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Have found that most people I have contacted or have contacted me do not write back or their site is immediately removed.

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How to delete my Metacafe account?

I have tried to contact you by phone and on line but no success. Please remove my profile. The site is a disaster, my fav's aren't saved. They show me women well out of my search area and not those of my requirements I listed on my profile.

You cannot even find a contact number on the main site! Then there are the picks they choose for me that have no photos! I am also getting flirts from the USA. What makes them think I would want to date some one that is really geographically undesirable? Glad I only chose a month subscription, I am still going to ask for my money back. My advice stay away and do not subscribe. I have tried several dating sights and they are all pretty much a joke. Please delete my account.

Ive tried numerous times and nothing. I will not be charged anymore as of today I am unable to even get to the settings as it does not appear on the top right hand corner of my screen. Everytime I try to log into help or anything associated with this site, the online page comes up. There is no UK phone number for contact or email address even though this site is advertised on UK television.

Our Time is horrible! I too have been trying to cancel my subscription for days. Do not use or sell my email address! I didn't have that many in a whole year. I set age parameters that were not followed.

I've been on this site now for 24 hours.. I paid what I thought was for six month.. I was unable to see the different options presented on my cellphone. I called the toll free number and learned: In order to cancel or change anything on tour account pafe,you need to be in a computer. I also learned they will not refund you for days unused. In fact,they wouldn't allow me to speak with a supervisor and they hung up on me!!

In my case 54 days. I want to delete my account and all the information but does not give me the option to delete this account I want it terminated. I have a good friend I work with and he has handled these fraud accounts many times. This will be monitored and is expected to be taken care of immediately. I haven't seen anyone mention the one thing that drives me nuts!

There is no reason for it because I'm not upgrading! It's just a little "money maker" for Our Time that they slip on every membership! And the first thing I do when I do renew is to cancel the "auto-renewal! They need to use a more detailed list for your searches but they only use about 2 or 3 criteria! I live in VA! I am trying to cancel my subscription to our time, I no longer wish to subscribe, my automatic subscription will be due shortly I do not wish to renew. I use an IPad not a computer.

POF is much easier to navigate. I will be calling on Monday to get my money back because there was an additional charge that has gone thru my bank. Spent 2 hours creating profile because it was advertised as FREE — then, I got a message in my inbox and guess what — yep, have to pay to read your messages! Deleted my profile and now trying to cancel my 2 hour subscription — total rip off — what a shame!! Of course, you call the and you sit on hold forever!!

Please cancel and delete my profile, just want to cancel and return my credit back to my credit card. Never use bank info to pay for any online dating service, use Paypal backed by a credit card and not backed by your personal bank account. Always search online reviews of all dating sites before even thinking of joining, you'll find that most, if not all, are horrible in both the games they play boosting, winks, smiles, sending gifts a additonal cost.

If you are going to join to try it out, do it for one month rate all dating sites auto renew and then immediately cancel, this way you can have a proifile for one month and not worry about it auto renewing at the end of the renewal period, you can keep adding month to month this way without the minmm 6 month to 1 year commitment, or temprarory put your account on hold hide, deactivate this way up to 2 years on some sites.

Alway put a disclaimer notice in your profile that states no one can copy or use your photos on other websites Google for standard boilerplate copyright photo language. All sites have their fake profile scammers. Photos with emails or phone numbers for texting on the profile and profile is never completed. People who wink ,like, heart, favorite you but they profile has no photo. Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts are junk and have poor security, so if they get hacked, no big deal, delete and get another one.

I have 2 hotmails, both are for wesites that require some sort of verification, the first has been compromised getting a ton of spam on thier , the second for my dating site, not yet. But I can easily get another, redirect the emails that I do want by updating the accounts that send me emails and delete the compromised account. On February 28, a video published by Bloomberg showed Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver over falling fares.

Some people don't like to take responsibility for their own s," Kalanick told the driver. On March 3, details of a tool Uber is thought to have used to fool government authorities were published.

The tool, known as Greyball, reportedly collected data from Uber's app to identify and evade officials in cities including Boston, Paris, and Las Vegas. The New York Times reported that the tool was deployed in markets where Uber was outright banned or being resisted by law enforcement. Uber did not deny the existence of the tool in a statement it provided to Business Insider.

The company said the tool was an important measure to protect drivers by flagging dangerous individuals who might try to harm its drivers. To make matters worse, data leaked last week suggested that Uber's self-driving-car project was a long way from becoming a reality. One particularly jarring statistic was that in the week that ended March 8, the cars travelled only 0. By comparison, Google's self-driving cars seem to be streets ahead.

Waymo cars last year were being disengaged at a rate of just once per 5, miles, according to data released in February. Two "well-placed" sources reportedly told the BBC that Kalanick could step down after Uber appoints a new chief operating officer.

Another source, however, told the BBC there was "zero chance" of this happening. You have successfully emailed the post. The 5 most extreme newborns in the animal kingdom. You are logged into Facebook Social: You are logged in with Google Social: Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service , Privacy Policy , and Cookies Policy.

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