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It's an open secret, if you know where to look. And the place to look for that type of information is in the terms and conditions. And they admit that some of the profiles posted on there site are fictitious and are associated with their "virtual profiles service".

They use the virtual profiles in conjunction with automated bots software programs created to imitate real people which are used to send you automated messages, friend's requests and fake profile views.

To the untrained eye the profiles look completely legitimate with photos of attractive girls and the profile information completely filled out, but when you look closer at the dating site as a whole it becomes clear that something is not right. Why on earth are there so many attractive looking 20 something olds completely nude wanting to hook up?

If you know any girls most of them are not going to post nude dating profiles showing their faces, it just isn't a normal thing that happens. We have already established that this site admits to creating "virtual profiles", but where do they get those photographs of nude women from?

After digging around and using software tools Tineye. As more proof that the site is operating in a less than honest manner we have included direct links to where profile photographs shown below are found. You can take a look at the links below and see the exact same profile photographs found on adult image sites.

This is just more proof that proves you're not interacting with real women but automated bots and images of amateur porn models, not real women looking to hook up with you.

Screen shot of a "virtual profile" using a photo found on numerous adult image sites. The amateur porn model owns a web site called Katesplayground. Do you really think she has joined Sext Snap to meet guys for hookups? Screen shot of a "virtual profile" using a photo found on numerous adult image websites.

We tried to be as crystal clear as possible in our reviews. When we call out the site for not being real, we try to back it up with as much evidence as possible. It's not fair to any dating service to be called fake or a fraud.

However when the website itself details their whole marketing scheme in their terms and conditions. When they outline how they use automated software bots to send emails and instant messages to people, when they admit that they create virtual profiles that are operated by third-party contractors, then what are we supposed to think? Is it normal for a dating site to create fictitious profiles and then scatter them throughout the site to make it appear as if you're interacting with real people?

The last piece of evidence we want to add is the terms and conditions which were written by the administrators of the site.

This shows they know exactly what they're up to. In the terms they admit to using virtual profiles and automated bots. Please read it so you familiarize yourself with how this site operates.

This investigation was relatively easy for us to do. To unmask what was going on was simple since the administrators of this site detailed everything on the terms page they admit everything. There isn't very much more to say, all the evidence speaks for itself. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are our findings:. The fabricated profiles are usually one of the easiest telltale signs of fraud. Plus, there is no way to fabricate unique selfies of so many members. Plus, their names corresponded to the ones used on SnapSext. Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Service nor for any other purpose.

Also, check out this video review to see how using the site looks like and learn more about what other people think of SnapSext. While there can never be a guarantee that a person with insincere intentions might also sign in and abuse the site, SnapSext. The site even has a fraud team and a support team that have a task to review reports of abuse, suspicious dating profiles or content, untruthful communications or posting of information that are considered inappropriate.

This way, the site succeeds to keep the dating clean of scammers, as much as possible. Fraud Team members are tasked with reviewing abuse reports and flagged content, profiles, communications and postings. Random chat rooms and profiles may be reviewed from time to time as to whether or not the users in such rooms and profiles appear to be adhering to this Agreement. Snapsext is a legitimate and fun dating site to join and use and encountering sites such as this one is a rare thing.

It provides you with genuine features and services, real site members and has a fraud detection and support teams. We give it thumbs up and have already added it to the list of snap date sites that we consider safe for use and recommend. If you decide to check it out, feel free to come back and share your experiences with other readers.

Your feedback, as well as any inquiries that you might have, are welcomed. Is Snapsext easy to cancel? Is there always support available?