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All run by the same con artists..

Dating Sites That Are NOT Scams


They recommend Fbook, but Fbook uses stolen images of bonafide porn stars and pretends they are all from the area of your IP address. Makes me real suspicious that the people behind Datingbusters are really just competing theives.

I totally agree with jjoy. Hard to get any law to work here. It will come, but not b4 I've gone viral. These guys operate outside the law, the untouchables. Who knows, are they real, official, sponsored, government vetted.. To check credentials online takes an enormous amount of time and resources. People that know computer talk are untouchable, to us.

It's all we've got and that's why the Nigerian scam has been so successful 4 so long, 2 decades now. This dating scam is nothing to write home about. Still, who agrees it should be forced to move it's accountability to the mainland..? I had more fun scamming this scam by putting up a fight with a bunch of money on it and attracting more scammers than I knew what to do with it was noticed by everyone who came on this site and it made the site look stupider than shit I made them bigger joke than anything.

I'll be glad to help in any way I can. These bastards sold my phone to an inmate in South Carolina that ran up my cell bill until my provider caught on and blocked them. Warning to all others.

Never associate your phone to an account. Well I was taken in this weekend by 2 women number 3 just tried for more they only got me I don't think that is to bad.

I had sent xpickup an email regarding them making "Cupid accounts" aka profiles made to entice the user to get them to open up and respond. I can assure there are hundreds of thousands of real users on our site. The proof is that people all over the world write 'thank you' emails to the help desk daily because they found someone. They create fake accounts with false information and try to collect email addresses by sending out 'likes' or some even upgrade with stolen credit card information in order to spam other members through our message feature.

Our fraud department blocks close to users daily because of this however there are always some who slip through our anti-fraud system. Members can always send us a username or use the 'report' button at the top right of the profile page and our fraud department will investigate.

A quick check of taking a few photos from the site and run them thru a reverse image search , will lead you to pron sites, photo bucket pages,even old my space pages , but the best is "Local "Women and when you look up their pictures they link to French and Russian dating sites….

Yeah my grandpa whoms 70, signed up for this, and sure there are older woman on there. Come on there is a 24 year old in the area whoms interested in some guy old enough to be her grandfather is not likely.

She actually looks my age, and I'm I know the feeling, I know my boyfriend is on quite a few of these sites and it pisses me off as he says I'm the only one he wants well obviously not or he wouldn't be looking on these sites. It used to be said that there was no harm in looking at the menu so long as you didn't enter the restaurant and order a meal. Here's some more superficial logic: If I didn't look, I might get complacent and start taking you for granted, which I never want to do.

By following his hard coded instincts of course. If a person has suspicions about their partner, they need to take every opportunity to prove those suspicions wrong. I avoided looking at my wife's phone for months, though I knew she was cheating. If I'd caught it sooner, I might have been able to save the marriage. And the only people who get angry about a partner checking their computer are the ones with something to hide.

Honesty is not hideing shit from your partner man. Your woman probably like to use her eyes on a bit of candy too, share dont hide, then you,ll find a bit of respect comming your way.

To many my mates cry their woman dont trust them , but they dont earn that trust, get it. Woman are hard wired for trust in the sack to have great sex man, and believe me, trust gives them great sex. Less of course your just a dirty cheater, fuckin all men over, in that case stay single, you dont know nothin about woman…keep to learnin til you do, bro.

I can tell you from experience, that I myself have received emails with my account information for several different ones or these sites and they will have my name or part of my name and then other info that I know I never would have put in. Like it has just made several accounts under my name, which by the way is enough to piss a person off.

Not saying anyone's boyfriend is innocent! I agree with everyone who despises what the people behind these sites are doing, which is attempting sometimes successfully to obtain money from guys by a variety of deceptive strategies, not causing affairs.

They are aided and abetted by our male instinctive behaviour. Fortunately, before parting with any money, I found several sites before this one which pointed to the whole group being a scam. One scam site would be bad enough, but the set up is such that you keep linking to another site in the group and getting joined. I live in a country which is largely secular, but predominantly Christian as far as religion goes. There are significant;y more protestants than Roman Catholics in the population.

Strangely, all without exception of the women who purport to live in the same city as I do give their religion if they give one, which most do as "Catholic". That in itself is a big giveaway. If the women were genuine, I would be surprised if more than one in ten gave that answer. I don't know whether catholic women are in some way more attractive to opportunistic males , or whether they are all just following the same template. Look for yourself if you're still a member of any of these sites.

I signed up on X cheaters and getanffair for a month each. I was tempted on to others, who are also linked to these thieving swines. Thankfully i smelt the rat before i spent any more of my money. These people have no shame, they might as well just ask for our wallets.

We don't control XCheaters so we cannot shut it down. Getting the word up is our priority so people don't get scammed. Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off. Hi Larry from Athabasca!! Are these reviews real. Of course these dating reviews are real. We already did a review of HornyAffairs.

Thanks for leaving a comment. Do you know of any other dating sites that we should review? I have a few. As for chopping of fingers, use a ball peen hammer on the backs of their hands.

The smashing of the metacarpals is un repairable and their hands are useless from the indentation made in their hands. I wishthat I had known of this sooner! I'm looking at sending my findings to UK Trading Standards, to see if anything comes from them! Hi Steph, thanks for the comment. The photos look real enough, do these women know their photos are being used to rip people off?

They could be taking them directly from Google image search. I looked up that name and saw this site. Also I looked it up and there was a missing persons site with her as the missing person. I know there are some people that are actually single and looking to find someone, but whatever happened to meeting people the way you were meant to face to face in places and not on the internet where all these sites can take advantage of people??!!

These types of things only make it easier for a married man to find ways to cheat!! I mean if you are that desperate that you need to pay for or even do things like what these sites offer then that is pretty pathetic, just like my husband!!

Soon to be ex if this is the type of life he chooses. If you can't be confident and more respectful of yourself than to look at these things and have women supposedly women acting like they like you and want to have sex with you then you should all be ashamed of yourselves because that is no MAN that a REAL woman would ever want to love and spend her life with!!

I think it all needs to be ended!! If men would worry more about truly living someone and being faithful in a relationship their wouldn't be such a high divorce rate now!! Also think about it… As our young men are growing up this is what they are learning because some of you dads out there would rather do this than be a husband and father!!

Pretty damn pathetic if you ask me!! If I offended you then you must be guilty of it. Grow up and be a real man and earn respect the way you should!! She used withholding sex as a control tactic for many years. No one likes to talk about this problem because women think it is their right to do this, and it isn't. Not any more than it is a right for a man to refuse to pay bills, fix the car, etc. Just like a man who won't buy food for his wife deserves her going elsewhere to find food.

Until you women will admit this problem and YOUR responsibility for the cause of men cheating in this way this problem will continue and you should keep your complaints to yourselves! I agree with both. This coming from a woman. I know what he means because I have friends that do that. Men shouldn't be treated like children.

They deserve the right to have a say in their house. Equal rights means equal rights. Kind of have to know details of a persons personal life in order to judge. However, if it's an honest woman that is understanding and easy to talk to, then the spouse is completely in the wrong. Women forget that sometimes they are the ones neglecting their husbands.

Always sympathy for women and men are dogs right? Needs to be fair in every spectrum to work. I belong to a wonderful man and a wonderful man belongs to me.

We both have been cheaters and been cheated on. One time occasion on the cheating for us both and with previous relationships. I cheated because of neglect. For him, he was with someone that was lazy and unappreciative. Don't blame "cheated out of a wife" at all for feeling that way. To womenarespiteful, I know how that feels.

I was head over heels when I met my eldest daughters mother. Worked my balls off. Gave her all I had. Her and her ex marine boyfriend. Should have kicked her lying whore ass to the curb. Instead I did what most women wouldn't do, forgave her and took her back.

Caught her 2 more times. Once with same jarhead boyfriend then some a-hole she picked up in a night club. She took me to the cleaners, filled my daughters head with lies about me. She didn't dare f with me then. I still sent money for my baby, but best of all me and my 28 yr. Put your foot down, and make yourself the man of the house. You are stronger, more resourceful. The only weapon she has, is witholding sex. Dear cheated on wife, I'm sorry about your turmoil.

As a married man of 24 years, I've never cheated on my beautiful wife. However it's been almost 7 years since we've had sex. I've approached her several times, gently, on the matter and have been verbally and emotionally as well as psychologically abused even told " if it means so much to me get a girlfriend, and, if I were to have sex with you I wouldn't nor couldn't live with myself the next day"!

I have cried myself to sleep at night, only to wake up soaked in tears and still sobbing. I love my wife, but a man needs love and physical affection. That's how we men are made. I'm proud of it and Im happy being a man. In fact I love being a man. I know woke in their 50's want it. Again I'm sorry for your situation. I like sex and am at the end of my rope. I too think if it comes along I,ll take it. Would much rather be getting it and all that goes with it at home.

Be kind to yourself and dont forget you are very loveable to someone. Disordre, you may get some answers there. Shame we have to walk away from relationships to get what we want but hey, I dont have any other answer. Shame u gone thru that sorry to hear dont b too disheartened there are still lots of good men who like u say have morals and love respect and treat their partners properly ive bin where u are bin shit on its not gud wish we cud meet up b happy lol.

I am in agreement with 'cheated on wife' IMO you deserve to be scammed if you are using these sites to deceive your partners and families! Grow some balls and put your poor other half out of their misery before you destroy every shred of self esteem they ever had, there is no relationship for you as you have forsaken honesty and broken trust by going behind their back for what? A dirty couple of texts? Maybe a quick, unsatisfactory jolly? Is it really worth it??? Without those you have nothing, I hope you are proud of yourselves….

I am sure a few of you will profess that you are single and after a relationship…ok, so why not sign up to the million dating sites out there that are genuine? I'm sure even match. Man, looks like I'm not the only one here that needs to get laid. After all when you point one, 3 point back. I am also in agreement with 'cheated on wife' IMO.

I have a cheating husband who apparently has been signed up to all of these local websites. I have found at least 15 different sites. We have 4 children together and I am working really hard at giving everyone the attention they need.

I even stay up until after midnight when everyone is asleep to finish my schooling after work. I also need attention.

I love having sex and always have. I have never withheld sex from him and wouldn't manipulate him like that, I feel that is pure evil. I would love to have sex every night when possible. I even wake him out of sleep with a blow job for it, but apparently I am not enough.

I would have liked to have discussed it first, but he was too busy denying that he was even doing it. This forgiving is really hard for me to do, as I knew I would find out more details, but I needed to do it for us. I will never forget, but I will not punish him for anything from the past up until the point of my offer of disregarding the past.

I just pray that he is strong enough to hold true to his word. He isn't interested in experiencing anything new with me. I am completely frustrated that he only seeks these experiences with other women.

He had left his email logged in and I can see that he is still signing up for new accounts. These emails even include his passwords that he had to have chosen as they are his typical passwords.

He even signed up for a new one on our anniversary, what a slap in the face. I am now afraid that I will get a disease as well as my children, if he goes back to meeting these girls, or perhaps just the next one who enters his life thats available for a fuck.

I am only one person and I am exhausted. I put my tiredness aside to take care of him as that seems to be what he needs no matter how tired I am, I always end up enjoying it.

All these years he has said, "it's not like I'm out looking for anyone". Here I am turning down many advances over that past 13 years and my husbands lived a life of fucking anyone he can get his hands on because he has low self esteem.

How does he think that make me feel? I think the world of my husband. Is everything a scam these days? Everyone has a way to con you? Watch out for match,comtalkmatch too. Almost all those girls are scammers. Esp if they have hotmail. I was wondering about this site a little bit, because this one fake person seemed like they wanted to talk with you but changed once they got your money.

I might not get my money back , but I will cancel my card and get a new one. Plenty of fish, Match. This is a lesson learned and wont ever be in this again. Sometimes, we may use these techniques or others like them for other business purposes.. The real people you meet, if any, may be total imposters and may have malicious or pecuniary motives; they may even be paid to engage you..

The artificial profiles are used in conjunction with computer robot software programs that are specifically designed to automatically email free members of Xcheaters.

Unfortunately you cannot distinguish between a legitimate email message and one that has been created by the Xcheater computer robot program. This is one of the reasons many men get taken in from these seductive emails. Everything looks on the up-and-up. Who would be able to come to a conclusion that robots are sending you emails unless you took the time to read the terms and conditions or read the statement on the homepage.

In any case this gimmick works well and is one of the main funnels that enable the administrators of Xcheaters to make millions of dollars in income per year. Reading through the terms and conditions we found it quite amusing that they state that your profile will be truthful, accurate and complete. How they have the audacity to write this in the terms conditions is beyond us, since they are the ones themselves creating untruthful and unaccurate member profiles of women also known as "computer generated virtual profiles".

We just thought we'd point that out as a little bit of humor and as well as being a head shaker. All of the registration information you provide us about yourself — whether online or offline — whether in person at our parties and business events or in correspondence or otherwise — will be truthful, accurate, and complete.

If you want to cancel your paid trial or monthly subscription to this site you can use the various methods that we have listed below to do so. If you plan on joining any other dating sites you always need to keep your guard up, there are countless other frauds out there.

Xcheaters has proven to us that they cannot be trusted, we suggest you take our advice strongly. If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here.

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