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Why don’t pictures show when I visit websites?

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If the picture is located on a url that has capital letters in it, it shows a red X. If a picture is all lower case, it shows up fine. Does this make sense? For instance, I see a red X for this picture at this url: Also I have checked the tool thing and it didnt work. The only pictures on any website that are not showing up are the ones on MySpace and this only occurs on my laptop. They just stopped showing up out of the blue. Pictures show up on my laptop on every other site except MySpace….

Pictures still show up as a red X. What should I do next? Ok I did that tool thing and nothing is working for me. The myspace pictures come and go so what is the actual problem. I tried everything that you showed me but it doesnt work. I know its not the sites problem because my friend can acess it fine.

Also, i tried with both browsers and it doesnt work. Please help me, its really bothering me. NO pictures will show up on myspace, no matter what picture. It started out of the blue tuesday or wednesday last week, Nov. I even updated to Internal explorer 7 and still no luck.

It only on myspace on my home computer, I got back to work for thanksgiving holiday, and I had no problems with myspace on my work computer. I even try to comparing the settings on my work computer and my home computer and nothing. If any one can help yet me know. At first it wasnt all pictures- some still worked, others didnt. These days none of the pictures work at all, i tried following these steps, installed the new IE7 and even downloaded firefox to see if it was any different on there- it wasnt.

And yet on any other computer i access myspace on it works perfectly. Ive emailed myspace about it, but they just said it was a problem with my computer, nothing to do with them. Thanks everyone, I thought maybe it was just me. What is going on? They really need to fix it. Yeah it started happening to me around thankgiving. The same thing happened to me with eBay. Although I managed network security policies for a government network for 6 years, and an Internet provider for 12 years, I have not been able to resolve this broken image issue yet.

It may be a new Windows viruses or malware. At first I thought is was because I have restricted thousands of IPs and IP blocks in my firewall and router and even routers up stream to help limit some small portion of the spyware and malewares embedded in Windows-based PCs and Windows applications, and the fact that some web applications pull content from source foreign to the root domain. MicroSoft Windows has averaged over 1, new viruses and malwares per day over the last 6 years.

Using a Windows-based PC has become virtually impossible, even for security experts supplied with millions of dollars of resources. At last count, there were nearly , Windows-related viruses, spywares, and malware … and those are only the.

Blocking this range may also restrict many other web sites that route connections through these servers. Allowing connections to these IPs cures the problem, but my systems have detected illicit connections utilizing IPs within this block.

When I go to http: Click a link, and images come up broken. The site worked for earlier versions of IE, it works for Firefox. If I delete temp files, the site is good for one more page load, then only broken images. Why does IE7 not like my favorite site like this? Staus bar shows that still few image r to be downloded and after some time still few images doesnt appear.

This site works fine with IE6. Leo can u plz help me. I have tried everything I can think of to take away the red x and put my pictures on my site where they belong.

I Heve been into Internet Options then Advanced and clicked on the box next to Show Pictures but still nothing happens? Leo, I had a problem viewing photos at http: If the server you are connecting to on the other end has changed their file locations, or anything that affects domain name serving, you are probably still using the old address stored on your local computer.

The flushdns command rids your local computer of dns information and forces it to go out and get the new, updated stuff! I have problem not pictures or image end some websits exaple sears. My daughter uses her desk top and everything is fine. This has been a couple weeks. They show on my home page but not my profile. What can I do?

When I receive some email, picture do not display in the main body of the mail. They just appear as a box with a red cross in the corner. Other emails are OK. The problem emails display OK on another PC.

Both machines or running win xp and emails are downloaded via the same ISP to Microsoft outlook I have also tried like everyone, to disable links, change firewalls, delete temp folders and clean the cache. Someone told me its a program I have to upload, is that true?

If anyone has an idea as to what the heck is causing this, please let me know!! My friends laptops can see pics just fine on myspace. I tried to download from another email and I got the red x instead of the cert. When I downloaded the cert. If I just forward from my other email I get the cert but I need it bigger..

Am I losing it? I have no problems with pictures on emails that are sent to me,it is only when i forward these same emails to my friends that the pictures are blank with a red cross in the top left hand corner sometimes.

Phone number are hidden momements after the brower go to the web page. How do I stop that from happening? I have tried adjusting internet options, changing content type, etc.

Why when I look at certain pages do I see red boxes instead of the pictures themselves? How do I resolve this? Hi My laptop wont show scene7 images from the s7ondemand site. When i try to go to the website scene7ondemand. I have the same problem as William described. On my Yahoo homepage, the pictures in most of the boxes are not showing — instead I am getting the box filled entirely with the colour red.

This started about a month ago and my setting for pictures is enabled. Pics on other sites seem to be coming through fine.

I have the same problem as it seems others do. When on myspace I have problems viewing pictures. Can you please help? I see a red square, a green circle, and a blue triangle.

I have followed your instructions but nothing seems to work. I am having the same problem as some other people so I have avoided the Yahoo homepage. Here is my problem on my Yahoo homepage, the pictures in the boxes are not showing I am getting the box filled entirely with the color red. It is very frustrating. I only have trouble seeing the Yahoo pictures I get red blocks like many of you when my Verizon Internet Security Suite is on.

One of the computers on our server is having a problem viewing images and even buttons on websites visited. What could this problem be? Thanks for taking your time to do this website, this helps me sooo much with problems i run into. Leo thank you for your help. I was going crasy trying to figure out what was causing this and thankfully I found your site.

I keep seeing the red X and I seem to do what people tell me but still there. Did anyone solve the problem yet? I do not know how the view pictures box got unchecked in the Internet Explorer Options, but your solution fixed the problem.

I had even attempted to run the Beta version of Internet Explorer 8. You can find that option it in the Pop-up blocker section of the of the security suite services menu. Thanks a lot, it worked: U r d bomb. I tink a malware is responsible! I go in and set it, and everything is fine during that session, but after a logoff or reboot, the setting is gone and has to be turned on again. System is clean for malware, as far as I can tell. I finally got to view the pictures on my internet explorer!!

It was very easy to fix with your instructions. Advertising sites I have been on are fine except one no pics. I tried internet explorer and can see the pics but will not let me download pics for ads. New to computers so know little!

I tried the above, but everything you suggested was already checked. The websites that give me the most problems are Amazon and Target.

This was of great help.. Now my explorer works fine. Quite often the search button on a site will not show up. When I tab I get a blank square which will search when I click it. Now I have lost the picture from the yahoo news site. I came to your site in hopes of finding out how to deal with my problem, but nothing seemed to work.

I even tried reseting my internet options. Please reply back or update your blog. I am currently using Chrome and I am unable to not only see pictures of certain sites but I also am unable to watch any youtube videos saying that I either have an old version of Flash Video or Java Script turned off but after downloading the newest version the problem persists. That was the cure! Browser settings were just slightly off, and I got some pics, but not others. I got no ad ware installed that messes up the picture.

It is only one site that I got problems with. I have enabled the Show Pictures option in my IE8 advanced settings in internet options. All goes well and pictures return on whatever webpage that i am viewing, but if i am to open up a new tab or even close internet explorer and reopen it, the pictures do not show and the Show pictures option is unselected again. Hello Leo, I cannot see pictures or blocks of color on web sites.

I have the same trouble on Firefox and IE. I have checked internet options and all seems to be checked OK. Hi — I have an issue which has just started occuring.

Since then I have a problem when I open the first window in IE7 with no pictures and style to the text. I end up closing the session and clearing the cache. We then go into the same cycle again. For example I can open Ebay in the first tab and it is all over the place but works fine in the second tab. The header in the image file may be preventing it from displaying properly. All I get is the image placeholder red X.

Adobe never seems to play well with others. I can see personal pictures on face book but everything else is white besides the print. I could see a box appear when I help my mouse over it.

There is no box with an X and mostly no box at all, just white. The same thing occurs.. Just a white screen. This seems to occur on almost all web sites I visit. I have checked my internet settings and anti virus settings and everything seems fine. I cannot view the yahoo logo on the page! And also the pet society with a red cross just like that! If you want things to work period,first off never buy a Dell or Gateway computer.

I have been told but not sure,as I only have tried these brands that American companies just do not know how to make a good running computer. That Japan Sony,Toshiba ,or maybe German made make the best. Get a Sony Vaio instead. Tested with Google Chrome and it works fine: I Cant Even Add a Mood. I have a related problem. All of a sudden on my Macbook Air, Firefox, no images are loading on any pages, from the Yahoo!

I went onto my Dell PC and the images are fine there. As mentioned it could be the website it self so I am going to inform the webmaster and see if it is. This happens in my email a Lot. I seen one post where you had stated…. In fact, Silverlight is considered in many ways a Flash competitor. Could Silverlight be responsible for most, if not all of the issues with images and other multimedia not displaying?

Hi Leo, I am having the same problem as Nort at February 5, I use Hotmail via Safari on my mac. I have a logo as an image link for the home page. It works fine in the latest versions of browsers but for some reason I get a red X on IE 8 or older. Gerson You first need to determine exactly why it is reading the file location wrong.

Right click on the image, select properties, and carefully read the path it is trying to find the image from. A very common problem is in having spaces or characters in the image name, or the image path. To make sure an image is readable across all browsers, and on all types of servers, you should have nothing but letters and the dash - in your file paths and image names.

Thanks to whoever posted accessing web pages through google chrome. I can finally see pictures on websites I have never been able to before. I have been trying to go on newlook. Sian In your situation, I would first try clearing my browser cache. It shows a different icon. It sortof looks like the still downloading one but it doesnt really. Miffity Here are a few troubleshooting ideas: That will eliminate a browser problem. I go to Netflix a lot. In the streaming section, all of the thumbnail images show up as blank white boxes.

This happens in every browser I use in Windows 7. I have IE 9, Firefox I have run CCleaner to clean up my cache. Still I get the blank white boxes.

Most other sites display pictures just fine. Mark, Try clearing your cache How to clear a browser cache. I have a question for Leo or whoever can answer it. All of a sudden tho, every time I yu to look at another page, it ask me do I want to download it. Can you tell me what is the problem with my laptop.

I am having all kinds of problems with opening up pages on just one site Fine Art America. The image take forever to open up and most of the time time out, and this error report showed up on one try:.

I have had Microsoft technicians working for about 16 hours now, also the update all drivers, cleaned spyware, adware, malware, updated everything on the computer and still nothing works. All the other pages I visit work perfectly, and speedy. Why would you have a cop offer drugs and himself for sex- then offer a child along with himself -to do this? Why confuse the issue with drugs when we know that people on drugs or needing them will often say anything to get them.

It seems to me that the accused in these cases need treatment for substance abuse, not to be charged with pedophilia. Kudos to Jeffress, Kramer, and Judge Boasberg for recognizing this and not letting the fact that these men are substance users undermine their credibility in the eyes of the law.

If any actual minors were in danger, then the statute would be enforceable, but the facts presented here suggest entrapment at best. Sounds like the same thing. An outstanding story by Lou Chibbaro on a commendably proactive effort by the public defenders to combat what at least suggests police entrapment. I suppose the elements of entrapment could not be proved here, or else the public defender would have argued it, but what the sting did sounds very much like it to me.

I am not surprised that D. They are not one and the same. There is too much risk of entrapment here and getting the wrong person. Cops often engage in entrapment proceedures such as coming on to a person online making them think that a child is on the other end and the person about to be entrapped simply is doing nothing more than having a conversation with the fake child.

In an NBC Broadcasting police entrapment scheme—the alledged pedophile was a teenage boy who had driven 20 or so miles to see what he thought would be another teen of the same age who he had hoped to date—they had met online. This boy teen was no pedophile. In other cases; teens were sending nude photos of themselves to other teens.

Paranoia ran supreme again in that the cops thought that the teen sending the photos of herself to an intended teen of the same age was a pedophile. They were shocked to find that no pedophiles were involved and arrested the girl for indecent exposure. IN another case; a teacher was contacted online by one of her male students for school work help. The First amendment states that everyone has the right of free expression. The entrapment begins when the cop gets the person on the other end to ask certain questions.

Parents need to monitor their kids on the net and when they do not and the kid gets involved with a pedophile—the parents should be held equally responsible as the pedophile. Some libraries are so paranoid that kids will see something that should not see or come in contact with a pedophile that adults cannot do legitimate research for instance on breast cancer.

We have too much Mcarthyist type of paranoia going on in American Society today and that is often at the expense of Civil Rights. This paranoia has gotten so bad that many adults even considering teaching children in schools or in other professions in which they will come in contact with children are not doing so for fear that someone is going to tell a falsehood about them simply because the teacher flunked them on a test.

Once a falsehood is told —the damage never goes away even when it is proven a falsehood in Court. That is not good. The Constitution needs to be protected because it cannot protect itself and if we do not stand up and support it against those who want to destroy it —we will not have any civil rights.

Someone was claiming to be offering up a year-old for bareback breeding. Are you SRSLY rising to defend someone who was willing to look the other way in exchange for a hit of meth? Is this the McCarthy era? All gay men are corrupters of children?

A pox upon your house of intolerance! Men who are happy to look the other way while a fictitious year-old boy is offered up to be sexually abused for a hit of meth? Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation http: Conclusion The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. This is not to argue that homosexual and bisexual men never molest children. But there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely than heterosexual men to do so.

And, as explained above, many child molesters cannot be characterized as having an adult sexual orientation at all; they are fixated on children. Lanier once again is showing her disdain for the L. Addicts are well known to act out of character to obtain their drug of choice. The adverse consequence here was having to play the role of a hebaphile.

No not a pedophile by the true definition; Sex with pre-pubescent children. But hebaphile; someone that has sex with teens. Clearly these men were wrong to even respond to this ad. Common sense should have told them this was an extremely dangerous man. If it were an ad posted by a genuine boy rapist I certainly would hope the men arrested would have done the right thing and had such a perpetrator arrested and convicted. As stated in the comments above — at least in the case of Nitschke — the guy was lured more by access to drugs than pedo sex.

Lanier is attempting to wash her hands of the situation and, honestly, standing up to the questionable approaches used is tough battle when the Feds are running the show. If my years of watching Law and Order have even a tiny nugget of truth, the turf battles between local and federal enforcement agencies would keep Det.

And this duck is not blind justice. Part of the entrapment comes when explicit porn or pictures are sent by the CI or UC person. Even it they are not opened or viewed they count as having child porn on your computer. The next issues is the interstate travel. As many people in the Washington DC area work and live in different states, or live in the District, and work someplace else, interstate travel is not the same as it may be in other areas.

I realize that there should be some consequences for the behaviors, but to be looking at up to life is worng. The is a problem here is not easily understood because everybody has been taught violence solves everything.

Is there any doubt that police will next be killing innocent gay men and just saying the guy groped them and deserved to be killed? Ron Paul has explained if a person has a drug problem it would be better to treat them as a patient instead of a criminal.

But instead of finding them help the government puts them in prison to be raped and beaten. Toss in a factious boy they are lying about to perpetrate an ultimate violent life of torture. Instead of just humanely gunning them down. Most meth users could be talked into assassinating the Queen for an 8 ball. This is bizarre in the extreme.

Kudos to the judge who threw it out! The man kept insisting that they meet at a hotel and my friend refused. It was a Catoosa County Georgia detective that he was talking to. If he had brought the items mentioned it would have been 6 more charges against him. With the only intentions of seeing if children were involved he agreed to meet at a Subway shop at lunch time 2 days after Christmas. The parking lot was full and children were playing close by when Catoosa county surrounded his car, with 2 guns on his head and other police pointing shotguns he was slammed to the ground and was told that he would be wearing stitches if he moved.

This could have been a very dangerous situation in such a crowded area. Catoosa county has an entire wing set up just to house the people caught up in this sting. Any suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated. I just read a similar article in a Georgia newspaper.