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The owners of Wantubad confess that they create fictitious profiles call "staff profiles". And, they also admit to using an automatic pop-up notification system to send you "activity alerts" which makes it appear as is local girls are interested in you a trick they like to use on people. We discuss this and more in our Wantubad. If you're ready to cancel your account and delete your profile from the site then just follow the instructions below.

We also have the contact info including customer support email address and a phone number to call them if you need to. You need to cancel your own membership etc just follow the instructions that are shown below.

If you download their app and bought a membership then you should read the the terms on Itunes for Apple and the Play Store for Android to see how their billing works.. You need to cancel at lest 3 days prior to your monthly renewal date. Get a hold of their customer service staff to get support by emailing them at: When you email them make sure to put your profile information this includes email address and your Wantubad screen name.

They need that info so they can verify it's your account so they can cancel your account or make changes to your account. Their physical address is Address: If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here.

Hello thanks for leaving a comment please follow the instructions and need tutorial we wrote that shows you exactly how to delete your profile and that will ultimately unsubscribe you from the want you bad. Please remove me from wantubad or I will call the authorities.

I am not interested in your service. Aug 25 Remove my account NOW. I cannot stand receiving these kinds of messages ever.

The bots here typically have a way of sending you a message or two that basically a computer is sending and nothing more. They have algorithms in place which allow you to easily communicate with fake users simply by sending and receiving messages.

When you think someone likes you and they smile or wink at you, it gets your hopes up. Well, this site does just that and nothing more. They specifically state within their terms and conditions that they have bots send winks to users. So fake profiles are winking at you on WantUBad, apparently to make it seem like they really want you bad. The kicker is that nobody wants you. I pity the fool that buys in on this crap. I cannot say that I saw this, but the fact that someone else mentioned it makes me very skeptical about the services in general.

If you think celebs are on this site, then you must be absolutely crazy! I literally hate a ton of stuff that I read in the WantUBad terms and conditions. I suggest taking a look at the terms before you do anything at all.