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Ccbill - Have had a mohnly payment taken out

Credit Card Payment Processing

That is the key, CCBill processes payments The Scam artist w I have just found out about CCBill. I have seen this name on my statement but never knew what it was. I kept on asking my bank t All reviews Financial Services Ccbill Ccbill Reviews and Complaints. What was your experience with Ccbill? Ask a Question About Ccbill. With photo and video.

Ccbill Payment Processing Service. Ccbill - Social security card Jun I need my money put back in my account. It was taken out before I knew I could go to the local Yes 0 No 0. CCBill is a fantastic bunch of folks May I have known CCBill since they started up as a company back in or around or For those who are complaining Yes 1 No 1.

Product Ccbill Customer Care. Ccbill - Payment drafted without authorization Apr There was no reason for this payment to be withdrawn. The subscription was cancelled. Stole money out of my account, never used them, never heard of them! Ccbill - Have had a mohnly payment taken out Feb Had a payment taken out today bot quite sure what its for but id like to cancel any subsriptions i have with you guys.

Yes 1 No 0. CCbill paymnet gateway - group of frauds Jan I own a website , as it was an adult oriented stuff , i took ccbill as my desired payment gateway. Over 3 months i generated USD , but i didnt receive even a single cent. When contacted , CCbill told me that they have issued some refunds , and there were some Product Ccbill Payment Processing Service. Ccbill - Posing as Social Security website Jan I was trying to replace a lost Social Security card.

I clicked on the website link to do so. I have never replace a social security card before. Anonymous babs Jul 04 'same thing happened to me, pretty bad when these companies come off as official and then scam the public. Never had a problem. They're very popular in that NSFW community.

I've also used CCBill on occasion, and never experienced any problems with them. Nothing fishy happened with my bank accounts, and when I ended my subscriptions, the experience of closing the whole thing down went very smoothly. I have several other friends who I know to have used the same service, and none of them have had any complaints.

I've also had fine experiences with CCBill. Heh, I used to work next to their server cage at a large hosting facility they also run cavecreek. But yes, they're a legitimate business and won't sell your CC number to the Russian mob or anything. Sometimes I still think about how close I was to those terabytes and terabytes of porn If so; it turned out to be more 'secure' than Hannifords supermarks.

I've used ccbill with no problems. If it's a small monthly amount, though, remember what you're using it for. It shows up on your card statement as ccbill, not the name of the vendor. This thread is closed to new comments.

Ccbill - Payment drafted without authorization