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Its amazing how the Hollywood bigwigs never seem to learn. This film was chock full of massive CGI effects, in your face effects, lots of gun fights, lots of fisticuffs, big CGI alien creatures, big CGI ships and stunt men flying all over the place. The cast is bigger and of a higher grade, sets are bigger and deeper, costumes are much more lavish and most importantly, the biggest issue as usual , they went with a PG rating.

There obviously weren't as many limitations for this bigger budgeted flick as the Riddick universe has been greatly expanded, which isn't totally a bad thing I might add. But as usual, the first film did surprisingly well so the bigwigs wanted another film which would capitalize on the new franchises popularity. In order to do this they demand a watered down film for the wider audience which is bigger in every aspect.

I did also get the feeling that Riddick was suppose to be a mere human in the first film, but the character has been massively over expanded in this sequel. I say over expanded because clearly in the first film none of this stuff had been intended, it was I think just a band of humans fighting aliens after crash landing.

The creators were simply able to shove all this into the films universe afterwards to make this sequel more explosive and interesting So we end up with this sci-fi which has totally lost its gritty beginnings and has now become much more of a Flash Gordon-like fantasy.

The bad guys are basically Romans in space with a suspiciously 'Dune-esque' appearance. Why do they wish to convert everyone? I also think the actor playing the lead villain was trying too hard to make a memorable bad guy, felt a bit too forced to me.

Despite all that and the obvious selling out by everyone involved if they had a choice that is , the film is still highly enjoyable. For me this is down to a few things, firstly the visuals. Now I know I just said the original works better for lack of glossy CGI, but I simply can't deny that this film looks crisp n sexy, if you like the sci-fi genre then you can't go wrong. Its that trashy pulp sci-fi appeal with a dash of space opera that appeals so much, of course its expensive pulp sci-fi but I have to admit I liked the atmosphere here.

The other reason is simply the main character of Riddick. This guy is your typical musclebound hardass sure but he looks distinctive with his glowing eyes, his particular blades of choice and of course the goggles.

As I said in my 'Pitch Black' review this guy is like the new 'Snake Plissken' but in space, he just oozes coolness. Along with Riddick I must also mention 'Toombs' who is another great character that I'd like to see more off.

A bounty hunter with a ruff Han Solo-ish appearance and a real bad attitude, great stuff. So yeah, despite all its cliched guff, muddled plot and general unoriginal silliness, the film is for me at least quite enjoyable. It does remind me very much of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in the fact that both films are basically crap You just gotta look past the crapola and have fun with the science fiction if you can more here than in 'Into Darkness' I might add.

Bet you didn't see this review twist coming eh. The story is a continuation of Pitch Black , yet more or less stand alone. It also manages to reach 2 hours, but it's not just a mishmash of ideas. The plot details move the story from location to location and bring characters in and out as needed.

That isn't to say that the film couldn't have been shorter because it probably could have been. There is a heavy reliance on CG and while it isn't top grade, or even mediocre grade at some parts, the film makes up for it with its level of action related sequences and mild violence.

Riddick is a character fit for Vin Diesel; a solid mix of a bad good guy. The science fiction atmosphere of The Chronicles of Riddick delivers enough to make this a recommendable picture. The definition of "nothing to write home about": There are glimpses of decent world-building and it's overall never boring, but not particularly interesting either.

Here, "Riddick" goes back to it's roots and has much more in common with "Black" than "Chronicles", and that's a good thing. The plot is very basic, Riddick Vin Diesel has been left for dead on a weird planet.

Bounty hunters show up to capture him, when they have to team up to battle some pretty crazy looking alien monster things. It has good action, and the effects aren't great they had a low budget , but they aren't the worst I've ever seen either. As for the acting, if you were expecting award worthy performances, then you're at the wrong movie. It is what it is, which is fine. I don't think this is better than "Pitch Black", but a big step in the right direction if this franchise is going to continue.

It's a perfect rental if your in the mood for a sci-fi action flick. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: View All Photos Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick, a dangerous, escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy.

The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he's encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty.

The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won't leave the planet without Riddick's head as their trophy.

Vin Diesel as Riddick. Jordi Molla as Santana. Matt Nable as Boss Johns. Karl Urban as Vaako. Katee Sackhoff as Dahl. I have had many , but sooner than later and usually real soon it will cost you.

Love having great sex with sweet young ladies… call them what you want…. Heading to Varadero in September, no Spanish, will I have much trouble getting a girl into my hotel? I just came back from cuba and realised how difficult it was to get girls back to my casa in veradero, having police chase girls and pimps jumping over walls and tramps trying to extort the girls for money.

Where as havana it was so much easier and much more girls about day and night. Veradero is very strict on prostitution but saying that somehow i still managed to get laid every night even though some nights were very stressfull.

Havana, get to casa dela musica at 12am and watch the women flock to you. Always haggle them down. You can get women day or night all over havana. Avoid verdero not worth the hassle. Cheap, hot girls and I speak fluent Spanish. In your opinion or any dude reading this comment, is it good idea to go solo or try to go with friends? I can recognize myself in the things you are saying.

The challenges you faces are well rear. Over there it is normal that a man provides for the lady. Still, at first sight it looks like a payment. Understanding this, will help you not to pass as tacano, meaning stingy man. In cuba girls would prefer dating a man with Gonhorrea than a tacano, trust me.

Another must for those who travel in Cuba is getting the right accommodation. Go for a casa particular. Better if it is an independent one, meaning that the landlord doesnt live there, so you can bring back home whoever you like without worryong about carnet and stuff.

In havana for example there are a lot. The best ones are in Vedado, very close to the action. Anyway, be very carefull: Havana girls can be tricky sometimes.

My friend got robbed big time. He picked up a good law student at coppoealia and stayed with her almost three days. They seemed very happy. Why are you defaming my Country? Remember fellas you get what you pay for and one day karma will bite you in the azz and us wonderful Cuban ladies will be there to laugh our glorious beautiful selves to tears…..

Not all male tourists to your country are pigs. I remember the mother of the family I stayed with in Havana told me that the once cohesive Cuban society was slowly becoming eroded and breaking down.

Hopefully that will bring benefits for the people too. I was in Cuba Habana for couple of weeks early dis year and had absolutely no problemos what so eva with the local gals. Had one of my best bangs eva with a local professionala de salsa, and I did not try to get her the first nite out.

You just make them waka like meters behind ya ass and the other side of da street. With that said, Cuba is absolutely one of the best resorts to get laid with stunning ladies. It will help a lot if you can dance thou. All the men posting to this site are pigs. They are old lonely men, who have no idea how to treat a woman properly and are more than likely once or 2 times divorced.

Men who have to go to foreign lands are pervs, immoral, lack personalities, more than likely have few real relationships, little contact with their kids, insecure yet have God like complexes.

Had two times in Cuba and my good friend, chica told, that lot of Cuban men are not very nice. They has no ideas, and they are pretty violent too.

This site is hilarious. Are Cuban women more attractive than Africans. How lacking in self esteem are the men commenting on this site. Cuba, like the US, is racially and ethnically diverse. In the US, homeless teens sell their bodies every day in American cities.

All the loser men going to Cuba to exploit those living under tyranny, will soon maybe have a Cuban American as the President of the US. Cuban men are gentleman, when they marry women freely, and ethically.

Fuck all you losers, who need to exploit those who have fallen victim to tyrannies in order to get laid. In Cuba hit Trinidad on the south coast. Learn to salsa the chicks love it. At midnight follow the crowd up the hill. There is a battered old cathedral and you wonder where the fuck everyone is heading.

Then it hits you from the opening of a cave. This crazy hip hop salsa vibe. Draws you in like a drug. Down the tunnel deep under the cathedral. A fucking crazy nightclub in a huge cave with fab music, voodoo and hot chicks who wanna get laid.. I met a Cuban Girl in Santa Lucia back in We have been together since. We have a house in Cuba.

Sex is never a question, I go to bed wet and wake up wet. Best of all she just turned I speak Spanish and have been 10 times in Cuba. The country is marvellous. When you are happy to know the real Cuba you discover a world that is incredible with women that figth for their families, work from 6: Obviously all of them dream about Europe or America but… they are real figthers.

I have been in love now two years with a Cuban girl and she is a real princess. You can be jealous but… who is not even with your European wifes and being so far away. I bougth a house there and all the familiy accepted me as equal. May be I am stupid but it has been the happiest two years of my life. It is business trip. Please advise where to stay for dollars per day. How can I have girls without having problems with police? Thanks for your advices. Please send your mails to: Very interesting and informative information.

I will be in Cuba from December 28th, to January 3, I plan to do it all as I always do when I travel. Concerning the women, I definitely want to have fun and understand that most women will expect money because of their extremely low pay. My question is, can you refer me to individuals who knows some beautiful of age women to make my trip more fluid.

I have been to 18 countries, so I am no stranger to how it works, especially when you do not speak the language I am from the US. Also, if you know of any hotels, casa particulars, or AirBnB that allow guess I know Brazil and the Santo Dominigo, Dominican were strict about that while staying at nice hotels. Denis Saray Diaz as a pimp in which she is living with. Ailen Estrada Hernandez Daivel Rodriguez Gonzalez any more info pictures etc , please contact me by email Thank you.

I find Cuba to be very easy for picking up girls. Even the wikisexguide mentions it and they normally talk about escorts. It a bit funny that even escort page recommends sticking with free girls in Havana: There are lots of gay and trans population but also many open minded girls. Takes maybe 2 hours to get the girls to your room. I left these comments: The guy was even nice enough to give me a free metro ride and point me in the right direction. Email will not be published required.

By Mark Zolo on October 26, in Cuba The Tale of Wandering Colin. Naughty Nomad Moves to the Big Apple. Frank January 8, at 4: Mark Zolo January 9, at The acting in some of those vids is terrible. Alex April 5, at 4: Winy April 25, at 3: Hi Steven, when are you heading to Cuba? What is your full email? Gregory August 10, at 7: Gonz December 28, at 9: T May 21, at 5: Naughty Nomad October 26, at 2: CP December 23, at 8: Bart January 31, at 9: Most of the chicas I have met have resident cards from cities outside Havana, and are allowed only so many months per year in Havana as visitors, so thats another reason not be be seen walking with a gringo as more likely to be stopped and asked for ID Reply.

Naughty Nomad January 31, at 9: MrMookey February 24, at Dave February 14, at Mark Zolo February 15, at 9: Dave August 27, at 2: Your the only one on here who knows what they are talking about Reply. Son October 26, at 3: GRW October 26, at 9: Atva March 25, at You right , GRW. Sheldon Yang June 8, at 9: Rodriguez March 7, at 3: Having money is better in exactly the same way.

Mike July 6, at 4: George October 20, at 6: A lot of guys base their ego and self esteem on the way that they skin a cat. Mike October 23, at Naughty Nomad October 26, at 8: I avoid it too. Pay for play to me tends to get in the way of the intimacy that I crave. Gato October 27, at 5: Pennywise March 31, at 9: Matt johnson October 27, at 1: In terms of attractiveness would your rate Cuban women better looking than Ethiopians??

Naughty Nomad October 30, at 8: Andrew Fox October 31, at I must decide my next destination! Lika October 27, at 6: Sebastian October 27, at Richard Palmer October 27, at 5: Thanks for the advise and will wait for the Cuban City Guide with interest… Reply. David November 14, at 8: John Anthony November 1, at 3: Keep up the great work and be safe. Jerobeel March 30, at 8: Some will try to make you fall in love so you marry her and take her out of DR.

IrishLad November 29, at 6: Would be great if we could get a City Guide from Cuba. Any thoughts on providing one soon. Great Site, appreciate the effort. Spencer Mack December 10, at 3: Havana was more light skinned… Its a must go place, but its difficult to avoid paying in some way..

Naughty Nomad February 13, at But expect to pay Gary July 18, at 7: I am visiting varadero next month please send me the contacts over there. JayB15 May 14, at 8: Martin September 15, at 9: Ben November 19, at 6: Good times I like what you did and love to go to cuba with you. Larry December 9, at I would love to go with you guys as well. Keep me posted please. Raf March 6, at 2: Any suggestions will be aprecited Reply.

Naughty Nomad July 15, at 6: Tony Simpson July 20, at 2: Bongo May 28, at 2: Joe Smith October 1, at 5: David Paye September 6, at 4: Richard Cartier December 9, at James January 22, at John May 22, at Wayne March 21, at 6: Ali March 31, at 7: Ali May 23, at Mario May 6, at 5: Cuban91 June 1, at 2: Denis September 13, at 3: Cuban91,most of the people that wrote here know about nothing of the REALcuban life and culture.

I have a lot of REAL friends there. And finally if you find her,keep in mind it will not be easy as with a hooker,you will have to respect her and be patient!!!! Mike January 29, at TOM August 1, at 1: JakedaHuzzla September 4, at Sebhai December 22, at 3: Doubt they are nice guys.

Like it or not they will be judged. John April 10, at 4: Gloria aria villaamil December 4, at Tarzan February 11, at 8: Dan m August 22, at 8: I am going yo Cuba this weekend ,what is the name of that club Manuel?

March 26, at 4: Best of all she just turned 24 Reply. Erik June 6, at 8: Dear friend, I speak Spanish and have been 10 times in Cuba.

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