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If you’re texting, you’re cheating

March 24, at 1: Using the same tactics as the computer generated email messages all the notifications are used to get your attention.

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Cheatswipes website analysis

Sounds like a waiting game am I right? This kind of excitement, mainly as you are just getting to know someone, sets you up for spikes of extreme highs and lows. Remember, a lasting and deeper relationship will consist of minimal highs and lows at the beginning, so try and put your phone down, if you can.

There is a flip-side of this weird happy feeling when your phone beeps. You smile, and he smiles back at you. It should be that easy. In text life, you could write the flirtiest message, and get nothing back. And by that time, over you! The purpose of flirting is to feel sexy, not rejected. Oh, did you know women have needs? Basically, there are two types of flirting.

Innocent flirting has many advantages. It makes you feel young, attractive and noticed. In the workplace, professional flirting can make everyone feel more comfortable with each other, just remember -- no harm, no foul.

If you have a deep-seated need to flirt, stop texting now. What begins innocently enough is pushed and forced to its bitter conclusion, cheating. They state that "Love Stars" are used to "encourage broader participation in their sites services. And they also admit that "the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member…" Pretty amazing that this web site can get away with fabricated fake profiles and pawn them off as legitimate female members.

A screen shot of a phony female profile aka "Love Star". All the made up "Love Star" female profiles have photos of actual women. The only problem being is that the women in the photos are not member of Swipe Cheaters. Chances are they probably have no idea that there photos are being used to create fictitious profiles to deceive male members of SwipeCheaters. But where are these photos taken from? We have a handy tool called "Google images" where you can upload images and this tool will identify all the places and also where that exact image shows up.

You can watch this YouTube video to learn how to do a reverse image search using Google. And also TinEye is another reverse image locator that works well to identify if member profile photos on dating sites are real or fake. In this particular investigation we identified numerous fake profile pictures on SwipeCheaters. You can take all look at the evidence we have added below showing that even one of the profile photos was of a professional actress called Stacy Keibler.

So you really need to watch when using any dating sites if you're not aware of what's going on you can easily get duped. We have included links to the web sites where the fake profiles photos have been copied from. And regardless of where the photos have been copied is the fact all these profiles are still phony because they are "Love Stars" profiles.

But we're including links to the photos to add more evidence so you can understand the scope of the fictitious profile fraud on this site. Using photos without people's consent especially on a "cheater web site" can ruin marriages and even you life. Especially if you're a famous person like the actress Stacy Keibler. Screen shot of the fake female members aka "Love Stars" who have viewed our profile.

This is Stacy Keibler an actress and retired professional wrestler. A list showing the exact locations where this exact fake profile pic can be found: Something else to note is that using someone's photo without there consent is a direct violation of the digital millennium copyright act DMCA which protects against copyright violations including using someone's photo on dating sites without their approval.

If you find SwipeCheaters. So, not only do they fabricate fake female member profiles but they break copyright laws using photos of actresses and other people without their consent. If by chance you took the bait and upgraded you better read this very carefully because you just got triple billed from 3 seperate web sites. You get charged for the membership to Swipe Cheaters but then they sneak a "vip membership". This "vip membership" includes a monthly membership to 2 separate porn sites that include VibeVideo.

You can look at the evidence we have provided below. We saved the best for last, we have copied and pasted the terms and conditions directly from Swipe Cheaters. This is the most important piece to the puzzle because no one can refute what is says on there because the web site's own administrators are the ones that put up the terms page.

It's like finding the bag of money in a bank robbers car, with the gun, the mask and the finger prints. In this case there is nothing to deny because it's on their own site. They wrote the terms and conditions, so it's and open and closed case. Read the terms below or click this link to read it on there site in section Based on all the evidence we have dug up Love Stars profiles , their admittance to creating fictitious profiles, the use of bots and also hiring employees to chat with you and much more.

It might be a wise decision to think twice before using Swipe Cheaters. Some of the sites associated with InstaSext.

We are going to rip this site apart and […]. Customize the content of www. Outreach Drive more meetings with prospects and webmasters to motivate them for publishing a link to cheatswipes. Create high-quality content to attract readers from other websites. Directories Boost traffic on your www. Competition research Employ some form of competition research for www.

Know their traffic sources and find out any shortcoming in your business strategy. The United States is a good location for your server if your website will be receiving most or at least decent part of visitors from Northern America.

If you are planning to target mostly other regions you should consider using CDN or changing your server location.

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