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Creating a realtime attendance app with React Native and BLE

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Once the peripheral accepts a new connection from a client, send the details of all the attendees. This way, the new person knows the people who are currently in the room:. The app requires some permissions in order for it to work. For a detailed information on what each permission does, check out the Android documentation.

Before the component is mounted, check if bluetooth is enabled and alert the user that they need to enable bluetooth on their device if not. After that, you can initialize the BLE module. This is because bluetooth is only used once the user scans for peripherals. This is required by the BLE Manager package. Once the component is mounted, you can now listen for when a peripheral is discovered. Note that this event only gets triggered while the peripheral scan is ongoing. Also note that the callback function can be triggered multiple times for the same peripheral.

Next, listen for when the scan has stopped. This is where you update the state with the peripherals that were found:. Next, initialize the Pusher client and subscribe to the same channel that you used in the server component earlier.

Once the attendance-event is triggered, it can either be the server has sent the array of attendees sent to the one who just joined or a single attendee sent to all the other people in the room. The startScan function is executed when the user presses on the Scan button.

It accepts an array of the service UUIDs as the first argument. Even though, more often than not, you already know which service UUIDs your app should connect to. The second argument is the number of seconds in which to scan for peripherals. Once the scanning has stopped, the user will have the option to connect to any of the peripherals that were detected. Each peripheral has a corresponding Connect button which the user can press. This will, in turn, execute the connect function which attempts to connect to the peripheral.

Once connected, you have to retrieve the services from the peripheral so that the app becomes aware of the services that are available. Once the user has connected to the peripheral, the UI is updated to show an Attend button and a list of attendees. When the user presses on the Attend button, a prompt shows up and lets the user enter their full name. Once entered, the following function is executed:. The object is converted to a string and lastly to a byte array.

This is done so that the data can be sent in chunks. As mentioned earlier in the server component, only 20 bytes of data can be written to a BLE peripheral at any given time. Once a response is returned, immediately disconnect from the peripheral. This is because the peripheral can only cater to a limited number of devices at the same time.

This caters to both peripheral list and attendees list. Note that it conditionally hides and shows different elements based on which step of the attendance process the user is currently at. For example, if the user has connected to a peripheral, the scan button and list of peripherals are no longer shown. You can trigger the app settings to open using the following command. Make sure your mobile device is connected to your computer before doing so.

Select dev settings and find the menu for the debug server. In this tutorial, you've learned how to use Pusher's realtime capabilities with an IoT device to create an attendance app. There are many more possibilities for this technology. For example, you can create a game which allows users in the same room to compete with each other. Pusher Limited is a company registered in England and Wales No. Pusher Beams is out of beta! Sign In Sign Up.

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