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The competition for resources between European nations and the provision of firearms to their First Nation allies drew the First Nations peoples into armed conflicts, resulting in severe losses. Ultimately, with the expropriation of lands and the use of treaties, the Europeans effectively displaced the Algonquin off their traditional homeland and onto the tiny reserves that remain today.

The western Muskoka watershed was the homeland of the Anishinaabek people. Similar to the Algonquin, the Anishinaabek were ultimately displaced onto small parcels of land controlled by the government though the use of the Robinson Huron Treaty and Bond Head Treaty. In the spring, the families would travel into the watershed to their summer settlements for farming, fishing and hunting.

From here they would paddle up the south branch of the Muskoka River to Lake of Bays where they had a settlement at Cedar Narrows Dorset. Following the War of and under the care of First Nation guides British expeditions began making their way into the Muskoka Watershed with the goal of finding water routes not vulnerable to American attack. Three initial explorations between and occurred but it was not until Lt.

After several more expeditions occurred throughout the British Military eventually deemed the route not appropriate for the construction of a canal. In Alexander Shirreff began a privately funded expedition to build a canal west from the Ottawa River to Georgian Bay. Although Shirreff did not find a route appropriate for the construction of a canal, he did chart a vast inland waterway of navigable lakes and rivers.

David Thompson led the last and best-known European expedition in Although these expeditions were unsuccessful in locating a canal route, they did bring attention to the Muskoka watershed leading to further European expansion into First Nation territories.

Another notable ship that traveled this route was the Nipissing, launched in and then re-commissioned as the Segwun in As an aside, it has been fully restored and is available for public cruises from the Gravenhurst Wharf, see: The northern waters of the Muskoka River watershed saw steam ship travel begin in with the launch of the Northern.

Other notable steamers that traveled this route include the Florence in , the Gem, and the SS. The route from Port Sydney to Huntsville was made possible with the construction of the Huntsville Lock between Steam ship travel on Lake of Bays began in when Alexander Cockburn sold his steamer, the Waubamik, to Joseph Huckins who then renamed it the Dean.

From Baysville, the steamer traveled Lake of Bays servicing ports of call such as Dwight, Portage, and the ever-increasing grand resorts. The dredging of the canal between Fairy Lake and Peninsula Lake between allowed steam ships to travel the full system of lakes of northern Muskoka including Peninsula, Fairy, and Vernon. With the canal, ships such as Algonquin and the Ramona transported goods and people from Portage to Huntsville and all points in-between.

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He has a million things on his mind that he wants to accomplish and create. Although one can see it as being very passionate, it can still be overwhelming for Kim. If the rapper does indeed plan on relocating to the Windy City, the reality star isn't worried about adjusting to the distance. She spent a lot of time in L. Chicago will be the same — Kim and the kids will join Kanye when they can and then Kim will be in L.

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