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And even if they sold the 12V 5. You want to carry that around? So if you want dual heat then just get one of our 1 pound 7. Or get our base layer. The battery they will sell you can't even run a jacket liner since the maximum output of the battery is 5A the maximum heat would be 60watts.

For half the cost our 65W waterproof, breathable jacket liner which on the bike would give you closer to 80W is a better deal.

So i guess all heated gear manufacturers need to start advertising there heated clothing as dual heat! This should solve issues women have been having with our 12V heat layer sizing.

Remember, the 12V heat layer is plug and heat compatible with all of our other 12V heat products. And if you already have a remote heat-troller, you only need another receiver to go into the heat layer because you can run 2 different receivers, not at the same time, off the same remote control. We are testing the heat level right now and should have production by July, just in time for the heat wave.

But still, it is a good idea to carry your heated gear everywhere you go. Lately we have been asked if we no longer have the carbon protection in the knuckles. All we did was to add leather over the protector because a few were getting scratched in shipping and we decided like others to add leather over it. Of course, the factory sometimes remembers to do this and sometimes not, so you might get it either way. We have too often had people ordering 7.

So we have made a new website for our 7. We are adding a few items that our guy in Japan designed like V-neck Heat Layers in black or white color, a heated seat pad and a heated blanket.

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If you are planning a new home in a rural area you will probably need to have one installed. They are one of those things you use and need but seldom think about unless there is a problem. By following a few simple suggestions you can get the system that's right for you, or maintain your present one so that it will serve you trouble free for many years to come.

Your septic system is a miniature wastewater treatment plant on your property that works 24 hours a day. Aerator Septic Tank - An aerator septic tank has a distinct advantage over a traditional tank that is normally used in septic systems.

Concrete Septic Tanks - Concrete septic tanks are the most common ones in use and normally are very durable. Plastic Septic Tanks - Plastic septic tanks offer a less expensive alternative.

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