer-automated messages, they hire and pay people to start conversation with you or respond in case you send messages directed at Love Hostesses profiles on WellHello.

While these people may only be doing their job, they are employed to string you a long and make you believe they are real people you might meet in real life. If you are wondering why are the owners of WellHello. While becoming a member is for free, you cannot use any features of the site, read messages you get in your inbox or sent messages to other site members — unless you pay for subscription. Here are your choices:. Now, if you already know that these messages are as fraudulent as they come and sent from non-existing people, you may not pay your hard earned money for a bunch of lies.

Unfortunately, everything about this site looks very genuine, that many people do fall for the scams and end up ripped-off. We hope that we answered all your questions about the workings and legitimacy of WellHello. Also, we welcome your personal experiences if you are a past user of the site. So, share your story to help other readers. Check them all out…. What can they do with my credit card information and other things such as email. Am I at risk for theft?

Yes I paid dollar so far robbed me of 90 still counting reported it to my bank but still taking every day stopped my debit card but 3 dollars already gone out of account this morning may need to close account.

Thankfully visa caught it and blocked it. Full of fake profiles and bots. I wish I seen this web site befor hand. Once you give them your information are boned! They can make accounts get your social they crafty enough. Legally they have to admit everything or else risk a lawsuit. Beware these sites friend! I paid a dollar for the site with every intention of cancelling before the trial period ended. Someone supposedly interested in meeting contacted me. When I got back to the site to cancel my trial, I was met with a message that informed me that my account was put on hold and I would not be able to access the site due to suspicious activity.

I could only email them and ask about the suspicious activity. Was only informed that my account was active again but no explaination. I canceled that account but later discovered that my account had been charged the full fee. This site stole my photos from another site and is using my current fb pic!!! Did this happen to anyone here? Just block your cc or. No reason to close accts every time I use a debit on a date site it few bucks.

Few days I cancelled Everytime. They try to charge up close to One time tried Balance strictly for online anything. Angry get your money back??? Sure dispute with your Bank cc co easy very easy process on phone. Is all hacking fakes fraud Criminals not only here everywhere. Just to hook up — seriously? I subscribe for one month, I accidently clicked on it and they automatically charged me without even confirming or asking for a credit card etc. They used the credit card I had given for the first site.

I contacted them and asked for a refund which they denied and refered me to the terms and conditions which stupidly i never read. I signed up for the 1 day trial and was billed for So I chatted with a online customer service.

I then asked for some working phone numbers and he gives me 4 freaking numbers. And only 1 number works So I call that number and tell him that my card was not a prepaid card or gift card. And that I need to be refunded. So this is a total SCAM. So I wanted to see how far I could push the Well Hello who ever they are so if you get ask or a steam card run they will never talk on phone an just look the names up there on Multiple e-mails and apps like kik snapchat an hangouts So a hook up is a hook up.

I fell for the dollar offer as well and the customer service rep Thomas stated that I was my fault that the terms and conditions could not b read!

I asked how to issue a complaint on the company its self he asked y should I tell you! Bcuz it is ur job as a customer service rep to tell me the information I requested! How do I make them stop sending me messages?

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