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Even though Amman is a big place, everyone tends to know everyone and word gets around quicker than the dust kicking about it at best of times.

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I then stated I needed his number and no police i knew talked to the public as he did. He became more threatening and I hung up. I reported it to the police. Then I got the "bill" through on what looked like a piece of a4 paper with a bad imitation logo on it saying I owed them money. Then a couple of weeks ago I got a call from the same man, acting like he was an old friend and said he was from the police and my publication had gone live.

I told him he was supposedly from firewatch last time, I wasnt interested and put the phone down. My boss finally took one of the phone calls and told the man that he didn't remember agreeing to any advertising with them. They then emailed us a recording of my boss having a conversation with them. They are demanding payment for an advert that we have never seen in a magazine supposedly called Firewatch UK. See the link I have attached below, it would seem Craig Ayre has been up to this sort of thing for years….

I had dealings with Gatacre Press and Christine Elliot or Billal who frankly is the angriest woman I have ever had the dubious pleasure of dealing with. He initially rings and is very plausible. He introduces himself as representing the Police and requests you advertise in the publications such as 'On the Bell' and 'In Attendance'.

These scams, at best, fly on the very edge of the law. They are just that — a reason to obtain money be deceiving you in every possible way. They play on your conscience intially as you are being asked to 'support' the emergency services. None of their dubious 'evidence' that you have a agreed to an advert would stand up in court.

If you fancy a bonkers conversation where someone is desperately attempting to legitimise their outrageous behaviour give Christine a call! We had contact from Art, Design and Publishing. All advertising goes through me so I know what we have and haven't done during the year etc so normally I enjoy wasting their time and getting them to send out invoices etc. What they are doing is illegal so they would never be able to force anyone into paying.

Upon speaking to my husband we are a small business he stated that they had rang and he had said he was buying nothing without seeing some paperwork. They have sent a proof of the 'advert' our business name and address are incorrect on it! The telephone number they have provided is uncontactable for me to be able to give them a piece of my mind.

Won't be paying, and will be sending the 'proof' back with some strongly worded expletives written across the front of it. Watch out for telephone no. We have just been stung, same story as many of you. Alarm bells rang as different people phone you for different things hoping you wont see the flaws, such as pricing and when you are required to pay. Some very good advice given to me today from the real advertisers of the police federation magazine. Tell them you know that the information they are giving you is false.

I was concerned after reading everyones comments that I would be held accountable and forced to pay even though I was cancelling before any works had been carried out. However, these scammers from Liverpool have successfully been prosecuted twice in the past, although it hasnt stopped them it does mean we are in the right so if we tell them we know then they will back off.

A very nervous Stacey just phoned me from a Liverpool number requesting payment. I declined saying that I didnt believe what I was being told was truthful. She asked if I wished to proceed, I told her I wished to cancell with immediate effect.

She told me that was fine, and assured me I would recieve no threatening phone calls. Perhaps I should have categorically stated no further contact whatsoever. I think remaining calm is important, I am petrified they will use my verbal yes as reason to threaten prosecution, however I know this is wrong.

I said yes to an advert in the police federation magazine, I said yes to viewing work and having a 14 day period to pay the invoice, not an immediate payment and endless worry! I just received a call from someone with a broad Liverpool accent trying this scam on us. Alarm bell started ringing. I got even more hesitant. I explained that I didn't work here in April, at which point he said they must have made a mistake and would remove our details and hung up.

Throughout the call he insisted this was a one-off, and we would not be called again all good for softening us up , and that I would be given a follow up call by a colleage at 'Richmond House', to ensure all was ok.

Just got a call from the same people. Liverpudlian man called Michael Hughes, from the local Rescue Magazine, saying thanks for our support and asking if we'd like to support them again next year. I did record the conversation, so if anyone investigating them is interested, please email me.

He said I agreed to go into the brochure last may. I did not agree to any such thing and have never heard of them.

Aparantly they have a recording of me agreeing to this. After me arguing with him — he hung up on me. Donnie H 1, 1 13 Are you asking for the calendar to become somehow simpler than it is? Lott Jan 26 '09 at 2: I think this is the first time I've heard of 1st January being called 'day zero'; most people call it 'day one' of the year.

Yeah I'm not to keen on day-zero either, anyways Starting counting at zero. Yep, must be a programmer: Let's see, that's 0, 1, 2. Joe Soul-bringer 2, 5 24 Thanks, that was perfect for what I needed. Yeah, I vaguely remember there's some strange days or other added every once in a while. I suppose we might have a year problem. Years divisible by are only leap years if they've divisible by Hence and are leap years, but and aren't. Sorry, have to -1 as I was bitten by the rule Nikhil gave in Not enough people know the full definition of a leap year!

Mark Ransom k 28 Assuming "the language" is Standard C, it isn't particularly trivial to make it tell you the day of the week of an arbitrary date. It can be done - it is not particularly simple to do so.

Good idea if the language has it. In an embedded environment where you're trying to save on space this assumption basically goes out the window Saying "use an existing implementation" is not the right answer if a user asks for an algorithm. Other areas of the world changed as early as working from memory and others not until the 20th Century which is why the October Revolution in Russia occurred in November in most of the rest of the world , and quite a lot of different dates in between.

You can even find that Sweden had a 30th of February because of the switchover and mistakes made during the switchover. I find this a bit more practical than the article on Wikipedia, but it is still generic: Cameron Belt 71 1 3 An explanation would improve your answer. What is this part?? Feng Cheng Chang 11 1. Bill Zeller 1, 1 9 You've fotten leap-a-year here. It's 28, not 7, due to this.

See Nikhil's comment on Joe's answer. I meant adding or , then doing mod 7. It's accurate as long as you can predict leap years. If years was not an exact number of weeks, you'd be right.