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“The Dangers of Online Dating” — (7 Statistics & 5 Ways to Protect Yourself)

At first, she told me that she lives in Butler and i prefered to fly there to visit since 2 weeks emailed ech other and i live in Houston.

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Someone screwed up but not everyone. I have found the site to be a joke. Have never been scammed so many times in my life. What a waste of money. At this age, a simple answer that you are not interested would be expected from adults. Ourtime has a lot of members but most will just view you and not put in the effort to date. However if you contact them they usually do make some arrangement for a date.

I guess a lot of them are shy. I had a very disturbing experience on one date and it still haunts me. After the date he walked me to my car and tried to twist me around to kiss him. I said not on the first date. He then struck he on my back and backside and walked away.

I reported him on our Time. I hope nobody meets Chester as this was his name. It has put me off dating completely. This is one of so many bad reviews that I doubt it will get much attention, however I have to say my peace.

This is the worse excuse of a dating website ever. The pictures of the men are either fake, blurred, gross like needing a bath…or downright stupid. I fee like I need to wash my hands after scrolling through this site. I tried it for a whole year now I had it way too long and it is truly a rip off for an intelligent woman looking for honesty and decency.

I find myself wondering and almost knowing that there must be a site that weeds out all of these nasty flies that are online at our time. More than half of matches where not real people. Beware if match looks to good to be true it is. Glad I terminated my membership. I wish I would have found these reviews before I signed up. The perspective from me male is no different. I have been on the site for four days. That does not seem to do much, because the bogus profiles keep coming.

The women who were legit were not even close to what I was looking for. Stay away from this site. Unfortunately, this is my 7th site, and most of the ones I have been on are the same…but Ourtime. I just tried this and am wasting more time than ever. I am not a computer whiz ;chatting online,texting is not for me. Noone wants to speak on the phone. Even if you said No. I could go on…not worth my time. Maybe I should run a dating service…… hmmm…Nope! You are spot on about some of the men —also, if you are a widower, leave the pics off of your wife.

I told one guy that you are on a dating site to meet women and you are displaying pics of your late wife and you—that type of man has built an altar to his late wife and pity the woman that gets involved with him!

I was just scammed out of a lot of money. I will not ever use this site or any site from hence forth. These things do no work. They breed liars and scammers. So going back to the old way of finding a mate. Well I joined earlier this year for one month talked with a few women took out one. But I think she could have been married and her and her husband date others but that is not the sites fault nor can they stop those games..

So thought I would give it another try rejoined for free a few months later put off paying for a few months needing to take care of some business…Joined the first of nov.

The 44 were included in the There was one girl 33 lives miles away…Of the other 36 messages there was maybe Okay maybe people have dropped out.. Just lies and deceit to get you to join..

I will be out end of month as I have already gone in and took off automated pay.. They did the very same thing to me. I did not press the button for the They ARE thieves and their website sucks.

My ratings for this site is minus stars for overall, features, price and customer service. I wonder where these people come from, the gutter? Clearly not a match but they send them as such. Such a rip off and a insult to our intelligence. I finished the end of the month and I have only been with them a week. I spent good money to get nothing in return,after getting no responses,meeting no one.

I quit and i hope everyone stops throwing their money away. I changed all the settings to stop automatic billing to my credit card not once but twice and they still billed me. I fixed them, I canceled the card so no more billing me! I was constantly contacted by foreign scam artists who are too stupid to realize that a highly educated person wont fall for their games. The needle in a haystack was just not worth the time wasted. When I choose not to meet someone,I was accused of being too picky or thinking I was better than..

Why do males fee they have the right to choose one they feel is a good match, but females are accused of being picky or stuck up when we reject those who we feel are just not a good match? I found most on line dating sites about the same. Chalked full of social misfits, narcissists, liars, cheaters and sad sacks. So few good men. Ourtime sends fake flirts and slammed my account with photoless profiles. The males who did write me obviously never read my profile, they simply looked at the pictures.

I am dating in real life only now, at least I can see the real person rather than a 10 year old photo and watch body language and hear tone of voice before deciding whether or not they are safe to meet.

Dont waste your money on this dating site or any other unless you have unlimited hours to waste weeding through the wackos. Auto Renewal was automatically set without my knowledge! I agree with all the previous comments on this page.

Then I met one who claimed to work for the UN and he had a supposed car accident and he said that the UN personal took him to new York.. Then pay a token for his release. So you never get to meet them face to face. This is what you get when you start pressuring about a face to face meeting. As a guy, nothing but interest from pictureless, informationless profiles from people out of state, out of the country, who flirt you, like you, favorite you, email you.

And I know every site has some, but SO many obvious fake profiles and scammers on here. I feel sorry for the OurTime women if it is like this for them too. I fell for this piece of crap and gave up by the end of the first day. This site is a joke. Do not waste your time, energy or money! This site is a scam. It initiates emails to members that were never authorized including flirts, favorites and indications of interest. It has no customer service — just FAQs, no email address or available phone number.

The Our Time dating website is a total scam. Within one day of subscribing, they sent numerous emails out to other members saying that i liked their photo, flirts, and adding members as favorites, without my knowledge or approval.

Class action suits are useless. For starters, I had one of the guys tell me that they pay people on the site to send emails to keep you hooked. The other problem, and I realized it is not the websites problem, but out of the dozen men I talked to, most were married. If anything we need to have a site to report these losers to so their wives can find them. Probably the men have had the same experience.

There has to be a better way….. I wish I had read the reviews before I decided to give it a try. It took me 5 min to sign up, I spent 5 min on it before I got a weird feeling about it, I tried to get a refund. The woman I got on the phone after that first 5 min said since i used the site, i could not get a refund, and she said the only way to speak to her superviser was via email.

Unable to log on …always invalid.. Class action lawsuit sounds pretty darn good,Far to many people are being ripped off.. Class action suits are useless because these bozos are based in Costa Rica and therefore outside of any North American legal jurisdiction. Although I am a straight woman, over 50 [which is what they claim the site is about], they sent me women seeking men!

And they sent me profiles of young guys — obvious hustlers. Worse -they mistakenly changed my profile name to something very sleazy. Worst dating site ever. The site sends auto flirts and messages from profiles of people who are not members.

When you respond to the flirts or messages you never hear back from the person. I think there are a bunch of fake profiles and that most of the messages and flirts are fake to get you hooked. Class action lawsuit sounds like a good idea because there is no way to get a refund and you think your purchasing one thing but you get something totally different ,annoying and frustrating.

I met about a dozen people through Ourtime. There was dishonesty in height, weight, age, education, marital status, health, and even hair and teeth. I was very disappointed and feel this was a waste of time and money.

Also, I was told by others that they had an option to join on a monthly basis. That option was never available to me. I had to commit for 6 months. Also, even though I checked the box regarding not sharing my contact information, I am now bombarded with e-mails from Christian Mingle, Match and others. We should all create our own dating site. Everyone of you that negatively reviewed the site in question sound like the good guys. I balked from joining it, as it had a cheezy feel to it.

I did not know it was this bad however. Good luck to all of you. This is the worst website of this nature I have ever seen. I, too, wanted to get a refund, but NO! This could be someone who lives across the country no matter what you specified ; it could also be a woman again, I specified I was looking for a MAN , and many of my profile features were totally ignored.

I recently was going to opt out as soon as my subscription was done in Oct. I was clearing the Promote me screen when at the same time as hitting the X to get out of that the reactivate my acct popped up and was hit while hitting the X to get out of a different screen.

Complete scam, renewal policies will get you sucked in for life. Features of this site is very primitive, users interested in are usually from out of state. They do this to make you feel like action is taking place on their end. I was signed up for both of these sites which I believe is one and the same. I had married guys, foreigners with the same line I believe they must have some chain letter they circulate.

They all have a dead wife, some family member die due to a violent crime , one child, born out of the USA. Are suspicious of you. It goes on and on. The very worst thing that happened was someone hijacked me and I became a 6 foot 5 man. I had Amex cancel the renewal they hooked me once and surely they were not going to get me again.

I think the only way to meet someone is to let it happen. O Boy, I see by reading the notices below that I am far from alone. Today I had to cancel my credit card to disable their automatic renewal charges.

The merchant phone provided to my credit company is dead. The credit company rep. And there is no way to block messages from people out of the area, so you get these canned messages from people all over the country. This site is a waste of money, but worse, a BIG waste of time. Thus website is a joke. They steal your money and get away with it. I had someone hack into my PC and change my passwords. I get messages and when I say Hi they run the other way. Decided to read the reviews and could have saved my money.

I thought POF was bad but at least it is free!! Live and learn read the reviews before you sign up I rate the site at You are absolutely correct. You have to be quite careful in just moving the cursor. Set up a profile, uploaded a pix and then……all I could do is click on yes, no or maybe. I come to find out that in order to READ any messages, send any messages or use on-line chat, I must upgrade!

I sent an email to the help center- all generated responses and now they are sending it to their technology dept! I also used a Visa card with the exact amount so they could NOT renew anything.

Boy have I learned my lesson! Will say this is a pos website…signed up for one month and billed me for 6. They take your money and run,be very afraid! I also tried to sign up for 1 month but was billed for 6 months. I did call their customer service line and they credited me for 5 months. But I was immediately aware that when I viewed a profile the system sent out a generic message to the person viewed.

Same when someone views my profile, I get a message. This is the worst dating site EVER! And the following month, without my permission, they charged my card again! Did I have him then! I told him that I had supervised a call center before and that what his company had done was illegal. So I saw that it was still up and not completely erased from their system like I had asked. I told him that there was no page that I had clicked on to renew my subscription whatsoever, and that they had just decided to steal from my account without my permission!

He got scared and gave me a confirmation to return my money back to my account within 72 hours. They also have partner single sites that will start to bombard you to join them, so watch out for them as well as I found out they are all related to each other. These guys are based in Costa Rica. If you flip down through this thread, there are numerous posts similar to yours, generally saying that refunds are impossible to obtain. I agree with many of the comments above. Almost all of the replies I received were very obvious scams.

The addresses were all marked ARIPO whatever, wherever that is and numbers spelled out onesevensix etc. This should be very easy for them to create criteria to filter these very obviously fake profiles out. I got wind of the problem two days in…. I deleted my pics, and went thoroughly through my profile and deleted all, physically, then canceled my subscription, and they did that immediately. So we shall see on the 23rd of Sept if they try to get more moola.

Oh yes, I sent some feedback to them.. This site is nothing more than an internet scam. When you do they give you a clock to upgrade even more. I guess put your name at the top of the list. Once I figured out how to work the website one of the worst interfaces I have ever seen.

Now to the meat of the site. Over half the ladies that responded were sending personal emails or phone numbers and as the site says these people are scammers looking to pray upon you for money. Many of the responses I got were from people who never filled out their profile! Many more never read my profile!

I could tell because we had nothing in common at all! Some were contacting me from the other side of the country! Fortunately i found this page before a subscription.

My intuition warned me insistently. They did not offer any test for 1 week…. I remember that they promoted with a sentence … you only get what you put in… something like that…. The site is uncomfortable — the pictures shown to you are very small thus you have to click on them immediately shown to the owner of the profile in concern.

The site itself is very ugly — made up like advertisements for articles in a supermarket. It is not worth it — and i feel really released having not subscribed there. I search for another one. It says when you read the agreements and about the site that you can not see your flirts etc unless you upgrade.

If you are scanning and see someone that is really someone you would like to connect with, then upgrade for a month,. Good luck upgrading for just one month.

I joined the site in November of In May of I wished Larry a happy birthday and we started a conversation. We finally met the second week in June and instantly liked each other. Our relationship progressed and on August of we got married. One year later, we are very much in love and we thank Our Time for getting us together. Congratulations to both of you. Your man is fortunate as the imbalance in numbers of men to women on this site is advantageous to the ladies as it is on all dating sites..

A man needs to catch lightning in a bottle so to speak to have a chance, obviously some do, most do not. I decided to do it after putting a profile and photos on for a week and realizing you cant even talk to anyone to see if real I got on for a special fee of Then all the replies i had 3 were real people the rest scammers i called about it and the over price not going to get my money back and said i had spoken to others they said they were billed for another month after putting the no renewal on the site so they keep billing you anyway.

I asked about all the scammers with some poor persons photos they stole I am sure mine will be in the uk or texas as well now as they teak them off these sites they said we get our customers to report the scammers i said i dont get paid for this ,you are being paid my me to have real people on there he had no answer. They still wont refund me and take me off there so am in it for the long hall till sept 6th my month is up This is a terrible site and dont even try to compensate the customer they just take and take beware not worth it.

Oh plus hardly anyone in my area then they send me guys form the opposite ends of the country lordy so blatant. I am sending a letter and contacting the Attorney General Fraud Division about this. You will be billed anyway, but at least you can print out the page showing the Attorney General that you have that option turned off. That is my problem I requested no automatic renewal on May 31, only to find out that their records as per my account summary show I requested renewal on July 31, , which is not true.

I wanted off this site and was billed for the next 6 months. Any help out there on how to be done with this OurTime site???? My account site shows that I declined renewal on May 31 then shows I changed it on July 31 …. I did not total fraud. I was scammed for a month subscr.

I learned my lesson. Good luck to all you nice people out there. Total waste of money. Matches sent are not selected from the criteria you choose. Many responses without pictures, many immediately asking for your email address.

Customer service is absolutely non existent other than canned automated responses that have nothing to do with your questions. Save your money, you will have better look meeting someone in a grocery store or book store,.

Extreme caution on this site. If you use a pop up blocker or quickly delete the popup your service is renewed. I say promised because the credit has not shown up on my credit card statement yet. Site is very heavy on upselling and has confusing options. Some your are billed for unless you opt out instead of opting in. I have encountered Fraud all the way fake profiles and you know the rest. The one advantage I have is that close relative is a Federal Officer they picked wrong person to screw with Ha.

I just wanted go to dinner see a show have a laugh Not a hook up this site is a Ruuse. This is a horrible dating site. I would almost call it a scam. Stay away from it! Just a big waste of money. Stay with the reputable sites. I met a wonderful man on this site 2 yes ago and we got married last month.

The site had people in my area and the price was about the same as the other sites but with people my age and men that were looking for a woman the same age. It was a great experience for us. Beware of registering for Our Time. By putting in one keyword, I got 40 profiles that were exactly the same with different pictures and profile names.

This makes the Our Time membership numbers seem much larger than they really are. It is also possible that these people are all scammers and that Our Time is not doing an adequate job of protecting members from scammers. After two weeks of using their service and discovering this, I asked for a pro-rated refund I was willing to pay for the 2 weeks I had already used but was told that no refunds are ever given under any circumstances. I have already dealt with a scammer…. Cancelled but unfortunately I paid for 6 months.

So far, I have talked with 8 different people and had conversations or chatted. The majority were scams. They get a picture from somewhere and then, all they will do is text or chat with you.

They will never offer to meet you or call you. I have had different profiles give me the same phone number to text. I am VERY disappointed in this website, and have paid hard earned money for something that is not even legitimate. I have been on for less then a month. Almost every contact I have received requested my email and said that today was their last day on. Believe me — not so easy to cancel. The scamming is horrible. I thought I would try this out because I am a bit of a loner and thought it would be nice to maybe meet someone to chat with.

Now I remember why I am a loner, lol. I subscribed to this site a week a go. I got a message from someone who was interested. He saw my profile, he seemed nice, I responded to some messages talking about travel, nothing heavy. Then he disappear, so I sent him a message saying that I had read many complaints about this site, so if he was not the person he was, that at least responded, just say goodbye, not interested.

I got back the nastiest most offensive mail I had ever. He knew I was a liberal and a scientist. First he said that he loved my photo.

Now he is attacking me for being a liberal and that he is not attracted to me physically. I thought he was a nice person, he had this photo of him as a soldier. Be careful, I think that we should get together and file a joined complaint. We could try to communicate with people, but we do not deserve to be abused. I have been trying for a week to cancel mine, It wont let me cancel it. The no thanks option just stays idle. There is no contact number, and it want me to enable something on my computer.

OurTime does have warts. But check to make sure. Now for the actual experience of using OurTime. The site randomly selects from three or four such messages. There may be other activities that automatically send one of these messages. No amount of wishful thinking will make this real.

It would be like dating my own grandmother. Thank you so much for the info on stopping automatic renewal. Thanks for an honest review, and the great instruction for canceling.

I am glad to know my instincts were right I will not be wasting my time or money on OurTime or any other dating site. Too scary out their for this ole gal. I have subscribed to ourtime. I would opt for one month, immediately opt out of the auto-renewal, and browse until it ran out. I suddenly get all of these messages! Sometimes more that one. So, I subscribe again, only to see they are either women with no picture, no profile info or someone that lives over miles away!

This is beyond coincidence. This happened to me as well. Subscription ended and within two days I had 6 Favorites and 19 Messages! You can opt out of the emails this site will send you. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe. I completely deleted everything that has to do with this site and no longer receive any type of communication from them.

So nice to have that aggravation out if my life. I signed up for six months on this site. Have found that most people I have contacted or have contacted me do not write back or their site is immediately removed.

Without any notice I was automatically renewed with upgrades to double the rate initially paid. It is impossible to contact them. They do not have a phone number for customers.

I did email canceling but my account has already been charged. My bank is disputing this charge. I believe this is a scam to get money from older people. Since these bozos are apparently based in Costa Rica, nothing will get done. Perhaps a better strategy is to complain to your local ISP provider that this is a fraud and suggest that they block access to this site for their subscribers. Little concerned that the latest scam seems to be retired cops.

If things are not working it does not matter where Our Times is, a scam is a scam. This site is filled with scammers…all wonderful God-fearing guys who make between , to , a year and who immediately ask for YOUR email address or text no. Ladies beware of these contacts. This website takes advantage of those of us who are hopeful that seeking a relationship within our age group will filter out some of the issues encountered on sites like Match.

After no success, I set my parameters to receive matches from people who are over years old. This site seems to be a money making scam that preys on mature adults.

Stay away and keep your money. I signed up for 1 month and was charged for 6!!!!!! Customer Service is non-existent. Run like hell — Never get any messages, Site say talk to them now and as soon as you click the link message off line. After paying for the 6 months they ask for more money.

The settings for local and age group change. This site is bogus. Most were so not what I was looking for. I am a non smoker. I am relying on networking or just pure luck. My subsciption ends on June 20th! All involved going out of the country and some terrible tragedy happened and they needed money to come back.

My words of wisdom are follow your gut, never ever send money or give out personal info.. You should also use the white pages to see if the name they gave you is legit. One also went as far as to set up a Facebook page. Again go with your gut!! This one was very good and had me fooled. I am in tech, so naturally I look everyone up. I also subscribe to one of those backgroud check services. I ran him and nothing came back. Everyone has some kind of internet footprint by age After my close call, I recommend subscribing to those.

This is a real recommendation. If I can be fooled after 25 years of online dating and tech skills, anyone can. So sick and tired of the wasted time. In this world of technology i ask my scammers to take a photo of themselves with a mssge next to their head that says hello Patrick. Or a Skype account and video hook up to see them face to face.

Hello my dad is 79 years old and some homeless woman that is staying with a neigbor is befriending him. Now she is asking to borrow money and seems to be zooming in on him. Now he wants to bring her over to my house so I can meet her. I told him no and that he should dump her. I am convinced she is taking advantage and I am scared for him. Ive been talking to someone online now since Oct 17 he claims he is in the service overseas.

He writes the nicest things but almost always there is a gramatical error Also when we spoke of sending a package with some items i mentioned sears for an item to get. He thought sears was a mailing service. Also a picture of him supposidly showed a ring on his left hand ring finger. He said it was a joke n that his mom gave it to him.

At first his profile said separated then divorced. My suggestion is to sit him down and show him some of the articles on my site about possible scam artists.

He needs to understand that it is ok to have a friendship with this person, but there are things that he absolutely must not do give her money, offer her a place to stay, give her any financial information etc.

If he can abide by and remain firm on these things then she will hopefully disappear from his life if she is out to take advantage of him. I would be more concerned as to why she is homeless and what her history is.

Is she running away from something or did she just fall on hard times as a result of a bad economy and bad luck. First you would be able to get a sense of what she is like could she be legitimate or is she a big fake and how far the relationship has already gone with your dad. Hi, thank you thank you for all your comments, this has helped me so much!

I feel like such an idiot for being sucked in by a guy saying he was an Army soldier he is a widower, 2 children both parents dead and he is an only child so he needed me to hold a package for him until he could come get it, only I had to pay He was always very polite and never said anything sexual said I was an angel, a light in his darkness of protecting our country form the Taliban, there is much more but you get the picture, what gets me the most is the callousness of these people to not only use people but to deface or Military.

I recently had a bad experience on a website. I received many profiles,some that really looked genuine. I decided to chat with a couple of them and duly had to pay to see their photos clearly. Sadly, no replies received, profiles have dried up, have asked for my money back but no one responds to my e-mails.

I accused the last profiler of being a scammer. I received an e-mail within minutes barring any further contact with that person. I have now received 3 profiles within a few minutes of each other. These are profiles that I received months ago. I have asked each one to prove that they are genuine. Will I receive a reply? We will wait and see but I am not holding my breath. I just went on a site called our time, which was supposed to be free but its not because you cannot get your messages without paying for it, but anyway as soon as I finished typing my last word and hit send i instantly got 15 hits at 2 p.

I found that to be very peculiar!! How could 15 people look at that profile that fast a second. I know that all these guys were just random popups!!! But I read reviews and cannot stop automatic withdraws. I went on zoosk Internet site. Anyway I got a message from a guy telling mean he was single never married no children and very attractive. He said he lived in Ohio. He claimed to be an electrician contractor that and he needed to leave and go to Florida for a job and will be there for three weeks.

Well the second week he said he need a moneypak and he was going to western union me the money. Something happen and he thought I was going to get it for him. I laughed and told him that I was a single mom, barely making ends me. He continued to talk to me and one day I had a bad day at work, and I told him.

He asked for my address. Well being gullible, I gave it to him and then became suspicious. It Dondonde me that I did not know his whole name. After 10 texts went by with no response he call me.

I told him my concerns he apologized and gave me a so caught name with family history and everything. We could tango to talk after that but then a week later he eczema address again.

So now I asked him what is your address since I gave you mine. We continued to talk after that but a week later, he told me that he sent me a check, and wanted me to deposit it in my account and then western union him some of the money. I have been emailing one out of town man from a dating site for 2 weeks and since that the first email he has loved me, I am beautiful, we are meant to be together, writes poems sometimes 3 per day.

I have try to turn the emails away from love and getting to know each other without success. His father died and he is now in Nigeria for at least two weeks, since there writes 3 times before 7: No scam as yet, but I am on the alert.

I know jumping in that fast — him to me is not natural. I will you know the outcome. Thank you for all your posts. There is big problem with dating sites for they are interested in making money only.

Many of them use deceptive tactics to attract people. I have been on many dating sites and found the same approach by those money makers dating sites. They have fake paid profiles as highlighted to deceive people. I suspect that they even post those by themselves. E-harmony is is not better for they do not want to remove spotted fake profiles for that is making their data base smaller.

I have tried even specialized presumably honest sites like Ascending Hearts, Spiritual Singles where there should be plenty of decent women and men, but it is not true. I had only few responses for over a years of being a member and met a woman who pretended to be spiritual but in reality was greedy and materialistic and when she learned that I am not rich enough the she broke up. In conclusion all of dating sites use deceptive approach and let those fake profiles to be posted and kept in data base for that makes them look big.

If you want meet normal decent person then you may consider search on your own outside of internet and going either with dating companies where you will go for real date like Fast life or 25 Dates where they are trying to match you, but you must be also careful for even they are real you may meet some selfish and greedy person who looks only for money, but at least you may meet real people, then you are on your own.

Other then that perhaps simple social events like some festivals ,fun parks, barbecue events, church charity sales, and yes, the old fashioned meet market. However if you choose pubs, taverns you may find only one night stand and if you are under influence of alcohol you may regret the next day that you were there. Right on the money! I will love you so much. I said you dont know how to take care of your finac Is.

By that time I didnt! We met on an online hookup site — not one looking for a relationship. He is not from out of town. We did meet a few days after I loaned him money. However, he asked for more money recently. I did not send it — but we continue our relationship.

We have seen each other again. His reason for needing the money seems plausible but still???? I met a guy on OkCupid dating site.

That was very charming. From chatting with him for the first time he told me he had found is sole mate, God had sent me to him and he already loves me and wanted me to marry him. He tells me he has a good job has a Operator Manager for a Liberty Shipping and Cargo Company and is out the country and will be home in 20 days to be with me for the rest of our life. His wife and child had died in a car accident 6 years go and ready for a relationship again. We message each other every day. He sends a long email every night telling me how much he loves me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Do you think he is real? Just looking for confirmation that I have been scammed. I had a man FB friend me about 3 weeks ago. But I did lie that I was not married. So now I have this supposed man after 4 messages, saying he loves me, wants to become religious, wants to marry me. His whole conversation evolves around how much he loves me, is very romantic, but for an accomplished office worker, his English is very bad.

On his FB page he has about friend ed ladies. He is supposedly from the UK but is on Contract in Iceland. What made me suspicious is that he said he had a contract in Uganda several years ago and he supports some Orphanage, then he is telling me I should send them some money. I blatantly said no. I said if anybody needed money it was me. Then he said I will look after you and send you money.

Should I unfriend him. So I met a girl on a website her name is emily. I was unsure at first if she was real or not and she sended a picture of her with my name on it. She said she was in the modeling business. We talked for a bit got to know each other. She told her sister was the only family she had and was currently living in L. Her mom lived some place else. Any who We fell in love at first sight. And well I wanted to meet her. She told me the only way we could meet was if I booked her for dollars because she said thats how agency works.

I agreed and then her agency said that someone paid more to get her so I paid another 1, dollars to get her and she was mine. The only thing though emily told me she was offered a big job in the Philippines and had to go. Emily said she was only going to be there for 5 days and then be back with me so we could go on dates and be together. We always kept in contact through kik. So when the 5 day came by she got a cab and was in such a rush she forgot her phone that had everything in it like her credit cards passport everything.

For a month and half I paid for her rent and food. She only made about bucks every two weeks. Because she said the economy is so bad over there in the Philippines. She told me we could but the laptop only has the camera to see but there is no mic. And when I questioned about the computers condition that the laptop should have a mic if the laptop has a camera lens.

She got all mad about it. I brought it up a few times later in the days but we never video chatted. Later during the second half month i got her a new passport and a flight ticket to texas. The day came when she was suppose to go leave to go home. I texted her early since her flight was not in till 2 am. I never got a reply back in till midnight. Lily texted me on the phone emily was using to keep in touch with me on kik and told me emily changed flight tickets to go to L.

A because her only sister was left in the streets. I asked if emily had left yet and lily told me she would go to the airport and check if she was still there. But I never got a reply in till two days later. And emily told me she was given back the phone from Lily but lily left to go back to the Philippines she only went to L.

A to drop off the phone. After two days she found her sister and called her mom to picked her up. And Lily found another job for emily in texas. So she said she needed to pack things up right now so she can catch her flight. I never got a respond if she made it to texas till like 2 days later. Is this a scam please I could use some advice please. I meet this guy on tagged right away he started saying he loved me even though I told him that takes time. Claims his wife cheated on him went to court found out the boy wasent his says she took everything.

I have interacted with some online that I could tell within two to three exchanges were scamming. I hate hearing so many folks declare they are all scamming because there are real people, a lot of real people, trying to make a connection. One thing that concerns me is the idea of talking to someone for a month or more before meeting. It seems to me that a lot of folks I know involved in a scam and those written about here were really long term, speaking to each other for months or years even before the ball drops.

I have to say, when I talk to someone online and it seems to be going well, I ask to meet sooner rather than later because I can tell in two seconds from across the table whether we should talk more. Money just plain should not come up.

This has only happened a couple of times. I find the biggest problem is that so many people lie to themselves about who they really are. I also find that there are a lot of interesting people in the world with unique stories. Be safe, be happy, and beware the long distance stuff.

I read your stories and it amazed me so much since i have lots things going on almost exact the same yours. I met this girl online sr. I forgot hthe name of the site and we been exchanged emails and pics. She is pretty and mature. At first, she told me that she lives in Butler and i prefered to fly there to visit since 2 weeks emailed ech other and i live in Houston. Something came up with an excuse: One day, she called and told me that she had spent all her money for the surgery and nothing had left, she asked if i could help her with 2k.

I was really shocked cuz people never ask for money for a very first met but we still never met up yet. I was hestitated and thought it must me something wrong tho.. Whenever i call her from here, she always show me that she was crying because of the tragic from her sister, maybe she gonna die blabla. After couple days thinking and talking to her, i was convinced that i gotta help her. Then she told me go to Western Union to cash her 2k to the nurse who is taking care of her sister..

After i went to the WU at wallmart and give them the information of the nurse,they found out that the nurse name is not exsit and this is too risky to send the money to someone that i didnt even meet. This is kind of a fraud. Now i understand all kind of dramma she wants from me. I was fooled and blind of her beauty but luckily i read these stories and stopped on time. I met a guy through Match. We have been texting recently, but were emailing for about 3 weeks. Look if ya in doubt.

I do believe they teach classes on this ther. Must b a how to book to scam people! Always ther a son, daughter, or Sister! Either they want money or sex talk so stupid! Ther no real people online anymore, trust broke! I meet this man on christian mingles He said that is was working at a oil site in Nigeria. And his contract was about to be finished. Well it was complete. First he needed Next once out to sea some pirates took over ship demanded money He as for Now recently heask for 1, And as soon as he got my money he would get his pay.

Come here stay at hotel we would start our life together. To pack be ready. I told him that money is my rent and they are asking for it. I need help nancy. I went on the Indian Matrimonial Site, Shadia. We chatted on Viber, received calls from him. His profile said he was an engineer working in his own company and was traveling to Norway to get onto an oil rig. He had a daughter too whom he had sent to Ecuador to look after his ailing mother.

Is it worth going on these dating sites? Am a Nigerian, and everything the lady up above wrote about the scammers is true! The name given to this act actually originated form my home country, Nigeria, and am saying this with my so much shame as its not something to be proud of.

I met him online, after a few conversations, he gained my trust. He NEVER speak anything about money, he is from London, but he did mention that he has to go to my country for a project, afterwards he did not mention anything.

Later on he showed me with award letter showing that he managed to get the Letter of Award. Funny, as i gone through his letter of award, i notice a few loopholes such as the address of the company is not stated, the named of the director is not there, no company chop, only letter head and some signatures. I asked his passport, he did give his copy of passport to me.

After he received letter of award, he has to pay for the gst, in this time, at first he did not ask for my help, he claimed he has a friend that can help him out. However last minutes, he asked me to top up few thousand as he is not able to raise the gst tax completely. He asked me if my friends will help him. Once again i helped him.

The third time happened when he needs money for his agent to change from visit visa to working permit. All my friends said that he is a scammer. I believe I have been contacted by him. He has a profile a datehookup. Claims he is from Germany. Only now he lives in Alton, IL.

Right now he says he is in China for a few weeks and will be coming back to the states. He also says he has no family or friends. Got white roses, candy and a talking teddy bear. Claims he is in china with his son, Shawn and retired from Chevron with a 3. Keep talking to him and let me know how it goes please.

From China, working for Chevron, needing money to get back to the states, aand so on. This man is no good and will lie to get what he wants from you. He should be in jail and never be allowed out. The kid part is a good touch. Definitely a scam artist pretty good at his craft — when he was supposedly having issues transferring funds from his Bahamas bank to his BOA account he asked me to cash in my K to send him funds….

Claimed to have been born and raised in the Bahamas trying to explain why he sounded like an african-american when his photo showed him to be a white man….. He is not Mike Brian Bailey either!!!! I am receiving emails from a supposed lady in South Africa, responded to a Craigslist ad in Vancouver Canada. In general, many not all! It might be partly due to these scammers local and not-so-much giving honest people a bad name. It is my experience that women from other cultures are friendlier and less demanding.

So to close, this lady from South Africa? Doubt if I will ever find out. Also not so sure all scams are Nigerian in origin. There are plenty of scammers locally. I recently met a woman who is nearly perfect for me and only lives five kilometers away. That is 3 miles for those keeping score at home. Jack Davidson from los angeles also is using the names John howard from los angeles working in the uk and is sick right now in a india hospital apollo hospital….

Also this scammer is also going under the name of Tim Jacobs from toronto also a lie …. Please people beware of people telling you that they love you after your first email or im , asking for money ….. Just want people to know that not everyone on badoo is bad or scammers but please just becareful. He calls himself Alexander Xavier and provides this email address: I saw the same photos on another site, but he was listed as single and living in a different U.

The English is fairly good but there are grammar errors and it looks like a cut and paste job. His second contact included questions about my birthdate, where I was born, where I worked and where I lived. He targeted me on Singlesnet. Beware of Daniel Coffman Danielcoffman gmail. He will tell you his former girlfriend Courtney was a drug addict and the relationship fell through.

Shirley, that same man John Sterman played the same song to my mother he has been telling her this same crap for a year now and keeps telling her he has booked his flight to come be with her and then sends a text message saying he cannot leave the country because he owes his company money for room and board he is a real bottom feeder. I just splashed him out on facebook.

Yahoo scammer is Mike Brian Balleys mbaileys10 yahoo. He will play on womens emotions, especially ones who are divorced or widowed. Ages starting at 45 and above. He likes to use IM alot. He says he is divorced. He is a charmer and he brought his son into the mix by having someone sent me instant messages. Commandant Tom Lasger from senior people meet. Mom and son lives in Arizona.

Needs money for secured line. Also another one ,Donald L. Edward,a Surgeon with the U. Army supposedly from Cove City,N. He was supposed to be coming home soon and wanted to meet someone and he liked my picture.

He supposedly had worked at Walter Reed Hosp. Supposed to serve several positions for the World Health Organizations,etc. Supposedly had a 15yr old son whose mom died when he was 5yrs. He had no picture and a couple messages over 2 days,he took all the information down before I could save them.

I had the same problem as Shirley above with John Sterman. In 2 days I received about 15 or 20 messages,received 2 doz. I never gave him a chance to ask for money. My sister met her scammer on FaceBook but they decided to correspond on Yahoo email.

His email address is: He told her that he is an architect engineer and owns his business in London. He has an 8 yr-old daughter in Canada who is under the care of his handicapped older sister. He sounded as though money was not an object to him. He wanted to meet her in person the following month when he would present the ring and then discuss their wedding plans.

But before their meeting, he had to go to Malaysia on business. Does this sound familiar? Hi, myname is Larissa, I have just been scammed for the last 5 weeks by a guy named Brian Smith…brnsmth. Met him on christian mingle and right away lead me to his personal website. He sent me floweres from bloomex…said he lived in Miami Florida.

Texts, and emails daily, and my heart fell for it! He is a vet, and travelled to Malaysia to get vaccines. First his computer blew up with the different voltage, so I was to send him a new mac pro…. Number he used is from Florida…, feel free to phone it! I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for protecting me and revealing to me the truth.

I didnt lose any money, just a piece of my heart. Learned a valuable lesson on internet dating! Hope this truly helps someone! Only thru FB and telephone calls. Unfortunately, he is very good at his scam game. I have reported him thru a government agency that deals in this sort of thing but unfortunately, nothing may ever happen to him due to jurisdiction problems.

Just wanted to get his name out to other potential women victimes that he may try to target. Also, apparently the government is overwhelmed by complaints such as mine. I hope something can be done to this scum bag!

A few weeks ago I met a person via a dating site and we started talking, American citizen with 1 daughter and living in Belgium Aartselaar. We had some nice conversations and he was staying in Nigeria for his work antiques. He did send me his itinerary and was supposed to come back to Belgium on June 4. When he told me that his flight was delayed I checked his itinerary and there was no reservation on his and his daughters name.

Today he mailed me that he needed money to pay his taxes otherwise he could not leave Nigeria. I told him that I did not gave him any money and then suddenly no sign of him anymore. A few weeks ago I met a person via a dating site and we started talking, American citizen with 1 daughter Laurie Lynn Glass and living in Belgium Aartselaar.

His name is Jack Davidson. He met me in Badoo. HE is civil engeneer, living in Los Angeles California. He has a 10 yrs son by the name Spencer. He ask me for money for his son that was at the hospital and need medical treatment. He said he travels alot and he was in Malaysia for work. He told me that he went to court and they took his passsport until he pays.

His phone number is and his email es DSON hotmail. Hi Just got suspisious after he told me he had been mugged in Bangkok. Sent a picture of passport, Work documents and a very bad bank draft for , Asked me to send money as needed to pay guest house and had lost all credit card etc etc…BS.

Ladies, stay away from the following scammers who use genuine names and genuine photographs to match: Kenneth Barnes and Robert Steve Troxell. Stay away from scammers by the name of Holly Carling. Just a word of advice if you are using online dating sites run a google check on the name and email to see if it comes up as a nigerian scammer. But he has been on a business trip in Malaysia. I even was stupid enough to take in some packages and re ship them for him.

I checked for drugs, nothing. It has been 2 months and guess what.. GOD will get him in the end. But I needed to tell all so no other lady gets charmed by this one. This person that took me for adventure goes by to different names. And I always thought I was street smart what an eye opener. The first one I met was John Kidd from Ghana. He wanted to give me money to help the homeless people in my town… I said no and never heard from him again.

I played along until he asked for money for DVDs. Told him to go to Hulu. Never let your heart think for your brain. I told him he was low to ask a woman for money I told him I had none to give him that he was liaring about everything. He is a real charmer and says he is a geologist and a widow, dads is dead, mom lives with aunt and he supports them along with his 5 yr old son. He gets you to believe he is a millionaire and starts havering issues with his business and needs help financially and says he will pay it back, but he has no intentions on paying anything back.

His Facebook page has been shut down several times but he gets back on under new renditions of his name ie; Sean Henderson; Henderson Peter ;Henderson Sean. How could his mother that just pass away but he is still in some foreign country???? I am a Nigerian guy and i am very proud of my background and will not sell my country for no-one! My take is this, being scammed means you were not smart enough; the signs are always there for you to see if only you are cautious enough.

His profile name on Match was Justin something…his email is Smayers yahoo. I was contacted on Match. Was asked to set up gmail account. Ashley Warrington was the name of the mans account on match. Picture was on Match. Same cenario, Father was Briton and mother raised him and no brothers or sisters…. Hi, I almost fell for a guy that named himself Frank Whitebell from Texas. He wrote me on Facebook and he looked very good on his pictures and I already startet to have butterflies in my stomach when we talked.

He told me that he buys and sells gold and that he had to go on a trip to West Africa. After being in West Africa for one day he asked me if I could help him out with Dollars. He said he would pay it back to me as soon as he comes to Germany thats where I come from. He wanted to live here with me and my daughter and told me that i am the only woman in his life,….

I got suspicious when he asked me for money and I remembered something about the Nigerian Connection I saw on german TV. So I googled and I found this side here. And now I am very sure that he is a fake. His email adress is: Hes Facebook account is still open and I dont know what do do know.

Should I report him? I already postet a link to the Nigerian Connection on his wall to warn the other women. I would like to report a guy I was talking to named Benjamin A. His email address is alimi. He said I could call him Ben or A. He said his wife passed away from a lung disease. Ben also claimed to have his own business in Nigeria, Africa Importing African wood to the US and when I asked him for the name of his business he just told me its timberwood … not Timberwood, LLC or any official business name.

I deleted my yahoo IM account and my online dating profile at http: This is really a lame site that has contacted me about 15 times with fake pictures of girls that look like they came off the S.

Yahoo scamer is Vincent Balleys vballeys yahoo. He will play on womens emotions, especially ones who are divorce or widow. Ages starting at 50 and above. He likes to use IM alot, he is also on myspace. I found out too late. He wanted me to send him more money, when I refused he got very upset. He was trying to tell me that he had a contract with Chevron Unlimited in Lago Nigeria wanted me to help him pay for import fees on his goods as he calls it. This was suppose to be a 7 million dollar contract.

If you receive an e-mail from this person, run. These people dont give up,and they are good at trying to make you feel guilty,,why isnt the services of yahoo and the like acting upon these fruedent people there are a lot of innocent people in this wourld that like there services but are alwaysed subject to scammers,,,i wrote an email to match.

Hi, and how are you doing. My name is Arif and i am the victim of this scam and fraudaulent casualties. I have been allured into something that i knew what i was leading to but because i had a tragedy in the past and i was try to get over my past tragedy ordeal. I met someone who has seen my profile on the internet and she said she really liked my profile and kept on asking me for the money and some extent i fell for it and not only for her but for the second one also but i was really testing her how far and how much she is willingly to go.

Finally, i put the stop to her and i told her that i have reported to you to the fbi and she said i am not a scam and if i was i would have done more unjustice to you. She goes by the name serah corner gmail. Her real name is terezsilberer yahoo. Please see if you can do something about it and i know i will never recover my money back and i will reassure myself that i have given to a charity cause if you can recover the money.

The other person name is violet patrick and she said she is in Nigeria but came back and saying she is going to see me. Look into her also. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. Beware of John Sterman using email accounts johnsterman01 yahoo. Has multiple facebook pages. Uses story that he is a German contractor working in China.

Professes love and just wants to retire and stop traveling and will relocate to your city. Says he is divorced and has a son Daniel.

Says his wife cheated on him with his best friend, left when Daniel was a baby and took all of his money. He sent 2 dozen roses, a teddy bear and chocolates to me. He is a scammer. Have been contacted by someone calling himself Walter Bruston, claiming to be a US soldier stationed in Nigeria.

Asking for money to retire early from the Army. Also tried to get my signature on a phony form. I was contacted by him on Facebook.

I have three pictures of what looks like an American soldier. Would like feedback on this one if anyone has been contacted. If you wanted to make a valid argument about the scam site that would be fine.

However, you chose to go the trashy, filthy ,ugly bitch route. Their grammar is horrendous. The scammers actually sound like little children when they are learning how to speak and write in 1st and 2nd grade. On to why I actually arrived at this website. I was a member of Catholicmatch. I found one friend there and she invited me to her group meetings on every Wednesday and that turned out great. I made at least 15 more friends. However, for the most part, they are all very sweet to me.

Usually scam sites like that would actually send a bot out to do their dirty work. Only this time it was not a bot. Her name was Katya and she would type something different every time hoping to get my attention. In her picture, she was very beautiful. So far she has sent me 14 emails and I responded to one out of curiosity.

From experience though, I know that it was a bunch of bollocks. No women are that interested in men. Plus, they are usually from some foreign country that I will never go to, like something as extreme as Russia, or something as common as the Philippines. They lure you in with women that you will never meet. My favorite is women from Hong Kong viewing my profile once or twice a day and then expecting me to chat with them. We have nothing common. Some American women are the same way.

Bunch of leeches they are. I hate to break it you ladies. Women are not smarter than computers. I get around 50 calls a month from women that need their computer to be fixed. If women were so smart, they would do it themselves like men and save some money.

Thank goodness you knew about the scam. Check out this poor guy who gave over k to a fake person online. Hey, my guy is Donald Cornell … donaldcornell91 yahoo. He said he was an Italian national living in Slingerlands, NY. I tracked down the address used which is a vacant lot. When supposed to meet for Christmas, all of a sudden he had to go to Malaysia. He was stranded with cars impounded in customs.

Called customs — no cars. He lost his passport — called Italian embassy in Malaysia and foreign minister in Italy, no passport issued in the name of Donald Cornell.

He gives me a phone number of which is a number posted by a bunch of different people on the romance scan website. Confronted with the other info above. I was then told that I am a very dangerous woman to them.

I had one legitimate guy that I am still friends with six months later. I was just a new member of match. One person without a photo got to me and wanted immediately to go to yahoo messenger.

HAHA jokes on me! He was the only child of parents that were deceased and had one son 9 years old, and his wife died. He was in Iraq and an Army Captain? But his son was in Ghana…which was my first red flag….

This guys name was Mike Murdock, he was 49 years old, dell4u yahoo. He never asked for money because I only talked to him 2 times… but he was supposedly coming home in April, and then going to Ghana to get his son, so I am sure the money scam would have involved getting his son back to the US.

His letters started out hi dear….. The scammer that got me went by the name Leo Morgan leo. I had had it with him and his BS. Guy who scammed me-his name is Leo Morgan. I was going through a divorce when I met Leo. These people need to be stopped. On personals I started talking to this one girl.

I was pretty disappointed to find it was a scam cuz this fake person was sending me some incredible photos of a woman I still to this day want to meet. She was gorgeous… But it was all fake… obviously the woman exists somewhere in the world, I just wish I knew where. But this theresalopez46 yahoo.

Does anybody know Curtis Winston? Little daughter 8 years,…seperated from his wife!? I wonder ,because when I tried to find something about him,…he showed up on this side here!? Beware of Frank Andrew frankcares45 yahoo. The number he is using is …he was really good until he told me that he needed us dollard to buy food in Nigeria until his project was finished in 2 weeks.

He claims to own a company that builds hotels and that he would be getting paid k at the end of the job. He has many pictures that make him look loke a normal guy. I just got scammed last week from a guy I met on match. Said he lives in Houston, TX, widowed with kids Mike 11 and Jessica 8 and is a self-employed contractor working in Nigeria on a road project right now. Wife died of breast cancer 5 years ago, and parents died in an accident 8 years ago.

Only child, how very convenient. Said he was born in Spain and moved here when he was Very bad grammer and spelling, but laid on the charm thick.

Goes to church, quoted scriptures to me. After the first email…Sent me an email through Match and when I responded he immediately wanted to go to yahoo, and took his profile on Match down. Although I fell for it, I ignored all the warning bells.

Trust your instincts everyone! I sent him an email asking him to cease all contact with me because I knew all about it. He kept trying to contact me after that, but has stopped. He was not happy that I got my money back. A hard lesson learned, but now I know what to look out for. I am going to send the picture he is using.

I feel bad for the person whos pictures were highjacked, he is good looking. I actually got two contacts in one weekend from scammers using the same photos but different details. I too like to mess with them. I play along to see how far they will carry it. I just wanted to share some of the hilarious attempts that scammers have tried to pull on me. I am by nature a suspicious and cynical person by nature and that is probably what has saved my butt on several occasions.

One thing I want to throw out here: About 7 years ago, I moved from California to Montana, and changed my Yahoo profile and Yahoo personal ad to reflect this. When I lived in CA, I never had anyone chat me up and try to mislead or scam me. After I changed my location to MT, they started coming out of the woodwork.

Is this because they are assuming that people from certain areas are more ignorant and gullible than others? I have always wondered about this. All of the following stories are about men who contacted through yahoo and yahoo personals and any pics they showed me looked like professional modeling shots.

A man from the U. He was very charming and charismatic. They all seem to be. And by the end of the convo, he had fallen hopelessly in love with me and simply had to fly out here so we could start our lives together. I played along with it and we kept our communication going. A few days before he was planning on leaving I got an email from him. On his way to purchase the airline ticket, he was robbed! He was heartbroken at not being able to afford the ticket to come see me and could I help out?

He vanished into thin air after that. Another man also from the U. This one claimed to be an art dealer. Similar story he had fallen in love with me, wanted to fly to me, etc A few days later, he was going to sell some of this art, and was robbed!

All his valuable works of art has been stolen! I told him that was horrible, etc. And he proceeded to tell me that the worst part was that he was going to use the money earned from this transaction to cover his travel expenses to see me.

Could I please help him out so we could start our lives together? He kept begging me to try to borrow the money from family and friends. I told him I would try my best, then put him on iggy and never communicated with him again.

A man who claimed to be a life-long resident of the same state I was in, Montana! A man who claimed to be in Boston, born and raised. By the end of our first talk, he too was madly in love with me. I told him that I desperately wanted him to call me, just so I could hear his sexy voice! After much coaxing, he called me and had a very thick african? Of course he would have an accent!

A man who claimed to be from Dallas and had lived in TX all his life. I asked him what kind of car he drove. He told me he drove a cardillac. No, that is not a typo.

I proceeded to tell him about my car. It went something like this: When we have good weather here, I put the top down and just zoom through the countryside! A man who claimed to be an american working in west africa red flag!! He claimed to be a foreman at a construction site, something like that. He said he would be coming back to US soon and wanted to pursue a relationship with me when he returns.

A few days later, we were chatting and he told me that someone had stolen his work shoes. Could the boss send them to me and then I could send them to my beloved? Sure enough, a few few days later I got a box shipped from Banana Republic. I opened the box and they were shoes alright.

Proper work shoes for a man working at a construction site?? He called me and had a very thick african accent. I asked him about his accent and he said that he had worked in africa so often that he must have picked-up some of the accent there.

Needless to say, I cut-off communication, and the shoes never got sent to him. This next one is very similar, an american who was working in west africa. After a few days he told me of how he had gotten robbed and his boss needed to send him some clothing. Again, for some reason the package could not be sent to him directly and could I receive it and send it to him? This one even emailed me a pre-paid allegedly shipping label. A few days later, I got a box of clothing from the Gap. In it were clothing of various sizes.

No way one man could make an outfit from these clothes. XL pants, S shirt, etc. I let him know the package had arrived, but damn, my printer had gone on the fritz and as soon as it was fixed I would print the documents and sent him his package. I cut-off communication and tossed the clothing away. Nothing in there was the style or sizes that my sons would have worn.

A man who claimed to be in Washington, chatted me up in was madly in love with me by the time our first talk ended, and wanted to send me flowers.

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