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You can narrow it down in the areas of age, location, body style, education, church activity, smoking, drinking, etc. Feminist sexual ethics, as well, feel increasingly Victorian, with a focus on the idea that women are easily traumatized by sex and therefore, for their emotional well-being, all sexual contact needs to take place within a strict set of constraints.


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You can make secure payments from your checking account, savings account or credit card by calling If your monthly residential bill varies because of seasonal loads, budget billing will help you balance your payments over the year. To qualify, your account must be residential and be billed on a monthly basis. The amount you pay each month is based on usage over the past 12 months.

Periodically, your account is reviewed to insure that your budgeted amount reflects usage. For your convenience, we have two night deposit payment boxes. Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative. Monday thru Friday; 7: By working together, Touchstone Energy cooperatives stand as a source of power and information to their 32 million member-owners every day. Pay Online Outage Map.

Payment Options For the convenience of our members we are pleased to be able to offer the following billing and payment options. Online Payment In addition to being able to receive your bill online, you can make payments online in a convenient secure manner.

Recurring Credit Card Payment You can set up recurring credit card payments monthly to be deducted on the 4th of each month from your account. I met someone via the site that it ended up not working out with.. After a month I got fewer and fewer matches each day if any and those I did get were mostly duds. I felt like I was still looking for a needle in a haystack regardless of those 29 dimensions. I also had a subscription to Christian Cafe. But I liked that it was easier to sort out denominations.

Regardless of my reservations, I was contacted on Christian Cafe by a wonderful Christian man who I will be meeting in the next couple of weeks. So it can work! The format of Christian Cafe is the biggest reason we have a hard time recommending it over eHarmony. ChristianCafe had less than 10 men in my age range in my city. ChristianMingle has many more than that. Originally tried to fill out the profile and it said I was not campatible!

I only ever get emails on free communication weekends. I live in a big city…. I can think of 4 Christian couples I know that met online and are now married — they all met on eHarmony. What match settings did they use? There should be loads of singles in my area, but none are on eH?

How lame is that? Otherwise, what am I paying for??? Most of the time, people who live in a smaller town with narrowed distance settings run into the lessening matches problem, but with you living in the DC area, that is a BIG negative. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We want to hear the good and bad so that people can make the most informed decisions. For more weeks of zero matches? It makes no sense. Have you tried ChristianMingle? I found few matches in my area on ChristianCafe, but there are many more on ChristianMingle.

Maybe it varies by city or state? Exclude out of state, etc. Eharmony interface mobile droid or web is terrible. The service is too expensive for showing members that cannot communicate. Also, the recently deleted the closed folder so if you accidentally close someone you cant get access to reverse. For saving resources, they should only show true matches of active members and keep the closed with periodic mandatory delete.

I struggle to accept e-harmony at any level due to immorality being advocated by the owner, Neil Clark Warren. That stated, that is also done on E-harmony. At least the other Christian websites advocate that you are to be single, and of Christian morality.

So basically, NCW is profiting off of not only Christian singles, but he is also profiting off of single people of other faiths. To me that is profiteering for money. His philosophy has been reviewed by Focus on the Family and FOF removed their support of E-harmony for these very reasons. A couple years later, FOF dropped their support. That inconsistency really bothers me. I struggle to see that is how a Christian should ever act. I agree, not knowing who are paying and non-paying members was frustrating, but it seems almost every other dating website are the same.

I signed up as a non-paying member to check it out and was going to pay to get full access…until the day I was matched with my older brother!!! Needless to say, I did not continue with eHarmony after that! First of all when I tried Eharmony a number of years ago, I had like 0 interest in most of my matches. The vast majority of the singles that I was willing to start communication with cause I could see some level of common interest, were probably not paying members. Most never made it through the 85 hoops you have to jump through to actually get to open communication.

The only one time I made it through open communication, was intentionally rushed during a free communication weekend, only to feel deceived when I finally saw her picture. So then I made it a happen to close of all communication with those I could not see a picture of.

I some good photos of what I looked like. So between filtering out Gym addicts, no picture users, non paying memebers, well 0 of my matches I was getting were useful. Its hard enough to come up with someone to type half the time.

I have to agree that it seems that most matches seems to be the sportive type. I made sure to make a side note that sport was not a cornerstone of my life I usually just watch.. I did have people who showed interest, though it is of course unclear how much they actually read of your profile do they read everything, just one page, glance through, just look at the pics, etc. I also find it unclear how I was matched up with others. It only shows how much you match up with the optional questions you can answer in your profile.

I personally found it slightly amusing that most who showed some interest went for sending a smile or some of the preset questions. It seems eHarmony is soaked in questionaires. Only a very small percentage wants to start exchanging messages from the get go. A shame, because that has my preference over answering mostly the same questions everytime.

I miss the personal contact. On the other hand, it makes it easy to just ignore someone when you have not spoken with them anyway. But the amount you have to pay to browse profiles anonymously is just silly. And it only lasts for a month. While I would love to be dating, the fact that I have had in the past 2 one year subscriptions. For me the entire concept is entirely bunk. I agree with the main negative: In addition, it is overpriced and there is little value for money.

Website setup and app were disappointing. At this price, I would have expected a better service. But the main put off is the auto renewal feature. I had a very poor experience with EHarmony. I was on there for a year and had zero dates and zero communication outside the website. From then on, I received very, very, very few matches. I was lucky to get one every two weeks on average maybe? I live in the Pittsburgh area—it is by no means the size of NYC, but there is not a shortage of Christian singles here.

After three months, I actually [futilely] tried to get my money refunded because I had received so few matches and had no outside communication with matches, let alone a date. I have been on other dating websites looking for Christian singles and had much more success in the a three-month span outside communication and multiple dates. After I tried to get a refund, I actually think they may have fabricated some of my matches as I received two very similar matches right in a row with no picture and the profiles were brief and eerily similar.

There also seem to be a large amoutn of matches with no picture. This makes me extremely nervous. Granted anyone can take a picture off of Google and display it as their profile picture, but still… As my subscription continued, I tried to initiate contact with some of my matches that seemed compatible and I never heard back. This happened time and time again. I do have to say, I was not completely sure their policy on profiles that were no longer active and thank you for clearing that up SingleRoots.

And to top it off, after I had subscribed, I heard very poor reviews on EHarmony. I should have done my research first before investing a good chunk of money into a dating website.

I live in the DC area. BIG area…lots of single folks to choose from. Lots of matches at first. I stayed on the site for the full year. At the end of the year, I planned to cancel. End date got away from me. Sure enough, they renewed my subscription for another year. No warning it was in the fine print and no refunds. I have to day of the dating sites eharmony has far and away been the worst experience for me.

Their matching system completely ignores the filters from age range to wanting to children to denomination or even faith in Christ at all. I have tried a year membership once 9 years ago and once a year ago after being convinced by believing friends that said it was much better now, with the same lousy result.

I am not a huge fan of match but it does a much better job in it matching system as does Christianmingle even Christian Cafe. In those two different 1 year stints I only every went on more than one date with one woman.

It ignored age range and matched me many times with women years older than me and 20 years younger rather than the age range I had set. Consistently there were more women out of my set age range than in it. Also, I am someone who would like to start a family some day and I was regularly matched with women that either had children and did not want any more or women who did not have children and did not want them.

I realize some people have had success but I am definitely not one and am stunned that it got your top review for believers. Jack, thank you for the specific info about frustrations with eHarmony…especially the heads-up of being matched with people from every religion. But much of what I hear and see is disenchantment. Can God use these sites as a tool? My friend just got engaged last week and met her fiance online.

So, how do we be proactive other than hanging out at bars…no thanks! But how worth it in the end! Many relationships, opportunities for ministry, personal growth and adventures would not have happened.

May God bless you with a wife who will enjoy family with you, who will make you laugh, hold you accountable, and walk beside you in faith. I signed up with eHarmony last week. I wanted to look around and see if they actually had any members in my local area.

Nevertheless, I set my preferences for men within a 30 year age range which is pretty generous , any race, and within the entire USA. I still have not received any matches at all. What would I be paying for? The pleasure of their blog posts? I have to disagree. Eharmony may once have been a good site, but it is no more. Advertisements and even online features are misleading.

Their customer service is worthless. You call and no one is authorized to do anything so you get referred to an email which they take days to resond to with nothing more than a scripted junk message. The quality of matches is a joke. Another turned out to be a pervert. Now after a month all the matches I get are inactive. Eharmony is only interested in getting your money. I suggest you spend it elsewhere!

It has about 1,, paid members at any one time. The claim is based on everyone who has ever subscribed to eHarmony over eHarmony history, whether or not the couple meet through eHarmony. EHarmony is nothing more than a dishonest zero service company. Shame on this site for lack of ethics and honesty.

When I tried to sign up for eHarmony, after answering the super long and seemingly thorough questionnaire, I got this message:. This does not reflect on you personally or your chances of finding a happy relationship. Thank you for trying eHarmony; we wish you the best in finding a great relationship. I had heard good things about the site, but now I am thoroughly unimpressed.

Could you also review ChristianDatingForFree. When I was ready to start dating again , everybody had advice on which dating sites I should try. So I originally signed up with Chemistry. Thank goodness I did not have to pay anything for either of these site.

Because you definitely get what you paid for. First, I signed up with Chemistry through one of the discount site, so I figured if it work, then great. I started a conversation with 1 match just after the first day of being of the site. Then the next person I started a conversation turned out to be one of the biggest scammers on the internet.

At this point I thought this is not for me, but still had a few paid months remaining on membership. So once while trying to log onto Chemistry, they were having technical difficulties and recommended that i visit one of their other dating sites, which turned out to be Match.

So I was able to experience Match for a few days for free. For me in comparison of the 3 different paid sites would be great if they could combine some of the good in each to make one great dating site.

The main pros that I found with Chemistry and Match, is they give you the age range of your matches. With e-Harmony they send me matches, that I have no knowledge of their age requirement. Good Luck to you all in your searches. Do not, do not, do not sign up with eharmony or upgrade with POF unless you enjoy having money stolen out of your bank account. Their business practices are outrageous. I wish I had read reviews before considering using their sites. Both use trickery to upgrade your account for a longer period than you intended the moment you click to pay.

Eharmony increased my 3 month subscription to 1 year without me noticing it and POF increased my 2 month upgrade to 6 months.

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