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I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before two days, that my ex will return to me before two days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm.

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I am from Durban South Africa, and currently Mr. Romance is trying to convince me that he and his daughter have been kidnapped in Cape Town , en route to me. I will try to upload all my info. Hope you can catch them. Can I e-mail the information to you? I wrote it all down. We previously blocked all of Africa, but have opened up South Africa.

If the story was true, you should report it to your National Police — if fact you should probably do it anyway, and also here or on http: I just realized yesterday that i live a romance scam. He was supposed to cone in Romania this days. Is any possibility to catch him? I am sure I cannot get my money back. But we are still talking. I gave him personal information, my id. I think one more victim is involved. The best course of action is to report his details on our website here or on http: You may have to report the documents stolen and get new ones to be absolutely safe.

Rarely do scammers do anything with that information, but the possibility remains. Be sure you change all of your passwords though, especially to your banking. Any threats the scammers made are just lies. I am a filipino whose been a victim of love scammer 2days from now. He said he was basemmin an offshore contract by Shell co.?

A week ago he emaild me that he will be assgned in Norwich UK, he said thathe will send me some of his personal belongings together with some branded item which his gift for me and a wedding ring, he also said that he put an amount in a certain bag, whichmwill be use forhis hotel accommodation on his vacation here.

Hes been given a 3 mos vacation after his assignment in Norwich. He said The customs in our countrymwill call me and ask for government tax before the package will be diliver. I investigate with some of my hovernment connection friends.

Can someone please help me to figure out steve edward this is his e. I am also a filipina scammed by Edward Nelson with same situation that he want to invest here in our country, he said that he is a US Military Doctor in Syria.

He send his money through diplomatic courier and a false lady act as custom officer said I need to pay taxes because the money in the box is huge, unfortunately I had sent money. I reported here in our country the lady where I deposited the money and still looking for progress. Until now I too have communication with this Edward using email ad of edardnelson gmail.

I knew pretty quickly he was not what he claimed. Supposedly, his wife and daughters were killed in some horrid way. Had a Facebook page for his company which he would have had to have going for a number of years to be as successful as he claims. The number he gave me is s cell phone and is the number. I tell him that I literally have nothing. Beware of this one. The pictures he sends are actually him, which surprised me. He took one of himself holding a sign with the name I gave him.

He got no money from me. I had structural engineer from Texas who claimed to have built a bldg in Dubai in the past. He claimed he had a new contract in Thailand and I was in contact with him from about the first part of April until last week. He had a number of different experiences that were costly he claimed and said he sold the jewelry, a necklace his wife bought him and his computer to pay for some expenses. Is he acaucasian man about late fifties, pictured in a sweater or a suit, or seated on couches.

Did he know your schedule and call and text often and appeared caring and considerate. Was he a widower whose wife died of leukemia three years ago. The name I had was Steven Adams but did not have a company page. Your scenario sounds very similar to mine.

I do believe he was in Thailand where he claimed to be. Story was very similar. Sounds like one I got from Steven Adams who said he was stuck in Incheon after leaving Thailand with the cash he was bringing home from a job and was held by the Korean Drug Agency and needed a certificate for an anti-drug certificate. I would be interested in seeing his picture to see if it is the same guy since he used his own.

The men hate the foreigner they racist and they teach there hate to the girl. Claims to be retiring and needing papers from box that has money.

Will not give army email or call you due to security isses. Met her on dating site and wanted to use Hangouts. Sends pics that include the box, her in nurse clothes, and a fake military CAC cards. Gets angry and makes threats when you say no to not paying. Waits about a week before bringing up box request. Do you really have to ask if it is a scam? Sorry, but you have to use some common sense to avoid scammers.

At this point, report the scammer, then block all contact. She claimed she wanted to marry me and we would live happily every after, though we never met in person as of yet. When I called each bank for answers how they could do this so late in the game some where two months old already!

The Instagram site is for Emanuelly Meclayne, with , followers. Maria Lucki scammer uses her photos when communicating and insists her identity was stolen by her boyfriend, who stole her pics when he broke up with her.

How could I be so foolish, you ask? Much to my surprise I was totally scammed. Then when she talks I can barely understand her she talks very fast and with a foreign accent which I think is African but it could be Dutch. I hope she is arrested and the whole lot that work with her, they must be making millions between myself and other victims as stupid as I was.

Some of the names she has working with her are: All the money sent was via either Western Union small amounts or direct deposits to Bank of America accounts. She always wanted me to immediately send pics of the deposits to confirm they were made or electronic confirmations if by Western Union.

She claimed she could not open a checking account herself as she had ruined her credit with Bank of America when her boyfriend stole her identity and money and credit cards. Hello everyone I believe I hit the jackpot of scammers in one setting on Facebook. His story sounds fishy. Professing love way to soon — red flag. His fb page is lite on information about him. Only has six similar photos that could be cut and paste. He has no personal info on his site other than his name, pictures and birthday.

Deborah From my sad experience I would stay clear of this person. Likelihood of a scammer is great from what you said. You can use Google to test their local knowledge. Scammers almost never put in the time to check where they claim they live!

Anytime they claim to be From the US and speak broken English that is your first sign of a Scammer online. Lucas Pavel claims to be Romanian originally. Lived in Florida and then moved to Canada to set up a soccer academy. Soccer is his first love, painting his second love.

Said his parents both died in a car crash when he was 20 and his extended family took everything of what they left. Met on a dating site and as soon as we met he said he was going away so we would meet when he is back, and could we switch to whatsapp. After two weeks of chatting while he was in the Ukraine supposedly, he claimed he could not get on his flight because he had expensive art he bought there to resell later.

Bottom line, he wanted me to bank his paychecks from a Canadian company and send him the money. He has no presence on any social media — he said it was too much drama. His phone number is a Florida number — but it showed up as a residential landline not a cell phone when I tried to track it. He never emailed me or gave me his email. We did a video chat once but there seemed to be an issue with sound.

But now I wonder if it was something pre-recorded that the person was playing back because his actions and expressions did not line up with when he would type me a message to say there was a problem with the sound, etc…. It is mostly on skype I cannot copie. Now we found 3 more adresses in the UK with the same photos of Brian Hart all of which had been stolen All documents he sent me are fake, same as his story.

Are there any white girls living in Accra Ghana…. I have been contacted by at least 2 white girls living in Accra about me sending them money …. Watch out for Aida Gella age 37 from Manila , Philippines.. Has several pinay boyfriends but tries scam foreign men using provactive pictures. Uses her teenage daughter Abigail Christine Gella as part of scam. I caught her when she posted several online pictures on Picsart and Google Plus with a pinay boyfriend while involved with me.

She has absolutely no guilty conscience and will say anything to obtain funds. Thank God I did not loose any of much money. The moment caught her she deleted all accounts then a few weeks later she started up her accounts again. This is an update to Derrick Riggs, Allen Riggs and more. All on Google search Riggs Allen in Afghanistan. The scammer I am reporting is on the internet under many different names.

He said his son was living with his teacher and Riggs was adopted by Father Patrick. And that he lived in Austin Texas. I have seen many different pictures and names on the internet identified as scammer.

It really hurts to find out but I hope by reporting him other women will not be hurt. I ve been scammed by a Frenchman named Henri Gregoire, anyone else out there know this name? I was involved in a scam site, and the photo that the scammer was using could be uploaded and compared, to the data base, Like to see that again or where or how does it work. It would also list where the photo came from, Model Site, etc.

Im trying to leave the report with scammers phone number,name he uses and pictures but i cant because i dont know his email. Anybody corresponding with Mabelove gmail. I tried several times to leave a valid complaint about a scammer. I keep getting the message: But I have a new scammer to present to your Web site.

I will be happy to report this when you get your shit together. Get things done with the money inside the luggage, I will be going for rig offshore by tomorrow Sunday have to be there for 20 days all I need is your prayer for safety honey Take care and God bless you always pray for me. I got nearly the same emails from Scott Smith, he told he sends me a parcel with gifts and there is a Credit card with dollars, only I have to pay to Philipines dollars to a person: Western Union Receiver Name, Rosie.

I am trying to help a friend before she will loose every penny…. So called Richard Ntiamoah from Accra, Ghana, is anyone transfered money to this scammer, i think it is Ecobank?

He claims he ia an officer in the US Army and currwntly in Afghanistan he is a single das of a 7 yr old boy who mom left him 2 years ago foe a. He claims his so.

Is sytaying with a babysitter untile he gets back to the US. He uses faith and relegion to reach womem i send an email with his photo attach to this sites email as when i tried to rwport him the site told me ive reached. So i sent them. His email is davidamith gmail. Reports in comments are a waste. Do I add this to the Report Scammers Form that you have set up?

I sent a email to you… but I wanted to make sure to leave a comment as well for other people to see. We only accept reports through our website forms, so they are distributed throughout our anti-scam data reporting network. We do not accept reports through Comments and emails. Please user the features we provide. I would like to know if is a real person or is a scam a Russian lady with a name of Oksana Krsa and her e-mail is: Just be careful out their if you are a single guy…..

These girls know exactly what they are doing….. I have spent over 10 years in eastern europe……Russia Ukraine are the worst places ive ever seen for guys being ripped off… Some of these girls have boyfriends and there boyfriends are telling them to do this…….

Of course the boyfriend takes his share of the funds…. If you go there to get married, they can hold you in the country until they approve. This can be a form of blackmail. It says to copy them here but how when right click is disabled and I cant paste them after copying them.

Please be alert of Michael Jantjies. He has multiple profiles and fake profiles on maby dating sites and Facebook. Please goggle his name for more informatio about him. If you were raped, robbed or scammed by him please call me Hi, ive been communicating with someone for 3months which i met on eharmony initially, his fb profile name is different from the proxy name and his eharmony account was under a different name as well. He has sent me pictures of him to via viber and email which seem legit but i caught him out recently when he sent me 3 pictures of him out at dinner and these were all from 3years ago cause ive them on the fb page dated from then.

There are afew variables here and im wondering if theres some scam where people change account names and steal identities?? Scammers frequently use the same photos under many different names. One of the ways to catch then is to throw one of the other names at them and see how they respond.

Watch out for a so call women Georgina Obeng she or he a scammer and blackmailer as well uses Sweet Krissy Stolen Photos ask you to send money for her school fees so be careful. My reported Nigerian romance scammer Skyped me once. His Skype account at that time was listed as Anitakim His Facebook page shows him as Mark Looney.

His picture is on this site, I reported him as a Nigerian Romance scammer. After texting with him a few weeks, he said he had to go to Nigeria for a month. It is eight months later and he is supposedly still there. Needing me to send him money to fly home so we can marry. I got one saying he is in africa. He supposed to left in September on business. He says he has a son. He goes by Franck LeBlanc on facebook he put his profile picture of a edited picture of me and him.

Nelson Mark Facebook nelsonmark22 usa. Uses FB profiles under the same name, and recent profiles in different cities. I came across same situation where IP address was showing in California. Scammer was using Canada phone number. When caught he confessed and said he was from Ghana.

So by using a proxy server are u saying that it makes it impossible to find them? What exactly is a proxy server and is it legal?

See our posts on proxy servers https: The idea is to enter the information in the form so it is in our database, not put it in a comment. I could not report the scammer because my photos of him are on my cell phone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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