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2018 Flirt Local Review – Is Legit or Worthless?

There is nothing much to do in this site and the girls are not real. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This site is just one big scam.

The Review

They are very dumb to put London as part of my local area when I am in fact from Netherlands. I would just be wasting my time if I rate this site. It does not deserve any rating and it should be wiped out in the internet. People just want to be happy but this site is ruining the opportunity. I will never ever go back to Flirt. This site is full of scammers. I know that other adult dating sites also have scammer but the ones in this site are just too obvious and too dumb to fool me.

Sex personals sites are just ruining the casual dating experience. I would never suggest Flirt. A hot chic will contact you but will just lead you to other pay sites. This site is overrated in comparison with other dating sites. You will not have any fun on this site and you will just waste your money. I have been scammed by this site and was billed with hefty sum of money. I did not meet any girl nor talked with one on this site.

This is a legit site but its main operation is to scam you and other members. They have paid girls on the site that will seduce and lure you. If you get fooled you will be led to other sites where the cycle goes on. This is not a good site to start if you want to hook up with girls.

The girls here are either paid or are escorts. Real girls are buried deep and you need to really dig harder if you want to find one. I never had fun with Flirt. There are too many men on this site that are really sex-hungry and want to hit the girls of this site. Competition is really stiff here.

Rating this site as a top adult dating site is just absurd. I did not enjoy my stay here and I had a hard time looking for the real girls. Here too many fake profiles and there are lots of escorts on this site.

I think there are some adult dating sites that are really legit. This is a scam site whose aim is just to get the money of desperate men looking for casual partners. I have been other sex personals sites and my experience has taught me not to trust some of the dating sites. This site is among of my list of distrusted websites. There are too many complaints for this site that has been left unsolved. The girls on this site do not really suit my tastes and the men here are just too eager to hit on the women.

Good luck in your stay on this site. Any positive review you will read for Flirt. It is clearly a well-made review done to lure people and counter the negative reviews of the majority of the people. This is a boring and useless site in comparison with other dating sites. Too many men in here and the girls are really hard to find.

There are hot chicks but I doubt if they are really into casual dating. Without a doubt this is a scam site. Who knows that these profiles are just paid by the site to lure more men. I just hope that desperate men will still use their brain before signing up with the site. This is a legit site that has a very questionable operation. When I signed up, women from different locations contacted me immediately. I find this surprising as I have not even posted my picture yet.

If you are interested in casual dating then this is not a good place to start with. There are also pay-girls here that you can interact with. Sex dating personals sites such as Flirt. I tried this site hoping to find some girls.

What I received is just a huge sum of bill and some useless messages from fake girls. This is one adult dating site that should receive a horrendous rating. This site is a scam site that extorts money from unsuspecting men. You should be vigilant when dealing with this site.

Adult dating sites are supposed to be fun but this site is not fun. There are only few girls to hook up and the rates are too expensive. This is one of the many sex personals sites that I have visited.

All I can share about this site is that this is a phony site in a sense that there are escorts here and there are a lot of fake profiles. The site should control these fake users. I just wasted my money and they will never allow me to unsubscribe. Home How To Get Laid: Get Laid More Staff. Flirt comparison , Flirt ratings , Flirt review , Flirt scam , is Flirt any good , is Flirt for real , is Flirt legit , online sex dating sites , scam sex dating sites , sites like Flirt , worst sex dating sites.

On September 12, We weren't able to meet anyone on it. In this particular investigation we got redirected to FlirtLocal. This is a site that we have investigated and exposed for fraudulent behavior in another previous investigation. But why then is LocalFlirtBuddies.

Not only that but I m profile shows my address that I had 10 years ago. This is so Fake!!!!!!!! Yes it's really, in HornyAffairs I received a lot of message before upgrade and pay I pay for one month but after no one answer,.

My boyfriends email was signed up to this site. It was an incomplete profile, but he received about six messages In a week.

After seeing that he had an account on this site I confronted him. I pointed out it was he email. He continues to deny ever signing up for it. Ive been having a hard time believing him, but after reading above, Im thinking maybe I should believe him. I doubt he signed up as I have had the same type of thign many times. I agree with the Admin's response. Finally, I came to the conclusion he wasn't utilizing that site because his very public, well established for decades, email was his handle.

No other info, pics or outgoing correspondece under the profile. I'm going through the exact same thing.. I went and made me a fake profile…emails started being sent to my inbox…fkn asshole I'm so hurt idk what to believe. Read into site, most all from god awful named countries.. Just to say I was completely scammed by flirtlocal.

Hopefully I have got out and cancelled everything before paying any more! I wish i had come across your report and warning before going into this. Hey everyone… I was just messaged by a supposed date from flirt local!!!! I live in Vancouver, Canada and this person claims to live in the same area as well!!! I haven't been on this site for over a year…. I was wondering if anyone else has been approached by her ,or if she is another victim of this scam???

She claims to reside in my area Los Angeles and goes by the name "miacu. This site no doubt is operated by the same crooks!

A lot of websites are scams. Found out early on. One tried to rip me of for Bank automatically canceled card and called me to tell me. Got lots of replys and no further communictions from the women. Knew each site was a scam when the money requet came up. Cancelled out of all and have an empty mail box and no chances of viruses to damage new computer. I signed up to this as I was messaged by a couple of local girls, they were not exactly model material but nice enough for me and since I payed to become a premium member to reply after being aloud a couple of free messages I was lured in also because they didn't display the upto date prices of course my card kept being declined, it took two days just to upgrade and in that time this one girl messaged me asking if I had lost interest, so once I finally got on the site I send my replies etc but nothing back at all and their support team keep telling me to clear my cookies and things.

Definately a bogus site, the minute O signed up the e mails and flirts from girls stopped. I immediately disputed the charge with my Bank and they told me they couldn't do nothing about it so I closed my account to avoid any reccuring charges.

It's a shame nothng can be done about rip off sites like this. Hello everyone in the future open any photo with Chrome right click on it and search for it with Chrome if theres doubles its bound to be fake. Does this profile pic look like it was faked? Just to add, out of fun, I created 2 different accounts and if I bring up a search, the complete set of girls are completely different in my town on both accounts.

I can't find a girl on my first account anywhere in search on my second vice versa. These people tried and tried to scam me. Yesterday, I got into an hour long, 12 e-mail conversation with a "woman".

I finally busted her when she said she would meet me in the lobby of a hotel that had closed 10 years ago.

Finally she said "You win. I give up ". Yhen she sent a? At least you figured out they were fake before it was too late. Ya I'm a sucker too I wasn't sure then I bought in and sure enough I feel scammed, stupid me, well at least it was a prepaid card, and it will run out. Still though how can I trust anything. Yes , this site lured me with lots of gorgeous women doing lots of nasty things we dream about and say they live in your town.

Got me for a sign up fee and then nothing from no-one. I ragged on their comments column for several days about it being a scam and their erection pills were worthless- thankfully did not go that far But they kicked me off the sight.

Least I got in several days of bad advertising of them on their own site. So I guess I give them their monies worth of scam back at them. I'd suggest everyone else to do the same. Why isn't there internet police for this crap. This was last year and they are still operating Gives the whole internet thing a bad image. My only question is how in the hell they got the pictures on that flirtlocal site? I am on that standard and have got a few response from these ladies?

A Fake of many fakes. I found this review too late… but at least I paid just a few days with a pre-paid card.. I can confirm that this site is a complete scam…. This site also copied my profile into other sites, where later, checking deeply, I found same girls but with other names and cities… those sites were: Sorry I didn't see this sooner because I just signed up using a credit card for 3 months.

Anything I can do now to get out of this? Then a hot college student started bombing me with explicit messages for a little while. I couldn't respond — free membership — and I didn't hear from her for a while.

I did and the reply was to click on this link which is just sending you to another scam site. I sent her emails and then the replies are that she can't read your emails. I just delete them anymore because it is another scam set up to rip you off.

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