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But the issue cast another pall over a chamber that has been embroiled for months in sexual misconduct issues ranging from marital infidelity to sexual harassment. Related stories from Miami Herald.

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The affair and Newsom's drinking bled into his public life and grew into political scandal that tarnished the polished yet rebellious image he'd cultivated as the young, handsome mayor who wasn't afraid to buck the Democratic Party establishment.

Early in his tenure, he gained celebrity status in the liberal Bay Area after ordering City Hall to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, against the law at the time.

Since then, Newsom's affair and the political turmoil surrounding it have become part of his redemption story. I've never made them again and I've learned from it, and it led ultimately to falling in love with Jen," Newsom said, referring to his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. In February , Newsom apologized at a news conference, saying the affair "is something that I have to live with and something that I am deeply sorry for.

I am also sorry that I've let the people of San Francisco down. The New York Times reported in February that he planned to "begin outpatient treatment at a local rehabilitation program. In a previous incident at San Francisco General Hospital, witnesses said Newsom showed up to "where a police officer had been taken after being mortally wounded" and "appeared to have been drinking," the Chronicle wrote. Newsom, who was re-elected to his second mayoral term during the aftermath of the scandal, declined to say whether he ever sought to correct the record when news outlets reported he'd gone to rehab.

He told The Sacramento Bee that he sought counseling back then from Mimi Silbert, president of the Delancey Street Foundation, a nonprofit rehabilitation center in San Francisco that specializes in substance abuse treatment and helps ex-convicts and homeless people. I want a reset in your life. I want to spend time, what the hell's going on? Newsom called Silbert "one of the most extraordinary, important human beings in my life," who was "profoundly influential in helping me get through that.

His mom passed away, and he suggested he was feeling the pressure of being mayor. Silbert told The Sacramento Bee in an interview that Newsom attended Delancey Street Foundation roughly once a week for three years for personal and group therapy. Though it is not a traditional rehabilitation program, Silbert said she requires that participants abstain from using all drugs and alcohol.

Through therapy, she said, she learned that Newsom's drinking was a way to cope with underlying issues. And he broke those codes," Silbert said. You're angry at yourself and you self-sabotage. People do this from time to time, and he did. So it really wasn't just the drinking. Silbert said Newsom learned from others in the program — mostly ex-convicts, gang members and homeless people. He didn't drink for roughly half of the time he attended Delancey Street, Silbert said.

When it came time to discuss whether he could responsibly imbibe again, she said, she weighed heavily Newsom's past behavior and the root problems that led to the affair and his drinking problems. I know everybody will be furious with me for saying that, but I think he was in a very bad position and feeling bad and he did a number of things, of which drinking was one. In public life, Newsom has maintained his role in the company and is now also a partner in other PlumpJack wineries, Odette and Cade, both also in Napa.

Newsom said his past "mistakes" have informed his public policy agenda as the state's lieutenant governor and a leading candidate for governor. He attributed his support for sweeping changes to California's criminal justice system, in part, to his past behavior that he called "dumb" and "stupid. Newsom mentioned his support for Proposition 47, which passed in , reclassifying some nonviolent crimes as misdemeanors.

He also referenced his support for Proposition 36, the ballot measure that loosened the state's three strikes law, and his support of marijuana decriminalization. Newsom was a major proponent of Proposition 64, the measure that legalized recreational sales and use in California. He characterized it as primarily a social justice issue, arguing drug charges lead disproportionately to the incarceration of poor people and minorities.

It has been the honor and it has been the privilege of my entire professional life to have had the blessing of this opportunity to be your mayor. I love you, Nashville. Barry was seen a rising star among Democrats until her admission of the affair with Forrest derailed her first term in office. She became mayor in September He was also ordered to served three years probation. Briley, a Democrat like his predecessor, promised transparency and said he would work to earn back the public's trust.

Megan Barry admitted to having an extramarital affair with the former head of her security detail, Sgt. Robert Forrest, left, when she was mayor of Nashville. With her resignation on Tuesday, Barry is the first mayor in Nashville to leave office before the end of their term in nearly a century. The revelation of the affair led to an internal investigation, which found probable cause that a nude photo and partially nude photo of a woman found on Forrest's work cellphone were taken while he was working and the two were engaging in their relationship while he was on duty.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation did not identify the woman in the photos and Barry has said that if the photos are of her, they were taken without her knowledge or permission. Metro Nashville Police records show Forrest's overtime more than doubled in the budget year after Barry was elected in September Barry said the affair began in spring , an affidavit said. Barry has not said when the affair ended, only that it's over. Her husband, a college professor, has tweeted in support of her since the scandal broke.

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