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Is A Scam Or A Legit Way To Meet Asian Women?

Those of us in a vunerable state and lonely, I just lost my wife, beware.

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ChnLove Site Overview

Here is a little example of how they screw you:. Each woman can send you 3 pictures with each letter they send. When I joined you could browse these pictures for free. Now, you can only look at one picture for free but each additional picture you view will cost one credit. And if you are using the chat feature and the girl starts sending you pictures online …. They are 2 credits each!!!! I am out a few hundred bucks. Had the same picture sent to me from different "girls" claiming to be scenic pictures of a place they visited — although they are from different provinces!

I told them I understand Chinese and would like to maintain direct contact and the correspondence stopped immediately. It's definitely a scam. I set up a second account and get the same leeters from the same girls. The chinese don't use facebook, because there is no need to. They have their own social medial platformd and about a bollion internet users.

Few Chinese speak English so why woul dthey be interested in foreign language web site with mostly foreigners? The company does have people pretend to be the ladies. I was talking to one for a bit. Then one day it was a totally different person that had no idea about the details that we talked about previously.

They will try and keep you talking so you spend more money on the site. Don't trust this site and stay away from others like it. This website is fucking rubbish and wasting money. I think that we should go to China, maybe work there for a year, and see whether beautiful women are likely to be sexually aggressive with us, and want to marry us before they even get to know us.

I doubt it very much. It all adds up to SCAM! It dont take long to find out they are scamming you…they drop themselves init all the time.. I was sent an admirer email from a lady that contained infirm action that I could verify. The lady in the profile had a mother who lived in New Mexico, I was even sent a photo of the mother.

I had already identified one agency as fraudulent as two different ladies had sent me letters enclosing photos of a house they owned. Each claimed to in the same house, the two houses were identical in two many ways for them not to be the same house.

The daughter denied to her mother ever sending me an admirer letter or a letter in response to my letter. This is clearly fraud. I do know if one couple who met on this site, but that is the exception not the rule. She was the daughter of the lady above who was successful on thus site in marrying an American. The primary site is charmdate and they have a contract with agencies in China that furnish them with the ladies profiles. If there is a complaint against one of these agencies charmdate passes the complaint for the agency to investigate themself.

You know what their determination is going to be. I had already determined that one of the agencies was bogus and was not considering any lady from it. Over for over two years, then none for the three weeks after the complaint. The local agencies in China control the content and the contact with registered users. I was able to verify that one lady was listed as being online fir almost 36 straight hours.

I specifically mentioned this agency by name and it was after that that I stopped receiving admirer emails. There were also several instances where the agency evidently forgot that they had already sent me a letter from that lady and sent me the same letter as an initial admirer letter. There are too many errors in communications from the ladies for them to be legit or for them to really seek a relationship with the make members.

The site degenerated over the time I was a member to the point that ladies are now making definite sexual overtures trying to entice male members to communicate. I just finished a complaint on chnlove and decided that now was the time for this letter about idateasia. I'm sure you also use subcontractors with this site as you do for the China site.

In the last month I have started receiving an increasing amount of admirer letters from Vietnam. Several other peculiarities are prevalent: The high number claiming to be running the family business. Come on, an year old running a multi-million dollar business. Though it does happen, not in the degree these? And especially since some do not even claim higher education.

The high number using sexually suggestive language in their letters. The high number claiming to be "virgin". The high number stating that will will be happy to fly to my home town to meet me, often stating that they will do so within 3 weeks of entering into communications with me. You and I know that the majority will conveniently find a reason to be unable to do so if I had started communicating with them and called upon them to do what they said they would do.

These 5 items are also prevalent upon the chnlove site. I think you have lost control of your business or you are cognizant of what is happening and intend to do nothing about it as long as the money rolls in.

The fact that you allow these subcontractors to investigate themselves is an indictment against you. You have an easy way to police these agencies by posting male profiles yourself and corresponding with ladies within your main site. You need some way of validating these profiles via a secondary source. Presently, I would never correspond with someone via this site as I believe the majority of the profiles are fake.

This is history of my contact: Sent message asking if she could confirm Qian was her daughter. Mentioned I was in contact with her mother. She had authorized no admirer email be sent to a man my age and would not consider such for a potential partner. Qian denied receiving my two messages to her and denied sending me a reply. I will send you more after I receive the agency report. I would also like to know why you stopped placing the agency name at the bottom of the admirer letters and the EMF mail.

In November ti February I was conversing with three ladies, two of them with whom listed through "Bob's?????? Eventually they sent me photos of what they claimed was their "villa". Upon close scrutiny both "villas" was the same house, all exterior details matched and all the shrubbery was same size and in same location. That was when I noticed that I could check ladies from the same agency.

To begin with Bob's agency only had 45 registered ladies and kept getting larger up to 85 when you stopped allowing access to the agency name. I started comparing the ladies.

To begin with almost all the ladies were over 40 with higher concentration in the 50's and most added after that were in After I started conversing with two of them, almost all the others sent me admirer emails.

Another peculiarity came in, upon close examination the clothes several of them wore for their photos was identical. Since the agency was small and they claimed to have to use the agency office for email, they had to know one another. Well off ladies do not buy identical clothing especially if they know one another. Another peculiarity, both ladies with whom I was conversing, wrote that they had to use the agency for emails, and were often online at the same time, several times for 18 hours straight.

These time frames were over their regular night time hours for China. I require only 6 hours of sleep and would check when I got up in the morning 6 AM, US eastern time 7PM China time and checked about every hour until late night Are the agencies staffed 24 hours a day?

I checked out several other agencies in this manner and was sure in my mind that two other agencies were also fraudulent, but I did not note their names and they stopped listing the listing agency name. The fact that they stopped listing the agencies was the compelling factor in my decision to stop conversing with ladies from their agency until I? What I found out from communicating with her mother was that Qian was not the person communicating with me.

The fact that you are allowing the agency to investigate themselves indicates to me that you are cognizant of these irregularities and really do not intend to clean up this activity.

I will be posting this scenario of events about your web site on sites that evaluate sites for fraudulent activity. I will also say that not all your sub contractors are fraudulent as Qian's mother was able to find her husband via your web site, but the fact that you cannot police them and keep your web site honest is enough to keep me from corresponding further with? I will wait two weeks before posting my beliefs about your site just to see if you can satisfactorily explain to me what happened and to see what you intend to do.

That explains why when you buy their personal contact information, you'll never hear from them again. A very good business, but a total scam. I will eat a hat full of shit if some one can prove that they found a wife on this site. If any one is interested, I recorded my whole conversation with the girl. I have it all documented as screen captures. We were married for 5 years, and unfortunately, I think she got homesick, or just didn't adapt well here, however, we still divorced as Friends… NO Scam there…..

However… Since I was so happy from my first experience, I decided to try it again about 6 months ago.. I believe they have changed ownership, or something, but now you cannot exchange any information.. They monitor it like it was the plague.. They blot out numbers in letters, and blot out photos..

It is not the same.. I met this beautiful lady about a month ago.. Very sweet, and kind, but would only write in "Chat".. Even though I mentioned how expensive the are. Anyway… When I asked this lady about exchanging information, she told me that her parents were very protective and wanted to talk to me first… On "love chat"..

But I thought, ok.. I will accept their wishes and culture or whatever, and called them… First, I spoke to her father.. I said "wait a minute.. Don't you remember … I already spoke to your mother for almost an hour"… She then started accusing me of "Chatting with another lady, and talking to HER mother. Things went downhill from there. I asked her to call me, but she said she was afraid I would find out her phone number… She had been telling me "she loved me and wanted to be married someday" but doesn't want me to get her phone number if she calls me?

Most of women are fake! I am from Canada, and this site is a definite scam and money racket, 7 dollars to open an email and another 7 dollars to send email. The people you are talking to are just translators, they are on commission. How come when you go on the site and everyone knows your name and they want to talk and it is 3 am in the morning. What 20 year old chinese lady says, age is not important, come on give me a break.

The letters you send on this sit does not go to anyone, just translators who are very good at what they do. I know someone who spent dollars and never found any Chinese Lady, you might as well to go and hire a hooker, also if you find someone in Asia they are all divorced, some with kids, no pension and it will take 5 years to bring her to your country.

I will bet you dollars, that if you go to China the lady will not be there or she would look different. I am an American that lives and works in China. I meet a woman on this site that was real. I visted her many times then moved to her city. She moved in with me and we were married 6 months later. Be very careful or you will waste a lot of money on this scam. I have visited China for business on several occasion and there are some beautiful woman.

These photos are not natural! I discovered on this site the profile pictures have been digitally altered to reflect beautiful women or prehaps they are models. I travel to China to meet four different women and not one looked like their photo. I was shocked and knew I had been scammed after writing for several months and paying a high price to have my letters translated.

The site allows you to send or receive one photo for free. Then they push private altered photos of the lady at a cost of one credit. They also have the women to push for flowers and candy to show your affection and celebrate American holidays, which aren't celebrated in China. If you are foolish enough to write these ladies every day or send gifts at 10 times the cost you will spend hundreds of dollars each month.

If you decide to join this site you are wasting your money. When I mention to a lady I would be in China. Make-up or no make-up she looked nothing like the profile photo. You will not be able to share contract information and must use their service for 90 days, then you can purchase the ladies contact information for a high price. This can be a very costly dating site.

This is just a big scam. Itoo have been scammed on this site, a younger lady say 43 yrs old , had in her profile , that her comand of English was not to bad. When i wrote and complained , i esplained that the lady could not speak English, that the call kept fading out , and weas told CHN had no way to monitor the phone calls of other countries, and gave me a two credit refund, after taking 11 credits and me getting no further forward.

I'm a something male, divorced, living in the US, reasonably successful and looking for a partner. What is that exception? However, it took all of just a couple of minutes if that to realize what was going on. The messages that I started to receive did not make me question "is this too good to be true? Are you following me? You seriously have to question yourself on why you are on that site to begin with before complaining about being scammed.

I don't feel sorry for you one bit. They do not tell the true fackts about chargers, You have to have meny letter till they let you at a price get the ladys e mail. I lost dolars and do not plan to loos more money. They do not answer questions put to them. I will go to Shanghai in April and go to the women market — each weekend — mothers of free girls are there with a picture of their girls.

Your should fuck yourself intead of finding a Chinese woman, you are so gross, you are sick in mind!!! I am a victim of this scam. This is beacuse I needed a 3 months waiting period before I can request contact details of the lady. To get the contact I need to pay 20 credits. I send an email and heard nothing. So I asked the admin's to verify the email and I got following email. I will tell my Katherine what a fraud she is and leave this site as soon as I am finished with this response.

Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences as well. It helps to save other people from getting scammed. How can I paste my screen shot of my response to ChnLove here?

If you folks want to find the right and genuine women, you should buy a mirror and check yourself out, then decide what kind of ladies are suitable for you.

It was so good communicating but hurts it's a fake deal. I was suspicous but did not want to believe it. She even sent me "no make up' photos. But credits were being taken in bundles and I made an ass of myself, I'm totally embarassed and pissed at myself for getting involved when I knew it was fake.

Those of us in a vunerable state and lonely, I just lost my wife, beware. This process does funny things to you brain and makes you feel like a positive change is about to take place in your life. Definetely a scam site, you have never got any contaqct information from the ladies, they have amny ways to prevent you from getting this information, All the email address if you bought are fake, never come to this site, it is thrwo your money into a hole.

Just leave it far away, you can never find the wife you want here, just get this site rich. Believe me, check with me first if you want t ogo ahead, I hope every man from this world will go to this site. If you want to throw all your money here, do it, otherwise, do not do it! So sorry to here you wasted soo much money on this site Alex.

Thanks for leaving a comment and warning other men about this web site. Thank you for posting your experience. I am at two minds about contacting my odd "admirers" and wonder if any of there are really real.

One of my friends has managed to obtain direct phone numbers and email addresses outside their system but he did not follow up going to China to meet them. I am wondering if any of these "ladies" are real enough for me to continue to communicate with them.

I would do so with direct telephone conversation instead of writing letters as I found that the translators never give my messages to the supposed ladies and instead write their own version of what they think I like to read and since finding out, I insist the women reply in their own writing in Chinese but not one has responded accordingly.

It's totally a scam! The scammers who operate sites offer financial incentives to the "girls" to lure the unsuspecting customers to chat you have to pay extra or to make a "love call" got deep pockets? The profile of one of the "girls" who contacted me had the picture from their Latin American site, but the info was from someone in Thailand!

Turned out the scammers were being scammed by their own employees! Calling all gullible fools! Yes, I agree it is totally scam!

I asked the lady her Chinese name since I read Chinese, she told me her name and the company she works for, so I looked it up, all the information she gave me is right, but I could not reach her through the company operator who is bribed by the local agent to tell you that the lady does not work in the company, and I looked up a few more employees in the company, and again was told no those people since the operator can see I was calling from overseas and she knows not to transfer you.

I managed to find out the portrait of the lady, it is totally different from the pictures in her profile, so if you catch them, the lady does not have problem since there are no her pictures in the profile. The communication actually came from the agent, not from the lady.

So, if you receive the nice responses from the ladies you contacted, don't think you get to talk to the ladies. Good luck guys but be very careful! My story is totally true , it is a scam and also not a scam site.

Genuine women who are on the site have to pay a large sum of money to join. They have professional photos taken then they are enhanced , a chinese social thing a very common thing women in china do. They are proud of how good they can get the photo altered. It is a franchise with multi agencies. The favorite saying is I have never met a person like you. Each letter ends with a question. But also I met my now wife on the site , i talked to her and explained that i had been scammed many times and could not afford to do this any more.

I canvas the views of others who have been scammed by "translators" in Chnlove and would appreciate any feedback on your experiences. I have just received a reply from a "lady" from "Shenzhen" from the Admirer mail from Chnlove.

I find the contents too good to be true because if the lady I am writing to is so wealthy, she would have over half a dozen playboys entertainng her or she is entertaining them and can have any kind of fun or sexual pleasure she wants. From reading some of the scams appearing on this page, I have also come to the conclusion that the translators do not care what the wishes or desires of the lady they are representing but take it on themselves to write whatever they like in order to collect their cut in any letters written in reply.

Here is the letter I recently received. Please read and advise me what you think in accordance to your experience with this website. I am so happy to meet you here, I see your profile just now and I am interested in you more and more, i love mature man like your age, and yes i can do as you asked,because i am sincere here and want to meet you face to face.

I don't want to be pen pal here, i want to find a husband. Now i share myself to you, i am sunny, sexy, honest, gentle and loving, i like swimming and dancing. I work in my parents' company and i want to search a man really me. I will be a good wife and never say no to my husband. I am a perceptual gentle woman, and I want to do the most romantic thing in the world with you. I think being with you at night and kissing your charming face are the most romantic two things for me.

My darling, I am so lucky to meet you here, because you are so excellent and awesome. My villa nears to the seaside and I really want to play with you on the beach. I will also like to invite a group of friends to our yacht party. On a sunny morning, we will go to play golf and enjoy a cozy afternoon. We will also paddle in my private swimming pool. At a romantic night, we will enjoy the most comfortable spa in the five-star hotel.

I would love to help you do some massage. I am willing to do anything for you to make you feel happy. If you feel happy, I will feel happy. I want you to kiss my whole body. My white tender skin wants your touch so much. I need your sexy lips moist so urgent. I wish you will catch my breasts and kissing them hard. I need your caress now baby. My darling, your charming strong body makes me drunk and I want you now.

I will kiss you every inch of the body. I will touch and kiss your sensitive parts. I want you are in bed and touching the whole night. I need you like I need the air to breathe. Dear, please share with me your days more and more, because I really want to know all about you all the time.

Distance will not affect us loving each other; on the contrary will let me miss you more. How I strongly want to be with you, feel your temperature, your breath, my heart beat for you from now on.

How I wish I can have you in my life soon and let you to be my husband. I'll give you all my tenderness and love and you are the unique one for me. I love you so much baby. I wish we could meet as soon as possible. Wait your sweet letter. Just get this lately and I was interested in a lady who divorced 2 years ago. The ladies pictures most likely are real there but you are not talking to them, this looks like they get the information from those ladies and never contact them. All the emails, live chat even calls, they are agency.

This is a site with only ugly old man, so sick in mind and adnormal, I can assured that in real life they cannot find a wife so they come to this site to look for hope, and if they go to other dating sites, nobody would give a shit about them. I have recieved over letters from about!

Out of the women I would say there was over50 women that were real,and they were over 60 years of age?? Glen, if that's true, how can it cost me zero? I'm a logged on member with no profile or photos and just get on the site for the photos.

There is one lady who I have the hots for on Chnlove and like to look at her photos. I would like to write to her to tell her that I admire her if she was really for real and then start in with the real people there telling them how disgusted I am with them!

Then tell the real person in the profile that she's way to attractive to be on a site like this and she can find a man in China or enywhere else in a heartbeat. And I'm smart enough that I could never be with her-blue collar working class, no college degree and a relatively scrawny figure! Again I'm there for the fantasies and will never pay for the scam! Interesting comments here, as I too have been contemplating dropping some bucks on ChnLove.

My guess however is that it is the agents spamming the admirer emails, since if it were the women themselves viewing MY PROFILE and they were even half proficient in English they would see my WeChat info included in my description.

It's totally free to sign up and use, just a valid mobile number needed. Do they not have a smartphone? Do they not grasp basic English? Are they suddenly no longer interested in finding out more about the "man of their dreams"? I doubt all three. I don't have the means to travel to China just yet, but I would definitely recommend corresponding on WeChat or Skype first, assuming you manage to find a REAL woman who is genuinely interested in you. The llatter is the least expensive, and most realistic.

HAving survived five years of family law courtsl money is thin on the ground. Before I realised it I had spent over AU.

Loneliness has a price it seems. So i started looking at bucket loads of profiles. Sure enough, too many women have too many profiles. I will spend another 96 to get the womans details; even after reading all these, mostly because there are some positive outcomes.

If nothing else, ive been entertained for the past 3 months, and my dicks thicker from all the fapping…. Just be aware that you do not favourite any of them unless that is the one you want. Do not buy credits until you have settled on which province you like…. But each to their own. Just by viewing the profiles you'll get admirer mail, and some of these are priceless. This stops the chat pop ups most times which are very distracting.

And you end up chatting at 6 or 7 bucks every two minutes and staring at the screen thinking "hurry the fk up". It really doesnt matter what you tell them, you'll get responses. They will just be pics that are already on the profile or simikar.

Always remember, there is a goal, to find a wife. Not to chat to hundreds. But you wont know unless you try. The real ladies are looking for you. Someone looking for a husband is not going to be talking sex to someone she doesnt know. Stay positive, use changing your profile to communicate to your love s The real ones will read it and respond appropriately. THERE is always a need for a check up from the neck up! Show your friends and work mates the letters, let them bring you back down to earth, because searching profiles is very addictive.

Very pretty ladies, lots will be half your age, lots are suggestivelydressed, and most wear the generic dresses and get used to seeing the same poses. Try editing the photos and stripping out the colour and bad lighting. Again Cherry Blossoms is the cheaper option, they never look like the made up version, and if they are that rich…. Why cant they fly on over to meet you. A rich woman doesnt say "i'll try and get my visa" getting a visa is matter of fact to a rich woman. Not that ive used it much because of my addiction to the ChnLove rapid fire sexy photo drug!

I am very impressed after I read your profile. I feel spring is full of energy and it is a perfect time to fall in love, don't you think so?

Do you like spring? Ops, you like spring! So you like me? Haha, I am a naughty and funny girl. I wish you have a big smile on your face. I grew up in a wealthy, scholarly and well-educated business family. I am a very lucky girl. I could get anything I want since I was little because my family is very rich.

My parents offer me the great education to help me to be positive and optimistic. I am a dignified woman. I show my respect to anyone. So if you are looking for this kind of oriental lady, I believe you just got her! Under the environmental impact of my family, I have a special sensitive and intuition in business. After several years of hard work, I have five big coal mine enterprises here of my own, and they have the stable and huge profits every year.

As people know, no matter where in the world, the coal mine business is a big industry which can always make large money more and faster. I also inherited the vast of the home industry.

My parents give all their property to me. Therefore, I am living a very luxury life now. In the jewelry and real estate industry, I also have many great investments. All of them will bring huge profits to me even though I retire now. I have ten luxury cars and eight big villas. They are my valuable real estates. But now I want to give them to you. I would like to share all the money with my husband. I am a very generous woman. I love to spend a lot of money on my life partner.

I will buy you cars, houses and yacht. I can afford anything you want. You do not need to work hard any more. We have enough money to live a rich life without doing anything. I am such a successful woman in the career, but I have a failure marriage. My ex was poor and in a bad situation. I supported him in finance and spirit. The reason why I do not have kid is he did not want any.

However, what is out of my expectation is he cheated on me more than once. When I found him and another young girl on my bed again, he hit me angrily. He sold my four villas and all of cars behind me, and then carried the cash left with that young girl. My heart was broken.

My friend said I should ask my money back, but I do not want to. After we divorced, I heard he lost all the money because of the gamble. So I sent my secretary to pay off all his debts.

I do not blame him any more. I want to end my marriage in a nice way and move on. You might ask why I do not find a man here. Yes, there are many Chinese men go after me, but I think they just want to play games. I am not young any more. I need to settle down and build a warm family with a man I love. I want a serious relationship.

I'd like to come and meet you as soon as possible. I feel so lonely. I will give you my half property as long as you love me. I do not care about your income or the difference ages. I only want your love! I will take care of you and keep you in healthy. I have dietitian here. She teaches me many things about health and how to live longer. Do you think I have the supple skin and shapely sexy figure? Indeed, when you register on the site you should keep in mind that you will be allowed to communicate with all the girls affiliated with the Network and that you are not limited to Chinese segment.

Anyway, the site has almost monthly visitors and over users are active whenever you enter the site. You can focus on communication with those ladies who are online or with those who have just joined the site or you can look for your perfect match — it is up to you! ChnLove is serious about the profiles of its members.

All the girls are asked to provide exhaustive information in multiple categories: Also, all the photos on the site are supposed to be recent and the level of English of every woman is always indicated. With the help of ChnLove search tools you can find those girls that seem to be your perfect matches.

The site itself offers you a few matches on the basis of the information you shared in your profile. Hence, you are interested in making it complex and in-depth. Moreover, your profile is displayed not only on the site but also on the sister sites and in local agencies so that girls that have problems with the access to the Internet could check out your data and contact you. ChnLove scam policy is complex and strict. All the Chinese girls who want to join the site must come to local agencies and talk to experts who evaluate their intentions.

The selection of the ladies does not terminate at the interview stage. Along with the plans which every girl has, professionals have to check her identity and make sure that she is not trying to deceive the agency and the potential husbands.

The documents are being checked and verified. Also, the site cooperates with GeoTrust and TrustWave in order to make sure that the confidential data of the clients and their credit card information are not under any kind of risk. Moreover, every customer can get acquainted with security tips listed on the site. You can start the search for your special Chinese beauty for free as the initial membership does not require any payments. However, the rest of ChnLove date services are not free and you have to change the type of your subscription if you want to contact any lady on the site.

Conversion to the Premium membership brings you 2 credits and 15 free chats. Credits play the role of virtual tokens: You should consider buying a considerable amount of credits as you would get a discount for buying a few dozen: After almost 20 years of operation in the market ChnLove knows how to help you in your intention to find a special Chinese lady.

When you subscribe to the website you get an access to an extended database of Asian women: Video Review Ease of Use ChnLove register process is simple and quick as it requires only your email, password and credit card information.

Number of Members There are more than thousand active members on ChnLove. Quality of Profiles ChnLove is serious about the profiles of its members. Pricing You can start the search for your special Chinese beauty for free as the initial membership does not require any payments. Read reviews and comments Add your review. ChnLove has a lot of advantages, like big database and a high percentage of reply from ladies. Moreover, I feel that I can trust these service with my personal data.

ChnLove is the best place for looking for an Asian girl. This website is one of the top-ranked, and it offers excellent varieties of communication with women. I found a lot of great women due to it, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants an Asian wife. I am quite skeptical about online dating, but my friend registered me, and one beautiful girl from Beijing started texting me. We get on really well and have much in common. I am planning on visiting her soon.

Who knows, maybe I will even move to her. After adding the information to my profile, most of the girls had similar interests, and I found them compatible with me. I enjoyed chatting with girls selected for me. And I believe that ChnLove would do its best again, as it usually does!

The chance to meet my love helps me to stay tuned. When you are on the dating site every message might potentially be the message from your future life. I believe that the majority of girls have serious intentions here. When you are looking for a woman online you may spend years trying to feel something deeper than attraction and interest. Also, dating online is not the best idea if you are not ready to spend a considerable amount of money. Even though ChnLove is not the most expensive site I spend a lot on purchasing credits.

Make sure you understand these simple things because you might end up disappointed. The site is like a heaven for those who are into Chinese ladies.

Who knows maybe ChnLove would help me not only to improve my language skills but also to find my love.

You have to pay for dates, flowers, presents, taxi, etc. When you date online you pay only for a subscription. Okay, ChnLove charges you for credits. But it makes no sense to compare your expenditures online to the money you waste on offline dating.

In addition, here you can date a few girls simultaneously and check who of them is better for you. Can you imagine how tough it would be to date a few girls offline? Plus, here you know what you want in a lady and you search for it.

Offline you meet a girl and hope that she at least somehow consistent with your expectations. So, my choice is obvious — I go for online dating! I feel sorry for those men who complain about prices here. I used to spend hundreds on other dating sites and on ChnLove the pricing model is totally different! If I want to chat I buy credits and manage them the way I want.

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