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I canceled my membership within 40 minutes, but was still charged the trial fee.

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They're also directly to blame for fictitious emails that are used in a highly disingenuous and sneaky underhanded manner. Filling people's email inboxes with phony emails is the practice of My Dirty Fling.

On our own account we've accumulated a whopping emails! Let that register in your mind for a minute. Being overwhelmed with so many emails was the straw that broke the camel's back that proved completely what we already knew was true, Mydirtyfling is big fraud.

There is a method to the madness, a reason why they're sending us hundreds of email messages. It's all part of a plot to make us want to buy credits to communicate back to the over women who emailed us.

This is the backbone of their scam. It's how they make their millions of pounds from unsuspecting web users.

And the terms and conditions page also shows that they are sending messages through the profiles they are responsible for creating. And we quote the following, this is taken from the terms and conditions page. The people operating My Dirty Fling don't expect you to meet anyone on their website.

They specifically state that it's "not there aim to bring physical contact between members" on their own website. Why would a dating site write such a statement? It's an honest statement for a dating site that's been built to scam people but never the less it's a head-shaker. While it is true that you can't physically meet anyone through their website since the profiles are all fabricated why would they tell us that it's not their goal to bring physical contact between you and other members.

We think this is done for a strategic reason and placed in the terms and conditions page purposely so if you try to bring any litigation against them you can't because they're telling you that it's "not there aim to bring contact between members", essentially meaning that this is not a site built for you to meet real people.

How would you feel if you left the front door of your house open, someone came in and robbed you, then they were caught and then claimed it was your fault for leaving the door open. This is a comparison to what we see with MyDirtyFling. They have a sentence on their terms page that they deny themselves of any liability that is allowed under the law from any inconvenience or damage caused by there phony dating site. They actually put that sentence in their terms and conditions page if you can believe it!

If you want to cancel your membership on Mydirtyfling. The fact is that just like when you're watching a movie you know it's make-believe and that's what this website is. It's just like a movie filled with actors who are pretending to be something they're not. Of course you had to pay to read them. I recently joined AFF as a standard member and decided I would browse the members first to see how many there were in my area and how many I would be interested in meeting.

When I sent an enquiry to the help desk I was ignored and it was only when I threatened them with legal action for fraud and missrepresentation that they decided to refund my fees. I found the whole experience excruciating……. So, for us it works in that sense. Single women have the pick of the litter, but there are so many men who lie, are chicken, expect too much, have problems distinguishing reality from fantasy, etc, so it can be just as frustrating as it is for the guys sorting through the hoards of fake women.

Couples tend to be problematic or insecure resulting in drama for all. Be careful, have fun and try meeting people in real life. I have utilized this website in the past and there are a lot of profiles with old photos and inaccurate information such as age and actual location of the persons profile.

I have met a few people and there always seems to be a disconnected between what we talked about before the meeting and what they are actually capable of sexually. More often than not I have been disappointed in the people I have met.

You get emails and flirts from people miles away from you. All i can say is save your money. Getting your profile viewed by gays or trans sexuals gave me an uneasy feeling. There are countless old profiles still in the database that have not been active for many months. This site requires an overhaul by the administrators, but then again they are probably making easy money with the auto-renew feature.

User names show up in google searches for anyone to see. I immediately disabled and erase my account. When I tried to contact them about the issue they were unable to help me. And they charged my card about a year after I quit the site. Just cancelled the card and had another re-issued. You will spend a lot of time looking and emailing. Lots of abandoned accounts. Ratio of guys to women is astronomical, confirmed by women I corresponded with….

I did encounter some great women. So I was getting a divorce, was kinda lonely, and decided to give AFF a try. Worth a try, right? Whoopee, now I can view everyone, send bunches of e-mail messages, and all kinda of other stuff.

They look forward to hearing what you wanna do, and what you wanna do afterward. It sounds really neat until you read the same message for the 5th time from the 5th different user.

I told her to call her own bank back at home right? What a waste of time. I did actually hook up in person a couple times, and had a good time of it. But it was a lot more time wasted than it was worth, I think. Best of luck to you. Really glad we found it. Not every time is a perfect match but what is? We can see streaming video, email others on site and exchange pics. For one month, then go from there.

I think a lot of the people think that the idea is great but when it actually came right down to it they got scared when it was time to meet. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Secret Access Dating Discounts Join us for an immediate email with dating site coupons, along with weekly updates, information, and online dating advice.

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