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They were stained with grease from a company dinner; I washed them, staines were not noticeable at all until after I dried them with drier sheets.

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Is it necesary to do a video call to activate the SIM card for a prepaid plan? My girlfriend and myself moved to Munich a month and a half ago. She has her bank account already for more than a month. She earns 3,5 k EUR a month net and we were able to get internet, haftpflicht insurance and electricity contract on that bank account.

My question is, how long does it take in Germany to build up a credit rating before you can get a phone contract? Or is there any other issues? Currently due to our short stay in Germany so far, no SEPA transfers were made yet out of her account. Hi Bastien, Thanks for the article. Just wondering if Lycamobile offers 4G connection? I will be in Berlin for two months, will Lycamobile still be the best option? If not what would you recommend? Many thanks in advance,.

Hi, thanks for the helpful article. Do you know if there is such thing as a cooling off period in Germany? If so, would you happen to know what such a regulation is called in Germany? Check the contract details. Hi Bastien, I am also very grateful for all information I found on your blog, it made my life in Berlin much easier. I am also looking at buying a Simply card. Can I only do the regestration on their own website?

Thank you in advance,. Well done for the exceptional work in the whole website. I can not properly describe how much this have helped me so far while trying to settle in Berlin. I have one question on this topic though.

This means that its less than a year and as far as i saw the least duration for a contract is a year. I mean can i terminate it earlier or so? Do i have to notify them before i leave or what? Hi, I will be studying in Germany soon and I know what I need a german phone number to open a bank account.

Will a prepaid card already give me a local number that I can receive calls? Adding to my last question: Thank you for your article. Do you know if N26 is enough for a German bank account? They also said that their criteria for denial are secret …. Thank you for the very informative blog! I will be living in Berlin for 8 months probably. Since I will be here for 8 months and I already have my own phone I want a contract that is SIM only and goes per month.

You recommend Simply, which looks really good to me. I guess it will be fine in Berlin, but do you know how it is in other places in Germany?

And in other countries in Europe with the free roaming? Thank you so much! I just check the rate today, I found that Lycamobile with my plan first buy only cost 9. I think I was cheated in the Hamburg Airport? However, Lycamobile did a good job. I have used google map go all over my small town to find a room, and the line is really fluent and smooth. I am a master student from Malaysia, is going to stay for 2 years here. Do you have any recommendations of data plan which provide 5 GB data plan monthly and usable in Europe countries as well?

Because I need to travel to other Europe countries sometimes for my studies or travel. Do you think Lycamobile still is the best for my current circumstances? I had always get lost and might need google map to bring me to all destination mostly. Thank you very much! Hi Tee, if you plan to move a lot Lycamobile is a great and flexible option. You pay a little bit more for the flexibility but it might be worth it in your case.

However, I need more data because I need to call Home frequently. How to I add on data because the website is in German and I am not able to find such info. Can I convert my prepaid number to contract? Hi, thanks for such an informative blog. I am new here in Stuttgart and found the same issue with O2 with very low data capacity.

Apart of all the details you have provided, Can you also write something regarding Phone exchange policy as if somebody is holding a new version of phone and want to get the latest one. Is that a easy thing to do here in Germany to have some exchange policy or offers? You can sign-up for special contracts allowing you to receive a new phone every year or so. Exchanges per say, i have never heard of it in Germany.

Does O2 have the same issues in store or will I be able to purchase with my passport for ID? Hello, I am arriving to Berlin soon.. I want to buy a sim card sim card immediately after I land. Hi I am a international student from Nepal coming to Germany for my higher studies!

Am i eligible to buy mobile phones in monthly installments along with the connection plan right after I come there? Buying a mobile phone with monthly installments will require you to have a good SCHUFA score, otherwise the operator will refuse your request.

Find a cheap phone or find an offer with a one-off fee for the phone. Thank you in advanced! Hi Claudia, any of the suggestions in the article work. Lyca mobile is also a good suggestion in your situation. This is very helpful. But I have an interesting case. I will be in Germany for a year and I use a lot of data, and might make calls to the US. For these reasons I was looking at a contract. What can I do? You might want to go for prepaid or alternatively, go for Preis24 and compare month-to-month plans to be sure to get the best deals.

The most GB I can find is 4. Am I looking in the wrong places? Sorry to bother again! I assume you will not only use a cell phone but also a laptop or tablet?

Or do you want to use solely your cell phone? You could sign a 24 Months contract with a major provider like Telekom or Vodafone.

So you could call the US from home landline simply buy a cheap phone and talk as long as you want and use your internet connection with unlimited data at home. Included in the 42 Euro is the unlimited data for internet fast connection , the modem, a landline flat rate for German landlines and the international flat rate region one as described above.

Call my friends in the US all the time, even their cell phones, never paid an extra fee. If you intend to stream tv shows etc. If this is not an option, you can ask your friends and family in the US to download the Whats app app to their smart phones.

Here you can send messages, pictures, videos and even call for free when connected to wifi. I will be touring Germany for 9 months, before settling in Berlin. Can you give any advice please?

Love the site — you are great! Otherwise, take a prepaid sim card for normal use and upload your videos at night, whenever you have wifi. Hi I am planning to be in Berlin for 3 months, looking for a phone plan which will allow me to also use GPS google maps and have internet connectivity for social media.

Yes, most of pre-paid plans have data included in them, which allows you to have Google Maps and Social Media. I have had exceptionally bad experiences with mobilcom. I took mobilcom as a mobile carrier in Ater two years I started having serious problems with connection. Now that I recall, I dont know if the internet ever worked properly. I could not get online, which was the whole point of me taking this data connection.

I tried to seek help from their shop in Bad Homburg. The shop said they could not help, the reason being, I guess they only sell new contracts. I decided to terminate the contract as the connection simply did not work.

This was done in the same Bad Homburg shop. I even went back to their shop to doublecheck the termination was done as I still saw some mail from mobilcom. I thought this was the end of my bad experience. After over a year had passed I noticed in my bank statement that mobilcom is still withdrawing money from my account. I contacted mobilcom, and they said they never any termination of contract. As my mistake I should have saved and filed the termination paper.

Now I have once more terminated the contract, but as expected in the fine print there is again a waiting period of 6moths or so…. On top of this mobilcom are uninterested and unwilling to help no relies to my numerous contacts through their customerservice with making my connection work.

So I am again paying for absolutely nothing. Dont make the same mistake I made, avoid mobilcom. I will live there for 18 months and would like a plan that gives me somewhere around 10 gigs of data a month. SimplyTel seems to be significantly cheaper but I have no idea what their service is like the cost is not super important.

I also plan on doing a fair bit of traveling during my time there Do you have any advice for which provider I should choose? Thank you in advance.

In terms of network access, all companies are riding the same radio waves so quality is consistent across all providers. I have no particular tip for you; you know best what your needs are. I am 65 years old and never have owned a television or Smart Phone, do not belong to any form of social media, have never sent a text, tweet, twang, toodle message.

I am a widower and my mother-in-law is 90 years old in Florida and wants to hear from me while I am away. Do you have a recommendation??? Do you have a plan service to recommend??? When in doubt, ask a seller in the shop. The vast majority of plans include also internet access, as well a normal phone service. There are really no cheap plans to make calls to the US. You would need to commit to a yearly contract to have this option cheap.

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