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Malibu certainly seems to be enjoying herself as she relaxes back into her Crab while the tortured Sin-D can barely muster the strength to scream.

Sin-D is in deep trouble and buried under an opponent with superior size and strength. Can the veteran mount a comeback and find a way to win or will the confident Malibu steamroll her way to victory?

Evie vs Rain Previously available on Rain's website. Rain puts such a thorough beating on Evie in this one, it might be easier to list the holds that Rain doesn't use! From the start, it's clear that Evie picked the wrong time and place to stretch because she's easy pickings for a sneak attack.

After being run headfirst into the nearest wall spoiler: A pair of Suplexes of the belly-to-belly and snap variety put Evie flat on the mat, where Rain is literally sitting pretty as she scissors Evie's waist from behind and adds a Full Nelson for good measure. She connects with a front slam, leading to some nasty Crab holds and a Romero Stretch. Rain makes expert use of her knees to annihilate Evie's body, smashing them into her back and then driving them down into her stomach with Evie positioned horizontally in the corner.

We go back into the Vault for a pre-letterbox match with The Lovely Lacey is on hand to ref and talk as only she can. Which means we get running commentary on brilliant scientific wrestling, creative counters and inevitable rule stretching from 2 of the best to grace the Slam Shack. However, we aren't sure if Chasyn Rance shares those sentiments, particularly after this painfully one-sided encounter. Chasyn tries to take control of the action early with a sneak attack, Unfortunately for him, he is wrestling a woman who wrote the book on sneak attacks and a quick low blow soon has Chasyn exactly where Rain wants him.

From this point on, Rain runs the show. And when Rain finally decides she has had her fun, she finishes the match in style with a Stunner that sends Chasyn halfway across the ring.

All that remains for Rain to do is drag him back for an effortless pin. Turns out to be a good thing because his opponent can cure said woes, but he wants more if he wins, namely her mask! With stakes this high naturally Facebrooke starts low, as in right in the tuxedo! The stoic Psycho looms over Brandi, who promises to give her opponent a makeover when when this match is finished.

But it's Brandi who needs attention early on as Psycho uses her raw strength to throw her around! She slaps on a Surfboard stretch and were it not for Brandi's wrestling instincts, this one might already be over.

Brandi's willingness to cheat doesn't hurt either well, it hurts Psycho a lot and she makes liberal use of the ropes and Psycho's hair to even the playing field. Not one to waste an opportunity, she even forces Psycho to smell her boots when she manages to control the larger wrestler on the mat.

Psycho isn't innocent either, biting Brandi to escape escape a Headscissors and digging her claws into Brandi's shiny blonde hair. That, in addition to rocking Brandi with a heavy elbow drop and corner Clothesline. They fight tooth and nail to the bitter end, with Lexie doing everything she can to control the chaos. An Airplane Spin turns the tide for good in this one, leading to a series of serious slams capped off by a power bomb that finally puts one lady away.

But Dynamite Didi is not like most people. Didi fires back with a punch to the gut that Saraya quickly shakes off, then resumes her attack with a backbend submission into a headscissors on the mat. Saraya never lets up, as Didi is forced to endure hairpulls, submission holds, and stiff forearm strikes and kicks from the veteran grappler. Dynamite Didi vs Jason Cade Jason is full of confidence in facing Dynamite Didi, but as the match gets underway, he ducks through the ropes at the first opportunity to get Didi to back off.

That turns on him, however, as she finally catches him with a hard forearm strike, a hip strike and kick while Jason's tied up in the ropes, and finally a rolling cutter over the middle rope that leaves Jason laid out on the outside of the ring. Didi is ruthless in choking and pounding away on him on the outside, but back in the ring, Jason uses the referee as a pick to land a running forearm that floors Didi.

Now it's Jason's turn to be ruthless, and he unabashedly chokes Didi in the ropes, pulls on her hair, and even traps her in the corner and pulls on her arms as they're tied over the top rope! Karate chops and a crushing head vice has Didi hanging on, but a missed splash off the middle rope puts her back in control!

Didi is a house of fire as she makes her comeback, flooring Jason with several Clotheslines and a Neckbreaker, but can she put everything else together to get the win? Or will Jason's cheating ways get the better of her? The vault doors open for this battle of the blondes. Amber turns up the aggression, blatantly choking Talia and repeatedly raking her face, eyes, back and abs. Amber roughs up Talia with a Bodyslam and guillotine leg drop followed by a tight Mutalock.

Talia roars back with a series of corner Lariats and a running Clothesline that puts Amber down hard. The duo do everything in their power to torture their opponent until a sit out face slam finally puts one wrestler down and out for the hard earned 3 count. There's a bit of miscommunication between Amber and Krissy - they were both supposed to wear the same outfits, but Krissy wore their tag debut gear, while Amber wore their 'new' gear.

After talking about their outfits, they finally jump into the ring to wrestle a match and decide what gear they'll wear later in the night. With the match finally underway, they go back and forth, trading Wristlocks and Hammerlocks. A shoulderblock in the corner knocks the wind out of Krissy momentarily, but she fires back with a boot to the chest and a Clothesline that has Amber stunned.

They trade submissions, but nether lady gives in, getting the ropes to break the hold. As the match winds to a close, can either lady get the win?

Or will Team Blondage not have a choice for what they're going to end up wearing? Allysin Kay vs Leva There's a few minutes of pre-match banter before the action kicks off in this 1 fall match. Chasyn Rance is on hand to maintain order and keep an eye on things. Which is exactly what Leva will have to do for the duration of the match too, as her commitment to cosplay sees her wrestling in an eye patch. Despite her reduced visibility, Leva takes the fight to Allysin, primarily targeting her opponent's arms with a succession of armlocks.

Allysin endures and controls her fair share of the contest too, with some Headlocks and neck-wrenching holds punishing Leva. Cami Fields vs Devyn Nicole This 1 fall match has a few twists to it-Camille can only beat Devyn and vice versa with a 5 count pin, and after any near falls there is a recovery 5 count before the action resumes. Devyn is the early aggressor pummeling Camille in the corner and burning her face the length of multiple top ropes. But Devyn gets a little too confident and soon finds herself the recipient of quite a pummeling in the corner in her own right earning Camille a 4 count, too bad 5 is the magic number in this match.

In fact the corners seem to both ladies preferred location for dishing out punishment, with running Clotheslines, avalanches and miscues being traded back and forth between opposite corners. Can either master the unique stipulation or is this one destined to end in a most unexpected and controversial fashion?

Rhia on the other hand is sure she will win 2 straight falls, someone is about to be proved wrong. A prolonged bodyscissors brings the first serious momentum swing of the match, reapplied after a counter with dogged tenacity.

The lack of a ref becomes apparent when a rope break is disregarded. The shoe is on the other foot briefly but soon that shoe and the rest of the leg is on the wrong end of a Figure Four Leglock variant, save by a reluctant rope break purely out of pity! Someone may have gotten a little too cocky between falls and soon finds herself in several Deathlock combo variants.

Knees are pounded, wrenched, stretched and locked and dismissing earlier rope breaks come back to haunt her big time when her legs are tortured with them! A Figure Four evens this one up and sets up the decisive 3rd fall. One lady has already been proven wrong, can the other make good on her boast sudden and decisive third fall? Jayme Jameson vs Priscilla Kelly Angel Rose oversees this bout as special referee, and she seems to be skewing more towards Jayme in the introductions.

Priscilla is putting up her belt in this bout, and Jayme wants "zero excuses" when she beats Priscilla - only to nearly be beaten in quick succession with several cradles! Jayme takes offense to that and pulls on her hair in the corner off a lockup, and when Priscilla takes umbrage at how long it took Angel to get Jayme to break, it's all the opening Jayme needs to land a crippling chop block to the back of Priscilla's knee!

Jayme takes full control, pummeling Priscilla's knee on the mat and in the corner. Priscilla, to her credit, fires back and hits a Suplex that surprises both Jayme and Angel, only for her knee to go out on her again, allowing Jayme to re-take control, pulling the kneepad down to injure it further.

A Single Leg Crab and a hard wrap around the metal ring post tears at Priscilla's knee, but she refuses to give in. With Jayme continuing to pick Priscilla's knee apart with a modified leglock.

Can Priscilla force Jayme into a mistake, rally and pick up the win to keep her belt? Or will Jayme's focused attack prove to be too much to handle? This one starts with plenty of chain wrestling and reversals where nobody really gets the sustained advantage, until Mickie locks in a Lotus Lock, seated Full Nelson, and Dragon Sleeper.

Super J manages to escape, but Mickie is still able to keep her grounded and even score a near fall. Knuckles nearly gets the victory with a modified reverse Chinlock, but Super J makes it to the safety of the ropes. We're more than halfway through the match before Super J finally gets in some serious offense.

Still, throughout the match it's Mickie who has the upper hand. Eventually a series of rollups and counters leads to one of these ladies getting her shoulders pinned to the mat for the She may be having second thoughts as Chico easily bends her backwards with a fingerlock test of strength. Chico uses his size to his advantage, grinding Layne down with Headlocks, Hammerlocks and Chinlocks.

He delivers a stunning knee face breaker, Bodyslam and guillotine leg drop but Rosario refuses to lose and repeatedly kicks out of his pin attempts. Chico resorts to hairpulling and boot chokes to keep Layne down, but Layne fights back with a devastating jawbreaker before lighting Chico up with backhand chops to his chest. Layne send Chico to the mat with a Snapmare and delivers a low drop kick to his back before dazing him with a butt-strike to the face!

The match goes back and forth as both wrestlers search for a path to victory. Can Chico overpower Layne and truck his way to victory, or will the undersized Rosario use her speed to find a way to win? Ayoka vs Marti Belle Miss Rachel oversees this match the rules to which are simple: Ayoka draws the face card, and immediately Marti goes to work, kneeing Ayoka in the gut, running her face into the top turnbuckle, and slapping on a grounded bodyscissors. Ayoka tries to turn it into a submission of her own, but Marti counters that into an Anklelock, and when they break, Ayoka comes up limping.

That gives Marti the opening she needs, stomping, kicking and tearing at Ayoka's bad leg. Despite Marti's focused attack, she can't make Ayoka submit, and the fall ends with Ayoka surviving. The second fall flips things upside down, with Ayoka wearing down Marti down with strikes to the base of the throat, Sleeperholds and a Dragon Sleeper.

With the roles reversed, can Marti last the 7 minutes? Or is Ayoka going to make it a clean sweep? Aja Perera vs Ayoka Aja and Ayoka are set for one of the most grueling matches in the business: The rules are that they will compete in a series of five 4 minute rounds, with a one minute rest period between falls. May the best woman win! Right from the start, the two lock up in a test of strength, a sign of what's to come. They trade some quick pin attempts and joint submissions, but the first point isn't scored until Aja forces a tap-out with an inescapable Full Nelson!

She continues the shoulder work in Round 2, tossing Ayoka into the turnbuckles and grinding her elbow into the injured area. A strong kick by Ayoka turns the tide and she nearly KOs Aja with a thunderous forearm. Ayoka can't score with a Full Nelson of her own, but she's able to survive Aja's comeback and land a DDT to even the score!

Aja goes after Ayoka's leg in Round 3, stretching it on the ropes, slamming it on the mat, and twisting it up with a single leg Crab. Ayoka counters with her powerful strikes, again rocking Aja with a series of power punches that nearly get her a 3-count.

More competitive action follows, but Aja takes a lead with a painful Backbreaker stretch. The last two rounds both go to the judges and the final verdict proves to be a tough call. Chain wrestling devolves into a savage Headbutt duel, Ayoka blasts Aja with a Dropkick and slices her up with chops, and Aja connects with a DDT of her own.

After 20 minutes of action, which wrestler has done enough to win over the judges? The ladies face each other and run through some very good chain wrestling--lots of Waistlocks, Headlocks, scissors, Wristlocks and pin attempts.

Equally matched in ability, one wrestler finally resorts to a few shortcuts to gain an advantage. Is her mean streak enough to give her a win or does it just make her oppnonet fight back that much harder? Lots of good hard wrestling and leglocks-including a Figure Four that lasts almost 2 minutes! A must for fans of these ladies or of good mat wrestling!

Choking Stormie with her own hair, her patented hair assisted half Crab, torturing her hair with the ropes, choking her in the corner and generally pounding her into the mat. Angel Rose vs Santana Santana faces an uphill battle here in a glorified 2 on 1 match. Even during the ring introductions, Leva shows obvious favouritism toward Angel.

But Leva removes all doubt when she starts 'accidentally' breaking up Santana's pins, ignoring Angel's ferocious hairpulling, and even admitting that she's impartial Angel gladly abuses the ref's dubious officiating to further torture Santana.

She even chokes her with her own hair until Leva steps in and demonstrates some other effective techniques! One fast count later and Angel gets her hand raised in victory. But Santana's torment is far from over. Having had a taste of the action, Leva now wants a match with Santana herself. She even brought a spare ref shirt for her good friend Angel Rose.

Needless to say, Santana's chances of getting a fair fight have not improved at all, and it quickly becomes apparent that Angel has attended the Leva School of Fair Officiating. There's more choking and hairpulling, and Angel and Leva now even take turns slapping their helpless victim in the face. Eventually, together they make Santana admit they're the world's greatest wrestlers, greatest referees, and greatest people in general.

The last two in particular seem somewhat doubtful after having witnessed this onslaught Charli Evans vs Nicole Matthews Ring-wise Canadian Nicole takes on up and coming Aussie star Charli and with both wrestlers fighting colds they mutually agree to stay off the throat and shake on the deal. The resulting stalemate leaves Charli looking for shortcuts and Evans tears up their agreement with blatant boot and rope chokes against the veteran Nicole over the continued complaints of the referee.

Charli shrugs him off and grinds down Nicole with a back mounted Chinlock before transitioning to a tight Sleeper. Nicole manages to battle back from the edge of unconsciousness, fighting to her feet and delivering a series of roundhouse kicks to stagger Charli into the ropes. Nicole amazes with a pair of handspring corner splashes as the momentum swings suddenly to the side of the Canadian.

The stunned Evans soon finds herself bent backwards in a tight Boston Crab. Can Charli hold on and rally against the pain or will Nicole win this brutal bronchitis battle? Bearded behemoth Mike Reed ducks through the ropes and picks a fight with the wounded brunette before hauling her up and slamming her back first across his bent leg. Mike effortlessly transitions poor Jayme into back wrenching submission holds using Bearhugs, rope-leveraged double chicken wings, and Surfboards. He delivers spine busting Atomic Drops, rib-crushing side breakers, Headbutts to the kidney, and repeated over-the-knee Backbreaker drops until the once mighty brunette is little more than a limp noodle bent backwards across his leg.

Barely conscious and unable to stand, let alone fight back, Jayme holds on until an unbreakable Camel Clutch with nose hook has Jayme desperately tapping out to end the torture. Amber O'Neal vs Daffney Previously available on amberoneal.

We join the Scream Queen getting a last minute workout in before her big arm wrestling match with Amber. The loser cries foul and issues a challenge for a street fight in the ring that is readily accepted! Choking, eyegouging, bodyscissors, choking and more choking. For both ladies the blood is up and the fists are clinched and finger nails are sharp! The Ref tries his best to maintain order but spends a lot of time counting chokes, rope breaks and rakes.

Headscissors with smelly gear and belly claws and Boston Crabs and anklelocks are exchanged in addition to the brawling, scratching and choking as each lady pulls out all the stops. This news particularly seems to suit MJ, who wastes no time after the opening bell taking Kiera on a trip around the turnbuckles - head first! Kiera fights back and for a while, the action is evenly matched. Soon, though MJ's striking game begins to take it's toll on Kiera.

MJ delivers an onslaught of knees, chops, kicks and blatant closed-fist punches and Kiera's defence soon crumbles. The latter stages of this encounter almost resemble a boxing match, with MJ delivering punch after punch to her dazed opponent.

Indeed, when one of these women finally hits the canvas the winner forgoes the usual three count pin and instead counts to 10 for what has become a very one-sided knockout performance! Ivelisse vs Santana Chasyn Rance is on hand to maintain order in this 2 out of 3 falls match, or at least try to considering the athleticism, talent and fire in the ring.

A less than clean break in the corner gets this one off on the wrong foot, but turnabout is unfair play as the tables are soon turned.

After a somewhat unorthodox high impact move some gamesmanship is utilized to reverse momentum. Some of the bad blood tapers off allowing the immense talent to shine thru with well executed submissions and dazzling counters.

But over-aggressiveness can be costly and soon an aborted armbar for is a half Crab again followed by some nasty choking in the ropes and corner. Just when it looks like a big Superkick is going to seal the deal a Guillotine Choke from out of nowhere evens this match at 1 fall each-setting up an exciting 3rd fall to the finish!

Alicia vs Lexie Fyfe Here's a match from way back when, when Lexie met Alicia under the Florida sun in a 1 fall contest. The early portion of the match sees both women well-matched, as holds are exchanged and countered quickly. Soon though, one woman bores of playing by the books and Lexie uses a little distraction on the referee to gain an advantage over Alicia.

Subsequently, the match continues in much the same vein with Lexie standing by a comment to the referee that if he didn't see something happen..

Alicia does her best to fight back but Lexie's tactics always give her the upper hand. A prolonged Camel Clutch with occasional hairpulling and a crushing bearhug take what little fight there is left from Alicia and a final adjustment to Alicia's attitude is enough for Lexie to score the victory. Rhia O'Reilly vs Mike Reed Mike waits for for Rhia and he's rewarded for his patience with a sneaky low blow from behind!

An absolute house of fire, Rhia proceeds to rough Mike up in the corner, choke him on the ropes, and crush him with a Clothesline. She's all over him until Mike uses a blatant eye gouge to stop the assault. From there, this is Mike's match and he spends the rest of it targeting Rhia's belly and back.

He takes particular glee in tormenting Rhia's bare stomach, driving shoulders into it, clawing at it as she's stretched out in a Backbreaker, and squeezing it with a Reverse Bearhug. Her spine gets worked over too with grueling Chinlocks and a Bodyslam. Add in the occasional chop and elbow drop and it's clear Mike is out to get revenge and then some!

A pair of splashes spell the end for Rhia on this day. Kimber Lee vs Tesha Price Princess Kimber demands that Tesha bow down to her and that request goes about as well as you'd expect. Tesha takes the fight to Kimber, but the veteran takes advantage of Tesha's inexperience and soon she's grinding her down with a tight Headlock and a noogie. In complete control, Kimber hits Tesha with a Bulldog, breaks her own 3 count pin, and slaps on a torturous Camel Clutch.

The match gets completely out of hand as Kimber uses Tesha's face to clean the mat, not giving her second to get her bearings. She chops away at Tesha, returning the favor from before, and makes liberal use of the hair to drag her from corner to corner. Tesha nearly turns blue from being strangled on the ropes, but even when Kimber lets up on that, it just means more punishment is coming. Hard forearm strikes, Chinlocks, and a brutal claw hold leave Tesha on her knees.

She finally has no choice but to give up to a double stomach claw Jordynne Grace vs Kiera Hogan Facing the challenge of the powerful Jordynne, in this match Kiera has 3 chances to call out of whatever hold she's in, and restart the match. From then on, it's sudden death submission rules. Jordynne immediately shows her dominance in a test of strength, then adds a Suplex and sharp elbow drops to Kiera's back.

A hard Bodyslam further softens up Hogan's back, and it's not long before she has to use her first freebie to get out of a predicament. Jordynne scores with an X-Factor and tandem Neckbreakers before locking in a Rear Chinlock that leads to another escape call by Kiera.

Her third chance doesn't go much better - she's DDT'd and Powerslammed unmercifully before a single leg Boston Crab compels her to use her final freebie. Can Kiera hold on in the final minutes of this one-sided affair? You do the guessing. The opening lockup is a testament to how evenly matched these two are as the irresistible force collides up with the unmovable object to a complete stalemate in the center of the ring.

The pair size each other up, changing tactics to break the other down piece by piece. They work each other over with Hammerlocks, Headlocks, armwringers and reversals as they look to grind their opponent down. A leg trip sends Nemesis face down to the canvas where Rachel pretzels her legs in a double toe hold and hauls her up in a Chinlock. Things get testy with fishhooks, nail rakes, and biting that eventually sends both women to the outside to pound their opponent with roundhouse punches, forearms and kicks.

Sin-D struggles to regain control as the wrestlers fight to a frenzy on the concrete floor. Who will emerge victorious from this mean-spirited slugfest? Angel Williams vs Mercedes Martinez Previously a giveaway. Kimberly is our guest referee for this 1 fall match up. With the introductions and a little pre-match banter between competitors out of the way, we get to the action. Mercedes has the best of the opening moments, whilst Angel has her own set of tactics to turn the tide in her favour.

Kimberly has to be alert as Angel looks for any shortcuts gain the advantage, with even eye-pokes not being too devious for the less than Angelic Angel!

Unsurprisingly, it isn't long before Mercedes tires of Angel's methods and unloads on her opponent with flurry of strikes in the corner. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best asses of b2w. Thread starter Bull4u2 Start date May 25, Prev 1 … Go to page.

First Prev 27 of 61 Go to page. Here's a phat ass for ya, whatcha think? View attachment View attachment View attachment View attachment Give it to me boys! View attachment View attachment View attachment View media item View media item Here u go baby View attachment Bull4u2 Male Real Person. Nicole does have a thick Rumpity-Rump! On a scale of but in this case only 7s can be awarded This booty here is not normal for a white chick. This that ghetto blaster booty. Big round and thick from all angles.

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