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They tack on some additional charges that will make your head spin. This is the part where I should mention that they have a bunch of other sites they operate as well. When you pay for a FreeSnapMilfs. This is due to the fact that the site immediately makes you a member of two porn sites.

Be aware that this is what happens when you join. I need to you understand one very important thing about this so-called Internet dating site. They create fake profiles and communicate with members acting as if they are real girls looking to get laid.

Truth to the matter is that they are not looking for anything other than to keep you paying. They even go as far as specifically stating whether or not a profile is one of a love star. This site is definitely not a real dating site. The terms state that fictitious profiles are created by employees to help improve your experience as a member.

Also, the company admits that they send messages in order to entice you to upgrade your membership. After we created a free account on this site we were redirected to a secondary page, the payment page. Here you are you are able to purchase a paid membership to gain access to all features of the site.

These two porn sites are automatically billed to your credit card without your consent. You are automatically enrolled into a monthly billing program to the two adult porno site. The first porno site is called VibeVideo. The second porno site is called VideoErotic. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Screenshot of the fraudulent billing to porno sites without your knowledge.

It didn't take very long for the scams to to start kicking in. The first thing that happened was we started to receive fake instant messages immediately after logging into the members area. You can see the screen shot we took of just one of many instant messages that we received.

Anytime we tried to communicate back to the chat messages we got we were asked to upgrade our membership. This is all a con. There isn't actually a female called "XXhotmama69" typing and sending us instant messages.

This is all computer-generated using very sophisticated software programs. The software programs are designed solely for the purpose of making it seem as if women on FreeSnapMilfs. As soon as you try to reply back to any of the messages you are met with a message stating "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership click here".

When you click on that link you are sent to an upgrade page where you are requested to purchase a paid subscription to the site. Screenshot showing a fake instant message we received. The people who own FreeSnapMilfs. Another very popular method being used on all of their dating sites is the use of pre-recorded nude videos of girl stripping.

In the video it looks as if she's typing and chatting to you. This once again is a very elaborate and detailed deception that seems as if the girl in the video is chatting to you while stripping nude. This is all a facade and a very believable trick that gets people to upgrade to communicate to the girl in the video.

Unknown to the person upgrading is that the girl in the video is nothing more than a pre-recorded video that is viewed and pops up on every single person's computer screen who joins as a member on FreeSnapMilfs.

You can take a look at the screen shot below of the webcam video that we saw when we logged into the members area. They have numerous fake webcam videos of different women that they play to their free members. Fake prerecorded video disguised to appear to be a live webcam. As you can see from the screen shot below we have so far received 30 emails while being members on this site in the past 4 days.

All the email messages required us to upgrade to a paid subscription to read them. Something to understand is that every email message we received was illegitimate not real. There is absolutely no real female members sending us those email messages. These are just like the instant messages, all computer-generated text. The emails are used solely for the purpose of deceiving free members into purchasing a paid membership to their website.

All the email messages were sent from fictitious women that are called "Love Stars". A "Love Star" according to the website's own terms and conditions page is a fictitious profile that they themselves have created.

We will dig into exactly what "Love Stars" are further down in this investigation so please keep reading. Screenshot of the 30 emails that we received from "Love Stars" fake women. Screenshot showing you need to upgrade to read messages from bogus members called "Love Stars". To give you even more proof that this website is operating fraudulently, take a look at the screen shot below. You can see circled in red that we have no profile photo on our profile page.

Also we put our age as an 80 year old male. Why would any females like the women who contacted us want to contact an 80 year old male? And on top of that why would they contact anyone who doesn't have a photograph in their profile? It makes absolutely zero sense that we received 30 email messages while we describe ourselves as an 80 year old man with no profile photo? This proves without a shadow of a doubt that this website is operating a fraudulent business and using automated bots and sophisticated software programs to trick people into believing they are being contacted by attractive looking women.

It's all a deception used for the purpose of getting as many people as possible to upgrade to a paid subscription. Screenshot of our empty profile page, with no profile photo. Notice our age of 80 years old.

Would you contact and 80 year old man? This might shock you and make you mad.