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More power to him, I say, but that's not what I want.

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I love her Foundling series and Necromancer books too, but this first installment in the Black Dog series left me a bit lukewarm. In her other books, she made me care about the heroine. She made me have longing and lots of feels for her love interest. The Ravenswood series is fire, and this one is my favorite so far.

That is, until Nate Davis — her old school crush — comes in to town. The premise of the book seemed interesting though.

This novella follows Amae Waters, the banished daughter of the Sea God. She has been living in the human world Seattle and working to help preserve water life and sea creatures and preserving the eco system as a mermaid. Tijan is a prolific romance novelist and chances are you have come across one of her books.

The title might be cheesy, the content is anything but. Anti-Stepbrother is the story of Summer. Are you still with me? The book starts with her going to college where he went the year before. While running away from his life in London to a long forgotten Scottish property, he comes across Alyse.

Alyse was raised by loving and educated parents. Unfortunately, due to their untimely demise, Alyse is auctioned as a wife to an older member of her village. Alyse is frightened, but arranged with a childhood friend that he would buy her and they would leave for London. Melinda Mindy Grant is a hot mess. At 29, this protagonist has been on two dates ever and gets tongue tied whenever she gets close to any member of the male species.

Arlie Blight is a 6 ft. It was really difficult for her to explain the giant pack of condoms and tissues to the cashier. Mindy has a gay best friend, Chris, and he is her emotional support system and cheerleader. And that is my problem with this character; considering the lengths the author went to make other characters in this book nuanced and flawed, the fact that she made this gay best friend overused trope TBH the most silly, annoying over the top person felt disingenuous to me.

It just put me off. This right here is the book that started my romance addiction. Sure I had read books that I had loved and connected with, but that sense of connection was more remote. Most of those books were fantasy books and not as real as romance. I felt every cringe worthy moment. Every humiliation and anxiety and look and hope. I re-read this book often and it never fails to elicit the same sense of emotion as the first time.

Blaire Wynn moves to Rosmary Beach after the death of her mother. Are you crying yet? This website is more about short term relationships. Not one night stands necessarily but you get to cut through some of the nonsense associated with the beginning parts of dating. For me, I'm a 32 year old guy who doesn't look to settle down for a couple more years.

I just feel like I wasn't to make sure when it is time I've really seen everything there is to offer already and won't be wondering'. What if I'd dated a taller girl? What if I had dated a model? I've never been with a business woman, what would that be like? Do I like a specific nationality of girl? You can't really answer these questions without getting out there and meeting lots of new people.

I see so many people guys and girls both that are all about their high school sweetheart or the person they met in college.

That's all fine and dandy but just not for me. It's my belief that a lot of these couples that start out young are really setting themselves up for failure. It's one of those things that makes me think that these couples are really dependant on each other. It's like making two halves into one whole instead of two wholes into one greater whole. When you have a relationship like that, you just can help each other to grow, right?

I never thought so anyways. For me, it's been about self discovery and knowing what I like. People are afraid to do that these days because that's not how their parents did it nor is it how their grandparents did things. What people need to realize is that we are in changing time. Changing times mean changing means in my book. We don't get water the same way our great grandparents did, we don't drive the cars our grandparents did and we don't communicate the way our parents did, so why do we date the same way they did?

It just doesn't work anymore. As great as technology has been, it also give us too many options in some cases so it's so important to really know what you want in a computer and in a mate. If it weren't for sites like this one, I wouldn't really know how people can get to know what they do and don't like.