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MailStudio aims to please ISPs and other organizations that wish to deploy the convenience of Web mail to their users, all the while retaining support for stand-alone e-mail clients such as Qualcomm's Eudora and Microsoft's Outlook series. MailStudio is available for several Unix-variant operating systems, and we installed the free trial version on a RedHat Linux 6. The installation includes a "setup" script, which acts as a step-by-step guide through some questions to configure the server.

Reading along with the documentation PDF file, available elsewhere on the download page, clarifies the process to some extent. Unfortunately, the awkward English grammar in the documentation may leave some questions unanswered. Nonetheless, we managed to wade through the setup script in a few minutes, and the mail server was up and running.

Labeling MailStudio a "mail server" is a tad misleading, however. In actuality, it is a Web server -- the Apache Web server to be precise -- configured to run a bunch of CGI scripts that make up the MailStudio product. MailStudio still requires a mail transport agent, or MTA such as sendmail , to be active on the server to receive and locally deliver incoming messages. And, if an enterprise wants to maintain the option of supporting Eudora or Outlook users, it will still need to run a standard POP server.

Because MailStudio essentially interfaces with the native mail setup on the server, this confers some pros and cons for it. It seems that mailstudio. Click here to see the list of dropped domains.

Our system found out that there could be domains with the same beginning as mailstudio. Our system found out that there could be mistakes made in the typing process. The matching part of IP address is marked with this style. List of websites IP address and hostname mailstudio.

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