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It is for a while that I am receiving tones of email from your website's members which bother me. In the terms and conditions page they state the following:

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Why does a free dating site need your credit card info?

Once they have your credit card information they can start billing you on a monthly cycle, that is a recurring charge until you cancel it. This site uses a technique that is gaining in popularity with fraudulent dating sites. What they don't tell you is that your credit card is actually charged. Unlike the majority of other sites that we have reviewed, this site asks for your credit card information even before you are allowed access to the members area of the site.

Most dating sites give you a free membership which enables you to at least look around the site and browse the members area, but not in this case. You cannot gain access until you give this site your credit card info.

But we were able to sneak around this and did gain free access to the members are of the site. You can see the evidence below showing how they ask for your credit card to "verify you are over 18". As explained above you do need your credit card in order to gain access to the site, however we did find a way to get into the members area so we were able to complete our investigation of this dating service.

The second problem we found with this site is the use of fictitious female photographs that we were able to identify as also being found on other sites. These sites including Russian porno sites, as well as adult image forums see evidence below.

Probably about 40 percent of the image profiles we searched were also found on other sites. This lead us to believe that the images used in the dating profiles on UnfaithfulSociety. This site actually admits to fabricating fictitious dating profiles. According to the evidence we found on their terms and conditions page this part of of their "HunnyBuddy Communications" program. They clearly state that some of the user profiles posted on their site may be fictitious and are associated with their "HunnyBuddy" service.

Here is the link to where this same exact photo can be found on a Russian site http: This image can be found on an escort site amongst other places. But turns out that scams begin even in the sign up and registration process. In order to access the site we were asked to provide them with our credit card information in order to confirm that we are over 18 years of age. Moreover, they will continue charging monthly fees without notifying you until you notice it yourself and cancel the subscription.

On top of that expense, they will charge you:. The female dating profiles on UnfaithfulSociety. All of these gorgeous and beautiful ladies seem to be ready to connect with you and have fun. However, this is all a lie. Everything from their pictures to their personal interests and information is made up. Nothing contained in any HunnyBuddy service profile is intended to describe or resemble any real person — living or dead. Any similarity between HunnyBuddy user profile descriptions and any person is purely coincidental.

Please also note that a single HunnyBuddy may be associated with more than one 1 profile on our Site. Later in our investigation we found out that there were some real people on the site. Once again, you use the HunnyBuddy profiles to interact with you and lure you into paying a monthly membership fee for as long as possible.

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