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Most people would just scan the terms to look for actual numbers and would miss the charge. I read throughly, which is how I discovered it. I have a question I have been talking to this girl and she has told me that I have to get some gold pass before we meet n her speaker is broken in her phone so all we've done is text no meeting and she directed me to these sites and put on a net spend card in order to get the gold pass so we can meet but I think I'm being taken can u help me?

All these women seem to have a bad phone. I should recommend they get food stamps then that can get a free phone that works. I just entered debit card details, but was not allowed access. Anybody who submits there credit or debit card details to any of these scam sites get onto your credit card company or bank straight away and tell them you have lost your card.

They will then cancel the card and stop the scam sites getting your money each month, you will have to wait a few days for a new card but its much better than keep having ur money taken just like that every month and trying to contact all the sites to cancel. Trust me it works when you report your card lost but i would say if you have had money taken report it stolen and try ask for a refund because you have not authorised anyone to take money from your account!

They can only take money of u by using your card details that u have gave them so soon as u call the bank to cancel your card the better. Hello to all of you , im anna lee.. How do we know you really work for LocalSexFriends. I'm so glad I didn't put my info in….. Anyways the girl who's been hounding me even though shes white according to pics I've noticed that every 4 emails or so she starts to get an asian or islander accent in her wording LMAO…yet shes supposedly my neighbor. One of your people are black mailing me and probably a bunch of others.

I think you need to fix this before I have them arrested for harassment. Being told by a female to go to different sites to see her. Each site rejects my card. Cause i dont have enough money on it Now i know why they are trying to bill me for three to four sites at oncem good thing my card wont let me over draft. So they cant bill me due to the card being declined. And i am not a actual member.

But thanks for the imput. Man I was a dumbass n got charged odd dollars n then some admin emailing me threatening me if I don't verify I cancelled my card hopefully all is good now. I stupidly clicked on a link from Tinder and filled it in. Can't get through to my bank yet but no transaction has gone through. What should I do? Lol Yeah that helps Theres this person im not even sure its a girl but she keeps trying to get me to see her through different websites and from the start I told it, her, to fuck the fucking hell right off, yet she or it just keeps on coming up with new and inventive ways to get me to part with my money.

Everytime I tell it, her that im aware shes not real, must be a Nigerian, thick as pigshit! There a bunch of dickheads that dont know how to earn money proply like us other people that work hard for the money. I been try to open acct with them with my card it wont work it keeps saying unable to verify????

They're called 4 Media Online http: They operate out of South Florida, but as far as I can tell they use banking services all over the world to process credit cards and throw people off the trail. They routinely hire on web designers and expect them to crank out new dot COMs dating sites.

At the time it looked like they were expanding to have 4 designers at one time, all cranking out sites a week each ideally, 4 a day. Despite the niche groups the sites target, each site features the same profile pictures by the thousands — all fake and admittedly stolen from Match. The sites have incredibly bad flaws in their searching abilities.

As long as Local Sex Friends works fine, and it does. For a time, I took pride in the quality of my work. It didn't matter to the company. All they cared about was speed. Each website batch 4 at a time, typically were from different companies. All very weird names, and each one seemed to not exist beyond maybe having a dot COM that showed a generic "web marketing firm" site — some of them were using the same site.

It really seemed like they were just making more and more "off shore shadow companies" just to lessen chances of big losses. They paid VERY well and lavished their employees like kings. It's probably the only way they can convince people to take part in fraud. I hadn't quite worked out the conspiracy theory yet, but I found it unusual what we were doing and started asking questions.

Three different departments simply said, "I don't ask questions, I just do this task of the process. I told a casual story about my law education re: They let me go within 24 hours without a reason. They probably think I didn't notice their computers were all using thousands of dollars of pirated software, each.

My son in law got scamed to the tune of dollars in a month. His marriage is in jeopardy. This damned site, has scammed me, I cancelled my acount from localsexfriends. Do these companies can build a bill and purchased me to pay it??? How did you actually delete the account Ive tried from their Customer Support but it isn't working and I can't contact them via their number. Just wondering what the charge appears on your account I think my husband was scammed and he swears he didn't buy anything online but now has a Did you ever find out what your husband got for the I see these charges on my husbands account as well.

Is it just sexting or more? Before i can delete my account its asking me for a subsciber ID how do i find the subcrober id number. Found her on AshleyMadition.

I am cheap and didn't want to pay anything. So I emailed her with my secondary email. At first she was willing to meet in the next day but she needs that I help to vote her cam model on that site. Thanks for this forum that stop me from going further. I told her I work for a company as a computer security. I didn't trust that website. For all you poor, pathetic, non pussy getting but pussy hungry loses out there, let me give you a little advice.

Especially if it's coming from a hot chick that you know is out of your league. Especially if you need to pay for it first. I hope this helps… I say all of this out of the kindness of my heart guys. The Sampson-like power comes from having the social status and income of a rock star or a movie actor and a very large social network.

My advice to anybody is do your search in person or don't do it at all. I joined localsexfriends then about an hour ago I found out it was a scam. I only gave them my card number and they did charge the 1. Another site tried to get me to give out my card number and u didn't.

I called my bank they are sending me a new one but they said they might still charge the new card if they have a contract with Visa or something. I just got scammed I put in my dept card detail I'm in Australia and I tried to call the number but don't work how do I stop it from me getting more charges. She tried to get me to verify thru this site to meet her.

After I told her it was a scam site she sent me amazing photos and Said that this was he only way to meet her. Sorry not falling for it, probably some dude with dickydo mesaging me. If I give them a debit card that got no money on it can they still charge me once I add money to the card? My son in law cheated on his wife with a debit card. They scamed more and more money to the tune of bucks out of him. It finally caught up to him. Now who knows about their marriage.

I wired them money to try to meet up with a girl she said I need this ID card and it was for her security. Did anyone's card actually go through? Do they just say your card didn't go through and keep the info for themselves. I want to think that since they didn't accept my card I won't get charged; but if I were running a fake site, getting cc info and then denying access because it's "not accepted" would sound like a plan to me.

Just got hit upmyself my spideysense was kinda going off but I did it anyway so stupid but rather than add my CC info I used a debit card from a secondary account should I still cancel this debit cards I still. Do occasionally use it. Just this thing guys, i've always get into this kind of site..

I hope you understand me,so i can give you my full trust in you when we meet,it makes me comfortable meeting someone right? I put in my card info three times and it said card declined every time.

If your come across Jessica. Don't fall for it. Way to get personal info to steal identity? I never went to the site or attempted to collect her. Where is the scandlas bitches verication i.

Who goes and lives like in the first place. The female claimed to just moved from miami. Yeah fortunaltely when I first fell for it, I used a card that had little money on it. However when you resgister, I found out that the email account I used, I had to login in directly to verify that I was not a robot. Apparrently they also try using your emails guys to draw in more females too.

Also look out for Amy Elena. First time she posts she was 38 on CL with black hair. I found her with blonde hair, but her link to the site she has black hair and she is now Possible underage girls may also be on this site. Just giving a heads up. Why the hell is nothing done to take these sites down when they are nothing but blatant robbery machines. That's great ,but before we meet i want to make sure first that im safe with you and you're safe to meet, is that ok with you?

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